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Mobile Apps

We made significant improvements in the work of AppMaster with mobile applications.

The Mobile Application Designer now supports push notification triggers and array fields.

We have added blocks and triggers to work with mobile device sensors.

We also added a scheduler to mobile apps to run business processes on schedule.

Enjoy the improved Mobile App Designer.

Foreground Service

The platform can now create foreground services for Android mobile applications to run the app's background tasks. Foreground services will allow you to display notifications while running background tasks on your apps.

New Video Player

We’ve created a custom video player for our users, which matches the design of the studio.

Grid Widget

We’ve added a grid widget to the web app designer so that you can display any data in a grid view.

What’s improved

  • Autogeneration for: Select Enum, RelSelect, Input email, Datepickers, Filepickers, View, Chart, Map, Forms
  • Added triggers for select-enum, rich text editor
  • Added modal screen with animated navigation for it
  • Added navigation to the left, right, and bottom side sheets
  • Added widget cart and all associated blocks

What’s fixed

  • Improved image cache
  • Improved data storage model
  • Fixed and improved the Bottom navigation bar
  • Fixed operation of the View element in the Web App Designer
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