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A Complete Guide on How to Plan Your User Journey for Mobile App

A Complete Guide on How to Plan Your User Journey for Mobile App

A better journey map will help you understand how consumers interact with your products and other channels. You will understand the necessary changes with mapping so that the user can easily reach the information he is looking for. Having a better customer journey acts as a tool for UX designers. 

To create a better mapping journey, you must be clear about your business goals and services. Besides that, you must follow multiple UX protocols to create a customer journey that will give you valuable data. These UX mapping protocols are listed below:

Selecting the right user journey app

Multiple types of maps are used to focus on a particular insight. Mostly, the result of each map will look similar, so make sure that you understand the focus on which customer journey map is created. The following are the most used UX mapping: 

Current state

Like the name, it gives you the current information of your site. This mapping is used to see the gaps on the site that can be improved. The other reason is to understand how the consumer is utilizing the platform.

Persona Based

This UX mapping is used to analyze the journey related to a dedicated persona. Most of the time, persona-based mapping is used to fulfill customers' specific needs.

Future state

This mapping aids you in understanding how consumers will view your site. It will ask questions about your customers and give stats on your customers' perspectives about your site. In addition, this mapping helps redesign and plan the website or build a mobile app.

Choosing the scope of the website

There are two types of scope for a website. One is a broad view in which you look at all the aspects of the site. The other one is to focus on a particular outcome. For example, you can select the scope for signing in, creating an account, etc. This type of scope aids in troubleshooting the platform. You will understand how the consumer will feel while using a particular website feature.

The large scope will give you an idea about the overall user experience of the mobile app journey. It's a complicated and lengthy process, but it is worth doing when focusing on user experience. 

User persona

A consumer persona is one of the important things in customer journey mapping. While you build a mobile app strategy, you need to study your targeted audience for better UX. Research the likes and dislikes of your audience. This will make things easy for you and your customers. Some fundamental UX researches are: 

  • Perform a consumer survey and analyze it
  • Feedback from contextual inquiry
  • Ask questions to your potential customers about your mobile app.

User expectations and scenario

User expectations and scenario

The customer journey uses the scenario to address the situation of your site or mobile app. That scenario you give can be real or likely to happen. 

Let's say you order food from a food delivery app. The platform will analyze the scenario and give you a prediction about food delivery. Like your food will be delivered in 15 minutes. 

Effort on touchpoints

Touch points are a crucial part of any mobile device. Touch points are the consumer's activity to interact with a particular product or channel. Make sure you understand what touch points of your mobile app or site and what channels are associated with those touch points. 

Emotional impact

Make sure to add the emotional touch to your mobile app while creating a journey app. This way, you will make a special bond with your customers. 

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How customer journey aids in the mobile app

The mobile app industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Because of that, competition in the mobile app strategy industry is very high. Every company is trying to make a unique and attractive platform. Besides all the technical facts in a mobile app strategy, you must consider the human factor. The human element will give you feedback on how customers will engage your product or channels associated with the products. 

You can see your platform from the customer's perspective when you use customer journey mapping. This gives you feedback on how to reach certain products or information on your site. That is why a customer-centric approach is necessary while creating the customer journey.

Developing a customer-centric strategy

Make sure you get the whole customer journey of your platform from the customers' point of view. From searching the platform in the app store, finding the platform attractive, downloading it, and purchasing the in-app features. This all will be incredibly beneficial in creating a mobile app strategy. 

Producing a better mobile app

Suppose your app has compelling features and power tools with a customer-centric approach. In that case, you will make a very efficient mobile app strategy that will create excitement and fulfill customers' needs. 

Getting new clients

Getting new clients is the focus of the whole mobile app strategy market. If you have a better mobile app strategy, your customer will keep using your app repeatedly. This way, not only will you get loyal customers, but also you will get new clients as your loyal customers will recommend your app to their friends and family. 

Creating marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns become amazingly effective when you have better mapping. The app helps you make smarter decisions that improve your targeted audience strategy. 

Steps in customer journey mapping

We will take a detailed look into the steps to create a better customer journey mapping.

Customer behavior

The first thing in the customer journey is how the consumers find your mobile app or site. So the steps that customers know about your app, how they will use it, and what kind of user experience they will get have a lot of value for you and consumers. 

Customers' behavior is not the same but generally follows the same steps in buying the products of your platform. However, consumers who know about you might be interested in your app and start the customer journeys. 

When they take an interest, they usually evaluate your product. This will lead them to blogs, posts, and reviews. If you have better reviews, informative blogs, and posts, you will be able to attract them. This step is crucial as either you will get consumers or lose your customer. They will quickly purchase if they decide to become a customer. Please make sure you send them a greeting message or discount on their first purchase. 

Customer needs


To attractively build a mobile app strategy, you should ensure that your app satisfies basic customer needs. Below we will discuss these basic customer needs.


The app functionality has a significant role. You analyze whether your platform solves the customer's problem or makes it worse. You might find a platform or play store that solves your problem, but you must do a lot of extra work to get the solution. This is not an ideal way to get consumers, and most probably, you will lose the consumers. 


Just like everything you buy in the market, ensure that your app price is according to the functionality it offers. If your platform is valuable to money, people will like to buy it; otherwise, you will not be able to make a big breakthrough in the market. 

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The user experience should be good enough that people can recommend it to others. At least you should meet the fundamental expertise that the customer is expecting. So if you can amaze your customer with an exceptional user experience, that will be a plus factor. 


Does the app performance consistent every time the consumer uses it, or do the results change every time he uses it. Make sure your platform has the consistency to get loyal and new consumers. 


Does the customer control the app, or are they feeling trapped? The customer should be able to change their subscription package. Also, they should quickly return the items. This will make them more likely to trust you and become your loyal consumer. 


The customer journeys app is the visualization of the user experience. We must follow and understand the basic steps to create a better customer mapping platform. These steps include selecting a scope, creating a persona, understanding the expectation of consumers, defining your scope, finding the touch points, and enhancing them. Adding an emotional touch to your consumers will be a plus. Sketch the whole customer journey and get the results. 


How do I plan a user journey?

You can plan the customer journey by first having a clear mindset about your goals and business. Then choose the scope of your mobile app strategy. Next, create the consumer persona by understanding your audience. Make sure that your products and features satisfy your targeted audience. After completing the consumer persona, define the scenario and the consumer's expectations. Create a list of your touch points. Finally, add an emotional factor and make sure you sketch the whole customer journey.

What are the seven steps to map the customer journey?

It has the following seven steps:

1. Choose the scope

2. Create a consumer persona 

3. Define the scenario and consumer's expectations

4. Enhance your touchpoints

5. Have emotional factor

6. Sketch the mapping

7. Analyze the consumer's funnel 

What are the things used for building a customer journey map?

  • Allies and inspiration
  • Integral Investigation
  • Assumption formation
  • External research
  • Narrative visualization

How should you organize your user journey map?

You can organize it by following the basic steps:

  • First, select the scope of your mobile app or website. 
  • Then, select the persona. Define the scenario of your app and what will be the consumers' expectations. 
  • Next, list your touch points and try to enhance them as much as possible. 
  • Finally, sketch the mapping to analyze everything. 

What does a user journey look like?

The customer journeys are the visual representation of the user experience. Mostly it comes in all shapes and sizes but usually has a timeline of all the touch points between the consumer and the product. The timeline has all the necessary information on channels to interact with products. 

What's a user journey map?

A customer journeys map is a tool from the UX toolbox that every UX designer can use to understand how their consumer reaches their product. Moreover, it is a way to know how your consumer will encounter your platform and how he will interact with your platform's product. It gives the visual stats of the experience that your client will feel.

If you want to have a reliable customer journeys app with a no-code platform, you can visit AppMaster. They also have a no-code platform where consumers can easily download the source code also. This will not limit you to the platform; you can make the changes to provide the best user experience to your platform consumer.

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