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Image Carousel UI component

Adds a fresh and engaging visual element to the app design. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate with product cards or complement descriptive blocks, enhancing the user experience.

Enhanced Architecture

We've finalized our revamped architecture encompassing BP blocks, system models, enums, and triggers. It enables development teams to swiftly and effectively introduce new features without requiring backend team involvement.

New Search Mechanism

The SearchExact field has been replaced with ILIKE for Postgres pattern searches, with an inversion of the search logic. Additionally, we've introduced the new SelectFields field, which enables users to fetch only the model fields they specify using this parameter.

Interacting with Modules

New functionality for module management. This feature allows developers to incorporate, modify, and remove modules through the entity editor.

What’s improved

  • Improvements and changes in JSON blocks. Added blocks: JSON Object to KV Array, Get JSON Children Types

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug with deleting a user in projects
  • Fixed a bug with webV4 schema deletion from the server
  • Fixed a bug with session time in authorization module parameters
  • Fixed swagger generation for projects
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