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The concept of workspaces has been introduced to the platform, within which teams or companies can work. 

  • Unlimited and unified: The workspace now has an unlimited number of projects and participants/users, unified billing, payment options and balance.
  • Division of users: We have added division of users by roles at the workspace level, as well as at the project level. Now, if you work in a company or a team, you can put all your employees in a workspace and then assign projects to them. For ease of understanding, each workspace is your individual company or team.
  • At the start, we have 3 types of workspaces: Business for companies, Freelance and Personal. Technically now they are no different, but in the future the functionality and perks will be different.


We have changed the billing model in the platform from a subscription for an account to a subscription for a project, completely eliminating the additional purchase of resources. Now 1 project - 1 subscription. 

Unlimited trials

Our new trial subscription policy: There can only be one 14-day trial per workspace, but if you delete a project with a trial plan, you can create a new project with a new trial for another 14 days.


We have canceled the mandatory presence of an attached payment method if there are enough funds on the balance to pay for the subscription. That is, when activating vouchers or receiving a balance in other ways, you will no longer need to add a bank card.

Credit actions

Earn credit points that can be used to pay for your plan. We are giving out points for posting about AppMaster on social media, writing reviews about our product, making tutorials and more. All the credit actions and their value can be found in your AppMaster Studio account.

Vue3 WebApps

The generated Vue3 WebApps are ready and published to production. This is an important step for the platform on the way to a sophisticated website designer. Visually, everything should remain the same, but we expect many issues to be fixed.

What’s improved

  • Added BLE Block Operation to Android Mobile App
  • Added SignaturePad widget to IOS mobile app
  • Added how-tos on Image Components, authorization and more
  • Implemented the work of blocks and triggers for working with sensors in Android
  • Added cryptographic blocks to mobile application business process editor

What’s fixed

  • Fixed work of Grid triggers in Android app
  • Removed extra padding around the perimeter of the mobile design
  • Fixed authorization in the generated application on IOS
  • Fixed scrolling on screens in IOS application
  • Fixed studio front bugs in Safari on MacOS
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