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How to Learn Swift Programming: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Learn Swift Programming: Step-by-Step Guide

Swift is the best programming language you should learn and make your dream app easily. Swift programming is a powerful yet easy-to-learn coding language created by Apple. It's frequently used for developing iOS and macOS applications, as well as tvOS and watchOS apps. While you can use other languages to create Apple apps, Swift is the preferred language, and it's recommended because its code is safe for design and makes lightning-fast software. Swift is designed to help developers in a fun and interactive way to write, with easier readability syntax, safety that prevents coding errors, and modern features that increase fault tolerance.

What is Swift Programming?

Swift took years to develop and advance the existing features of the C language; it improves the compiler, debugger, and framework infrastructure. It offers access to the current Cocoa framework, plus the combination of Objective C code. Swift offers many new features and joins the object-oriented and procedural portions of the language. The main purpose of swift coding is to be the best language for using mobile apps, desktops, system programming, and cloud services. Swift programming was developed to maintain the writing correction easy for the developer.

Swift Feature

Some awesome features in Swift make it better than the previous versions of programming languages. It improves it from time to time, making it a more efficient and newly updated programming language.


As for safety concerns, it is important to highlight the iOS developer's mistakes before the software goes further in production. Swift doesn't allow passing inaccurate data or a variable through the program until it is in the correct form. A user may find it hard to pass through the swift safety measurements, but it saves a lot of time in the future. It also saves memory because of not accepting unsafe code; there will be no cache as such that kills the memory.


Swift was created as a replacement for C-based languages; its performance is parallel to C language in most tasks. But it operates all the iOS functions and systems in a fast way. It has LLVM compiler technology which makes writing code fast and efficient. The code's performance makes the gadget's functionality fast, for example, TV apps, Watches, or mobile apps.


Swift offers simple and intuitive syntax that exactly the iOS developers want. Developers can write more expressive codes easily by using Swift syntax. Swift was developed with Objective-C features such as generic and null ability, which make the swift code cleaner and safer programming becomes very easy.

Open Source

Swift is created at, an open-source structure with source code, bug tracker, mailing list, and regular development list. It is taken care of by a group of developers who work with the community for the betterment and constant updating of the language. Swift supports all Apple platforms; it makes programming simple, faster, and more secure. With the high demand for Swift, its developers are working hard to launch it on other platforms.

Why Should I Start Learning Swift?

Before you start swift programming, it is important to know why you should learn it. Swift programming language is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. Apple developed this language with new coding. Whether you're a student, researching for a new career path, or wishing to learn to code, Swift is the first programming language that is simple and intuitive to learn. If you are new to coding, the Swift iPad app (Playgrounds) makes it easy to learn swift programming. I listed some Swift topics you can learn and earn with them:

  • Mobile app development
  • Database Programming
  • 3D systems development
  • Software engineering
  • Library engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Audio engineering
  • Software testers

Pros and Cons of Swift Language

Let's throw some light on the pros and cons of the swift language to judge whether you should be learning it.


Easy to learn

Code Swift is easy to learn and use and has access to learn to build Xcode apps courses.

Weak cross-platform support

Code Swift does support all Apple platforms; it works best for native iOS development.


Code Swift is easy to read and maintain, clear, and error-free.

Frequent updates

Swift is the latest language that updates frequently. Finding the right tools to help with particular tasks can be hard.

Large community

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Swift has open source communities, plus many resources to guide you in learning the language.


Swift supports all Apple platforms, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu.

Swift Future

Swift is gaining popularity with time and grabbing more attention from fans than other programming languages.

As we can see, there are much more pros than cons, and all these cons seem to disappear in the near future.  After you learn Swift coding, you'll be a winning applicant for potential employers. Code Swift programming developers are in high demand and get a handsome salary for an iOS developer in the U.S. There are many options you can choose from after learning Swift coding; you can choose one of your interests and can excel in your career. Some well-known companies use code Swift for their development, such as Apple, Linkedin, Uber, Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook, Accenture, Microsoft, and Firefox.

How Do I Start Learning Swift Programming?

If you want to learn and start swift topics, you can do that online by following the official website. On that website, there are proper files and guidance about this language. Furthermore, as it is increasing in popularity, a lot of data is available on different blogs as well as on Youtube. Start swift topics available on their website, and then follow your path along as per your expertise.

Swift is the future of programming languages; it is overcoming the C Objective, python, and many other programming languages which require coding. Are there many ways to learn Swift programming? And the answer is yes, definitely! Here is some of examples:

  • Official Apple Website
  • Online Free Courses
  • Online Paid Courses
  • Youtube Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Blog Posts
  • Podcast
  • Books
  • Documentation

Tip: As a beginner, you should watch learning videos because you can better understand by watching and then do it yourself.

Is Swift Easy to Learn for Beginners?

Yes, learning the basics for starting the Swift programming language is easy, but it isn't easy to understand the advanced iOS development features as you move ahead. But don't lose hope; you can create your first simple application without advanced features. Once you complete your first project, you will quickly understand the new features, and you will be able to develop advanced-level iOS applications. Beginners can quickly learn swift topics if they put the right amount of interest and time into learning.

iOS Developers believe swift is the easy way for beginners to start a programming language. Apple has tutorials on Swift coding for learning that are rich in the knowledge available on its website. One can learn Swift coding from scratch without a programming or coding background. Swift topics are the best way to start learning how to code. You will have no trouble understanding Swift code once you master the basics. Swift is very safe and less time taking because you don't need to spend a lot of time debugging runtime errors.

Can You Learn Swift on Your Own?

Yes, the makers have made it so easy that it seems like you are learning a new language. There is no rocket science in learning iOS development; you must invest good time learning. The more time you invest, the more profit you will get in the future, in the form of earning through programming. First, this language is very simple. Second, online courses are so easy that they Have made the language easier. You don't need anyone to guide you step-by-step; you can do the learning independently, enhance your knowledge, and make your future in this programming language.

As a starting point, you try it yourself by watching the videos. You will not be able to learn it until you don't try hands-on experience. Swift is an open source that allows you to contribute new features; you can fix bugs and improve your existing projects. As it requires less coding, you can easily learn swift on your own and resolve any issues professionally. 

How Quickly Can You Learn Swift Programming?

If you have a programming language background, you can quickly learn swift and its advanced features in 3-4 days. But if you are new in the programming world, you will require 3-4 weeks to learn swift basics and some of its advanced features. As Swift is a new language, it requires constant updates, new features, and all the things that old versions lack. You should learn it over time as it improves and updates. So prepare your mind to invest hundreds of hours in learning iOS development swift code. Let's understand it in simple words, put 5% into watching the Swift learning tutorials and reading blogs, and put 95% into practice coding and writing codes on yourself. If you have started swift programming by watching tutorials, you can complete the course in just 3 hours. The main thing is to practice iOS development coding. The more you do the examples, and you will be learning so quickly.

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Let me share some useful tips for learning the iOS Swift language speedily and effectively.

  • Start with the basics and be comfortable with them. Do not move forward until you are not getting expert in them.
  • One by one, start learning new features and add their codes to the existing ones. With this method, you will learn new features effectively and better understand the functions of new features.
  • Have patience and develop your app or learn code Swift gradually. Do not try to build your iOS app at once. This way, you can catch the errors quickly and get rid of them without any headache.
  • Keep your practice coding safe. Try to write codes from the tutorials and gradually make your codes. Do not delete anything you practice. This way, you will be learning from your mistakes.
  • Keep moving; don't be demotivated if you take more time to learn than others. Remember, everyone is unique, and everyone is dealing with different scenarios. Consistency can win the goal, and you will be an iOS developer with determination.

Is Swift Easy to Code?

When you do programming language, you must write complex coding and deal with the complicated features. It becomes hard to maintain the comment lines. Swift made it efficient and simple as it introduced new features that require 15% less practice coding than other languages. You will be surprised by its technology; it allows you to copy and paste images, drawings, and data from iOS to macOS.

There are many ready-made templates available that will enable you to edit the code according to your requirement. There is no need to write codes from scratch; you can use a template and make your app in a short period. Creating an app from scratch can be costly and time-consuming, whereas using the Xcode app template lets you design already written codes and allow you to create your new app at an affordable price. These templates have all the features such as menus, visuals, and layouts. You can simply edit the features per your requirements by reading the instructions. These templates are responsive and friendly. Plenty of templates are available online; some are free, and some are paid. You can use both; paid has more feasibility and features. At the same time, you can start with a free template and design a well-functional app.

The Bottom Line

As app development's popularity grows, an iOS app's core parts are being successfully coded in Swift. As an iOS developer, you can stand out from the crowd if you know how to code in Swift and have Swift experience. There are some flaws, but Apple updates them daily to fix them. However, there are more pluses than minor minuses, which will not even be in the future, assuming that Swift will rise from the charts in the coming years.

In addition to traditional programming languages ​​such as Swift, there are alternative development paths such as low-code or no-code programming. These approaches adhere to the concept of low entry. This means you need to spend much less time and effort learning these development approaches. Such rapid development helps programmers start their careers and grow as professionals. Despite the ease of entry, you should not think that only simple MVPs and pet projects can be created on platforms without code. Not at all. Suppose we are talking about a platform like AppMaster. It is currently the most powerful no-code tool on the market, a three-in-one tool. You can create web apps, mobile apps, and a backend. In addition to the source code, the platform will also write technical documentation for you. Isn't it great to no longer spend time on routine tasks and documentation but to devote yourself entirely to interesting studies and to think through the application architecture?

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