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Top Mobile App Development Company

Top Mobile App Development Company

A mobile application or a web app is the trading chip in technology. That's why top app development companies keep hiring new app developers with new and innovative ideas for software development. Mobile app development companies know that if they don't capitalize on app development, some other development company definitely will. App developers are a dime a dozen, but getting the app developer with that one app idea that will hit the app stores is rare. That is why top mobile app development companies launch various projects to scout app developers. These app developers develop mobile applications to offer software solutions or to upload on IOS and Android app stores. Some mobile apps (IOS and Android) even help in app development services and certain software development services by simplifying the development process for the user.

The development of a mobile app is always challenging. App development requires the app developer to think outside the box. Certain apps even require custom software development. Custom software development is the creation of specialized software just for the app. No amateur app developers or an average mobile app development company can do that. It requires a certain level of precision only possessed by trained app developers.

Many app developers believe that just developing apps is enough. However, that is not true. Users care about their mobile apps as they care about their outfits. The overall user experience matters. Seasoned app developers and any good mobile app development company know that the UI/UX design for mobile apps must be immaculate. It does not matter if it is simple Android App development or cross-platform app development. The retention of user experience matters. Any mobile app development company wanting to sell their apps knows this well. So app developers are in a never-ending race to release the next big app project.

Top mobile app development companies in the US

Today, app development has become a scattered process, and the top app developers are available across the globe. You can hire them from San Francisco, CA, in the US to Asia or Europe. All the top development companies have started their operations in multiple locations. Let's say an app development company may start its sales and marketing in the US and its development operations in Asia or Europe. Above all, there are no code app development companies like AppMaster to provide cheaper app solutions without hiring a professional developer. This no-code development platform offers faster development solutions to businesses on a tight budget.

You might be looking for the best app development company for app development in the US. You might not be clear about choosing an app development company to build an iOS or Android app. You need not worry more. We are here to help you out in this regard. Choosing the right mobile app development company for your app development is crucial. There are several app development companies across the US, and here is our pick of the best ones.


AppMaster Inc. is a top app development company based in San Francisco. AppMaster is a top US-based no-code app development company that helps business owners to create apps even if they have no technical background using visual programming. The beauty of using this app development platform is that it provides source code and mimics the developer's team.


By assigning a task to the development team, you will get the same result, but this no-code platform will get it out faster, better and cheaper. The reason is that this app development platform generates source code at a speed of 22,000 lines per second in the Go language and writes technical documentation automatically. AppMaster is a three-in-one development platform; you can create web apps, mobile apps, and a backend. AppMaster's backend makes this platform the most powerful of all existing but no-code platforms today.


It is a mobile app development company that specializes in app diversity across the globe. Emizentech, a top US-based software development company, started its operations in 2013. This app development company has gained massive attention globally by delivering quality app development solutions to businesses.

This company helps in app development for small, medium, and large size businesses. The company has a team of professional app developers who help business owners to elevate their business growth through custom app development.

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EvaCodes, a top US-based company, is a software and web development company that prioritizes both mobile app development and web development. EvaCodes is the top app development company that is the choice of the world's leading businesses. The company is on thrives on elevating its business graph through quality app development. You can get the services of this app development company if you want to create a professional app for iOS or Android users.


Intuz is the top US-based app development company empowering businesses with technological transformation. So far, the company has helped many startups overcome the challenges of custom app development. Furthermore, Intuz has ten years of experience serving startups with web, mobile, and cloud applications.


Owebest is an IT solutions company that can outsource a project to its IT experts in different countries.

Groovy Web

Groovy Web is a new and innovative web development company home to many bright app developer minds. They help young app developers to realize their visions and get hired.

Cost of mobile app development

The most common question any app developer has is, "How much is this going to cost? ". App development time plays a vital role to measures app development cost. A project of mobile app development can take upwards of 500 hours. Before developing any mobile application, you need to choose an app company and developer for it. The most fundamental and yet important part of every mobile app development project is cost estimation.

cost app dev

First, you need to estimate the cost required for developing a mobile application when hiring a developer from a top app development company. To save development costs, we recommend you try a no-code app development platform such as AppMaster. But if you are developing a complex business app, then hiring an app developer is the best idea. The cost of hiring a developer highly depends on the app development company. For efficient cost estimation, you need to examine both factors (developer and development company).

App development includes various steps to develop an actionable mobile app for startups. Due to the changing nature of businesses, app projects involve advanced technology, including Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). To meet these complexities, development companies design special courses to train their employee for multiple app development projects. Working with professional developers will help you from making mistakes that can cause a burden on your budget. You can reduce the cost of app development in the following ways:

  • If you opt to build it yourself with the help of a no-code platform like AppMaster.
  • If you hire featured app developers from top apps development companies.

Budget forming factors

Thankfully, there are a few budget-forming factors for app development that might assist you in determining app development expenses. You can estimate the cost of app development with the help of the following factors:

Supported platforms

The first thing to consider while creating apps is the platform you plan to launch them on. Supported mobile devices and platforms will determine if an app is created only for iOS or has an Android version. Both IOS and Android have their requirements for apps. These requirements do not affect the cost directly. However, mobile app development services vary across platforms. That affects the hourly rate of developers having platform expertise. IOS developers having expertise in frameworks such as Objective C, Xcode IDE, Swift, Cocoa, and UIKIT can charge an hourly rate of $45-$75. Android Developers having expertise in frameworks such as Java, Android Studio IDE, and Corona can charge an hourly rate of $25-$85.

Developer's fee

Secondly, mobile app developers often work at hourly rates, which vary with the amount of experience they have amassed. High-priority app projects require a good mix of highly experienced and novice developers. Many top app development companies keep a mixed bag of developers to avoid breaking the cost overheads. Novice or beginner developers can charge from $30-$45 an hour. These developers can help with menial tasks such as maintenance or debugging.

A seasoned app developer can ask for $60-$75 an hour for app development. These developers have a certain level of expertise. It is required to undertake principal tasks for the app development project. They can also guide novice developers with their roadblocks.

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cost app development

Expert mobile app developers are veterans of app development. They are usually team leaders at the helm of the app development project. The Expert developers guide their team toward the tasks necessary for app development. They do this while undertaking the highest priority tasks themselves. The expert app developers can charge upwards of $120 per hour.

App type and purpose

Your mobile app development project costs also vary with the type and purpose of the app you are developing. This choice is a preliminary one. However, it has a noticeable impact on the overall project cost. We mention some types of app formats here. Let's begin:

  • A web app is not necessarily an app but a user-friendly website used on mobile devices. They are the cheapest app development choice for app development companies. Their engaging design helps developers gain user insight which helps them make positive betterments with time.
  • Native apps are apps we develop with the language native to the platform on which we want to release the app. There are numerous pros of native apps. They offer better performances compared to generally developed apps. For example, a native app created in JavaScript for Android would function better on the platform than an app developed in Swift language for Android. The major con for these apps is that if a developer wants to release the app on multiple platforms, they must redesign the app for each operating system, which drastically ups the cost.
  • Hybrid apps are also called compromises in the tech world. These are the perfect middle ground for developers who wish to balance productivity and performance in their app development projects. Hybrid apps are time-saving because instead of writing them in a specific language, developers develop them in a general language like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. They do this with the help of frameworks like Cordova and Ionic. These apps are just websites shelled inside mobile apps through webview.


Some development frameworks allow developers to write single-source codes that work across multiple platforms. They do this by compiling the code as they are needed to create native operating systems. The apps that we develop this way are called cross-platform apps. A con to this system is that these apps don't work as well as natively developed apps.

A new type of app that has an almost native appearance is the new "it" these days. We develop these apps in JavaScript frameworks that are components focused. They combine the pros of hybrid and cross-platform apps. But because developers develop these apps in JavaScript frameworks, they do not require a webview. These apps offer performance like native apps at a lesser cost.

Utilization of advanced features

If an app makes use of GPS navigation and other AI-related technologies, the development cost will gradually increase.

Supported hardware

Which specific hardware products, such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and others, will it support?

Plan for future maintenance

After the app development task is complete, the developer will probably still be required to make updates that correct issues. Furthermore, you need to clarify that the app will be integrated with other applications that will serve as the source of its content. Moreover, the complexity of the visual items used within an app will have a big impact on the price.

Cost of a standard app project

You may apply some standard or average benchmarks for app development project costs to various app categories. From the data of numerous businesses about app development costs, you can estimate the cost of your project. For a standard app project that takes 500 hours to produce, the cost can be up to $25,000. Of course, there are many other factors to consider while calculating mobile app development costs.

To summarize, the overall costs of developing apps are not cheap. After combining all fees, a general app for one platform costs almost $25,000-$50,000. An app with intermediate intricacy for one platform can cost $50,000-$100,000. And a complicated app for one platform can cost upwards of $100,000. These are costs charged by the top app development companies in the US for their app development projects. Of course, some prices may vary if you work with freelance developers instead of a mobile app development company.

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How do I know if an app developer is good before hiring them?

Now that you have decided on the type of platform or mobile app you want to develop. The next question is about hiring a developer for the job. A good developer can mean the difference between a chart-topping app and a loss of time, money, and resources. For complex projects, you need to hire a professional app developer. For this purpose, you can assess the credibility of app developers by their past work history and portfolio before actually employing them to see how well they worked on other projects. You can know a lot about them by simply analyzing their work history. So, choosing a good mobile app developer is extremely important. No one wants to spend a certain amount of resources on someone only to find out after some time that they made the wrong decision. You might be concerned about the crucial steps when hiring a professional app developer. If yes, look no further! We are unveiling the top aspects to consider when hiring an app developer for your project. Let's take a deeper dive:

Technical expertise and impressive portfolio

Developing an app is a challenging task. When choosing a developer, you need to focus on your previous experience and technical expertise. App development goes through many stages before it is delivered to the end user, including idea creation, design, development, testing, and deployment. Before selecting a developer for your project, make sure that the developer is aware of new technology trends in app development. Moreover, the developer has attended some workshops and received certifications to add more knowledge and practical skills.

App designing skill


Startups are looking for a business app that provides a better user experience. So, you need to hire a developer with excellent app designing skills to create intuitive applications with a smooth user experience. Moreover, your app developer must have a passion for outstanding design. A developer with excellent design skills will deliver faultless apps.

Specify project cost

When hiring a developer, the project cost will depend on how well you negotiate. Before hiring a professional developer for your app, you need to set a budget line to clarify your budget limit for your mobile app development project. Specifying your project cost will assist you in finding a skilled developer at the pre-set cost. So, you can hire a professional app developer for your mobile app by proper planning and budget estimation. You should be serious about app development and plan to hire mobile app developers. For this, you should make sure that you have a budget in mind. This budget will be your cornerstone in the development process. This range depends on you. You might think only in terms of development costs. But there are many other costs connected to app development that people often overlook. For example, we do market testing before the development process to check if there is demand for the app. It costs money. Even basic tasks such as prototype testing require money separate from development costs. After you develop the app, you release it, and it costs money to maintain an app after development. Apart from these costs, it costs money to do marketing for these apps. Therefore, you should choose a developer that fits your budget.

Project timeline

A project timeline is crucial when it comes to hiring a professional developer. Some startups have a strict timeline for project completion. When hiring a developer for your app project, you need to discuss the timing of the project before starting. Ask the developer about the time required to complete the app. If a developer agrees to meet your deadline, this is the best time to start your collaboration.


You should test the app before launching it to get user feedback. App testing is the best approach to meet the users' expectations. So, when hiring an app developer, make sure the developer is skilled in conducting app testing and bug fixing (if any).


After completing all steps, it's your time to publish the app to the Apple app store and Google Play. Releasing an app is a crucial phase, so you should seek out an app developer who is entirely knowledgeable of the procedure and constraints of these publishing platforms.

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Steps to hire an app developer

You can follow these steps to hire the best mobile app developer for your project. Let's begin:

  • Step 1. Post a job

After you post your listing for app developers, you will most likely get several applications. Developers are thorough. They will most likely send you their portfolios along with their resumes. But portfolios can be misleading. The best way to choose an app developer is to test their skills firsthand. These tests can help you select some good initial candidates from the pool of applicants.

  • Step 2. Shortlist some candidates

After choosing some good initial candidates from your pool of applicants, it is better to have a one-on-one conversation with each of them. It is very natural for people to have different personalities. Few individuals work with each other, and some do not. However, you choose the best mobile app developers you believe will work well with you and your team. This decision affects the work environment. It also affects the progress of the project.

  • Step 3. Hire a developer

Development projects are often time-sensitive. Theft of ideas in tech is not rare. Any app development company can steal your app or project before you even get the chance to patent your prototype. That is why you need to select an app developer who respects deadlines. Make sure to question your app developers on their adhesion to timelines. Ask them to display detailed reports of their timelines on their previous projects. Judge their work according to the time allotted for it. Ask their opinion on what a comfortable timeline looks like for them. If your views align, then you can move forward. Releasing an app is just half the job. After developing the app, it requires constant maintenance. Make sure to hire a mobile app developer willing to maintain the app even after project completion.

How long does it take to make an app?

After hiring an app developer or choosing a mobile app development company, the next question is, "How long is this going to take?". If you ask this question, you're not alone. Many developers think about the timeline of their apps, and they should. Your timeline affects your budget and the overall cost of your app development project. Not to mention the number of developers you need and the hours you need them to work. We've got you covered. We are unveiling the amount of time required for different processes during app development. Let's begin:

Specify the app scope

The first step is to specify the app scope and determine the requirements. For small-sized apps, it takes 1-2 weeks. For intermediate (medium-sized) apps, it takes 2-3 weeks, and for more complex apps takes 3-4 weeks to determine the requirements and scope.

Develop the UI/UX design

The next step is to develop the UI /UX design. That includes the color scheme, the fonts, the theme, etc. For small-sized apps with several UI/UX developers, this takes 3-4 weeks. For intermediate (medium-sized) apps with several UI/UX developers, this takes 6-7 weeks. For complex apps with several UI/UX developers, it takes 9-10 weeks.

Start app development

After developing the app, a software development company manages the backend of the app. This process is done simultaneously with the development process. If this does not happen parallel to the development project, that can significantly impact the project timeline. For small-sized apps, this process takes 6-7 weeks. For intermediate (medium-sized) apps, this process takes 14-15 weeks. For complex apps, this process takes 20-22 weeks.

Beta testing

After the complete development of the app, top mobile app development companies send it for beta testing. Beta testing is when a group of selected people try out and test the app and give feedback. We do Beta testing to ensure that the app runs smoothly and appeals to the consumers. If the beta testing groups point out any problems or inconsistencies, the developers rework the app and improve it. That is important before releasing the app on the chosen platform. For small-sized apps, it takes 5-10 testers and 7-8 days. For intermediate (medium-sized) apps, beta testing takes 14-15 days. It also takes 25-40 testers. However, with complex apps, beta testing happens in phases and takes a bit longer than in other apps. Beta testing of complex apps can take 1-2 months with 100+ beta testers. That is important to ensure that the app does well after being released. And that the app developers can remove and fix any problems or inconsistencies before uploading the app on the chosen platform. It saves time and money.

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Overall, the total time it takes to make a small-sized app is almost 2-2.5 months. The amount of time it takes to develop an intermediate (medium-sized) app is nearly 3-4 months. The overall amount of time needed to create a complex app is almost 5-6 months.

Why you should pay attention to no-code platform?

no-code future

In the current era, we are hearing the hype of no-code-platform services related to app development. A software development company develops app-related customer friendly, and they move their projects easily on them. These no-code-platform makes users' life easy and cost-friendly. According to a survey, 65% of software development companies will be no-code-platform in 2024. Back in 2017, app development companies participated in an early productivity benchmark test comparing model-driven no-code. A top software development company with traditional development uses JavaScript. There were Impressive statistics about no code: Productivity was gained with no-code app development. A survey by experts in 2020 demonstrated that mobile app developers achieved 4.7X productivity.

No-code platform: a fragmented market

The no-code development market is diverse, with the penetration of different platforms, software solutions, and submarkets. For instance, multiple niches cater to large, medium-sized, and small businesses. AppMaster is a popular no-code app development platform that provides high-performance and secure applications. They provide top mobile app development services. The Magic Quadrant for this corporate no-code platform are shown below:

What is the best no-code development platform?

Today, a diverse market is available for no-code development, such as AppMaster, Adalo, and Bubble. Above all, AppMaster is the best no-code tool with competitive advantages over other no-code development platforms. This no-code platform allows businesses to increase their visibility with mobile and web apps without hiring a professional developer. Here we are unveiling the competitive advantages of AppMaster over other no-code platforms. Let's begin:

  • Source code

The beauty of app development with AppMaster is that it provides source code for an app. With the availability of source code, you can modify the software solutions even if you are not using this platform anymore.

  • Speed

App development with AppMaster is faster than on similar platforms. So using this platform, you can make your business app available to app stores within hours instead of days or weeks.

  • App hosting on any platform

AppMaster allows the apps to get hosting on any cloud platform. After building an app with AppMaster, you can host your app in the AppMaster cloud, any private, commercial cloud, or even offline.

  • Versatility

AppMaster allows business owners to automate their business workflow with versatility. So, you can create the complex backend with this no-code platform and use it for multiple app development projects.

Final thoughts

App development seems easy, but only mobile app developers or mobile app development companies know how grueling the process can be. The best practice is to develop a mobile or web app with a no-code app development platform like AppMaster to save your time and money. These no-code app development platforms have replaced the app developers as they are offering economic app solutions to small or medium-sized startups. But if an organization wants to build a complex app project, hiring an app developer from a top app development company will be the best idea. A complex app project requires advanced features such as GPS and need coding skills. To hire a professional app developer, it is advisable to search for the top app development vendors that offer cost-effective and quality app solutions.

We hope you are well versed in US-based top mobile app development companies. You can hire professional developers from any development company to complete your app development project. Above all, we recommend you try AppMaster to complete your project in a cheaper and faster way. This cross-platform will save you time and money. Good luck with your app development project!

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