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Mobile Widgets

New parameters added to mobile widgets: active_track_color, inactive_track_color, and thumb_color.

STF Operations for BP

The integration of Scheduled Task Force (STF) operations into our backend for managing Business Processes (BP).

iOS Development Updates

New iOS toolkit features: BLE support, improved JSON handling, enhanced input, BP Blocks for Screens, charts integration, and Signature Pad with BP Blocks.

What’s improved

  • Moved the building of all applications to Docker containers.

What’s changed

  • Changed behavior of linking a phone number to an account. Now you can switch between accounts by phone number.
  • The identifier for enums has now shifted to a string format.

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug with creating a preview token for webv4 when creating a new deployment.
  • Fixed a bug with deleting socket triggers. Now trigger blocks are marked as deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with setting background image for mobile app screen.
  • Fixed a bug with a recursive model in Swagger.
  • Fixed Checkbox and Radio List Propetries.
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