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Simple Tips and Tricks to Use Fonts in Your Mobile and Web Apps

Simple Tips and Tricks to Use Fonts in Your Mobile and Web Apps

Typography is the textual style or art of using written words, symbols, and characters to communicate. The art of writing to connect has evolved from simple graphic symbols to fancy handwriting with an extensive range of characters and styles. In modern times, the art of typography has become digitized, with persons relying on these digital texts, fonts, and characters to communicate with others online. Digital typography has become the most common communication tool online, with millions using these fonts and characters on mobile and web apps. Users rely on mobile and web applications and their system of fonts and text to communicate. Because of the popularity of mobile and web apps today, it is important to ensure that their design elements provide a great user experience.

No wonder the creators of mobile and web apps, such as the Note, used that descriptive name for their application. This mobile application for note-taking simplifies the process of creating text and is accessible on Android, iOS, and the Web. The Note is one of the most popular apps because it provides a seamless user experience and is loaded with useful text-based elements. If you decide to create a similar mobile or web app, which are the best fonts, text, and design elements to enhance the user experience? What simple tips and tricks can you use to create fonts in your mobile and web apps?

What Is the Best Font Size for Mobile Apps?

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When it comes to text and fonts, user experience depends on how easy it is to be able to read them. Yes, readability is very important when it comes to fonts. Users should be able to read the words comfortably, and the text size should be legible. Users should be able to read text on their devices without squinting or straining their eyes. App designers that pay attention to this element will allow people to have a more comfortable user experience.

The font size should not be too big or bold, so the text begins to look overbearing to the user. However, it should also not be so small that the font becomes difficult or impossible to read comfortably. This means that in font design, mobile and web app designers should be balanced when creating these elements. There are also generally accepted universal standards that app designers should adhere to when determining the best font size for mobile apps.

The existing design standard for font size on mobile apps is a minimum of 16 pixels, which could create an issue for persons with visual impairments. For mobile app designers, this requires that the text size not go any smaller than the 16 pixels to ensure an optimal user experience. Mobile apps for Android use a minimum font size of 12 pixels, while iOS uses a minimum font size of 11 points. These app design standards ensure readability and are the most recommended font size for the main body text on mobile apps. It is also suggested that a 90/10 ratio of body text font size to headings be maintained.

How Do I Choose a Font for My App?


Mobile app fonts should be readable and coherent across all types of devices, no matter the size. The font typeface should be easy to read and comfortable even for users who spend a long time in front of their screens. Fonts should also be universally accessible across different platforms so that the text renders the same, no matter which device is used. For example, the Times New Roman font is one of the most popular typefaces used by mobile app designers. It is also the most recognizable and accessible by mobile and web app users across all platforms. 

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Font Weight

The font-weight or width of a particular text or font is important in creating a good user experience. The font-weight preferences of mobile and web applications vary from user to user. One may prefer to read or type in a bold, thick typeface a font, while another may prefer the slimmer version of the same font. App designers should provide app users with easy options for adjusting the text to their preferred font-weight. This design feature directly affects the comfort level of your mobile and web app users. 


Text legibility refers to the level of clarity, ease, and comfort a font can be read. App designers need to pay great attention to design elements to ensure that fonts are legible to users. A typeface that is hard to read will irritate app users and make them less likely to interact with any content using that particular font. Readable fonts are neat, have good spacing, are big enough to read, and clear enough to see unaided. Decorative text design elements and spacing alignment should be applied in moderation. These may make your font look very fancy but render your text illegible to users. 

Other Considerations

The best fonts for mobile applications have distinct features that are universal to all users. Font designs should be easily accessible, customizable, and enhance the experience for a wide variety of app users. The design of the fonts should be inclusive and help regular users and users with diminished physical or cognitive capabilities.

User Customization

Since the capabilities of users vary, font size and text design in mobile and web applications should be customizable. Users with visual impairment will benefit from the ability to adjust the text size, color, weight, and font typeface. They should also be able to adjust the text background and highlighting to reduce eyestrain. Font customization is a great help to app users who suffer from learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, or vision issues.

Which Font Type is Better for The Web?

This font's clean, crisp, classic design has made it a popular choice since 1957. It is versatile, legible, and visible even in low light conditions. This typeface is preferred for its clarity, minimalist aesthetic, and versatility.

The serif typeface has an elegant, formal design that adds a touch of refinement to any document. Easy to read, it is one of the most distinctive web fonts, with just the right balance of decorative and formal elements.

This is a great choice for web applications because its soft rounded edges create a comfortable reading experience. Because of these features, it is a great font for reading long-form web content, which requires extended screen time. However, it may not be visible to Mac users on web platforms and may substitute for a similar font.

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The Arvo typeface is a geometric-based font design that is used extensively on web applications and print media. This versatile font is available in variations of 4 fonts which vary from Roman, Roman Bold, Italics, and Bold Italics.

How Many Different Fonts Should You Use on a Website?

The general rule in web app design is no more than three different fonts or text typefaces should be used on websites. A maximum of 3 fonts is versatile, comfortable to read, aesthetically pleasing, and reduces confusion. 

Which Font is Most Pleasing to the Eye?

Helvetica comes out on top yet again as the most popular typeface for app UI design! It is versatile and easily legible on websites, screens, and print media. It is considered a clean, neutral font that is non-disruptive and easily blends into its design environment. Helvetica is a 'safe' font for app designers that can be used whether you are testing app UI designs or launching a fully developed software application.

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Its simplistic, exquisite font with a clean serif-like lightweight text design. Modern design. It is easy to read, versatile, and very neat. The spacing and text design make it a font of choice for app designers everywhere.

This fun brushstroke font is used for mobile and web content that is fun and playful. Its rounded edges, fancy flair, and font weight make it very pleasing to the eyes!

The rounded design of the Lato font is great for marketing and print content as it is very pleasing to look at, easily readable, and is semi-formal yet fun. This text is a great choice for mobile and web apps due to its beauty and classic structure.

Which Google Font is Best?

Google Fonts provide a wealth of inspiration for new fonts that developers can incorporate in-app UI designs! It has an extensive library of hundreds of free fonts to give your content and text a distinctive look. Google Fonts offers many possibilities to app designers, no matter the project size. Whether you need to create graphic design lettering, body text, or other content, these fonts are great for complementing your work.

Playfair Display

This font is great for app designers who need to add a classic touch to their text designs. Playfair Display has versatile font weights and excellent spacing and is great for headline content. 

Ubuntu is one of the most readable fonts online and was designed to be optimally used for web applications and sites. It is versatile for use as body text and can also be used for headings.

Treat is a somewhat creative typeface in the Google Fonts suite, as, like Pacifico, it utilizes fancy brush lettering. It also has moderate spacing that makes it easy to read. This attention-getting font provides a creative touch to your mobile and web-based content.

This simple sans-serif Google Font typeface is a classic body text design utilized for a wide variety of content. To date, there have been 16 variations of the Monsterrat typeface.

Hindu is the ideal typeface for web page body design because of its bold design. Although unavailable in a cursive variation, it is still a popular choice for content that needs to be bold. This font is often used for headline text because of its extraordinary features.

The Raleway font is very versatile and is one of the most well-known in Google Fonts. This font is ideal for designs and content that require huge text to stand out.

This font is perfectly created for maximum readability on the web. Arvo is also an excellent choice for print media. With a serif design, its décor elements are exquisite and striking for body text that must stand out.

April Fatface
This Google Fonts design is straightforward to read and available in different weights. April Fatface font is mainly used for advertising content to give a touch of drama to the body text of your designs.

Because of its clarity and readability, Karla is an ideal Google Fonts typeface for designers who need to give their projects a minimalist aesthetic.

Which Font is Used in Android?

Successful design elements in android apps include backdrops, symbols, and colors. However, there is none as impactful for the overall content as eye-catching fonts! These pull together the entire design aesthetic of the mobile or web application by giving your content a uniquely distinct appearance. With many text customization options, users can select their favorite fonts to enhance their communication and reading experiences.

Roboto is the font of choice on Google app UI design for Android because of its ease of readability and clean design. Its spacing alignment, rounded curves, and lightweight appearance make this app stand out as one of the most versatile apps to utilize for text content on android applications. Interestingly, this font was actually developed by the tech giant Google themselves!

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Open Sans
The Open Sans font is another popular choice for Android applications because of its ease of readability. Its fluidity extends to mobile, web, and print content, and it is a preferred font because it enhances the coherence of text-based content. It has a balanced font weight, size, and spacing alignment that makes it easy on the eyes for Android users.

Best Font Maker Apps for Android

Shake up your android font experience with HiFont! This unique app is one of the most mind-blowing Android font apps and comes with an array of colorful customization options for android users. This font app for Android has a wide array of fun, modern apps that can even be customized to resemble animals! This is a more interesting alternative to the standard static text fonts we have used.

If you want the uniqueness of creating your font, Fonty is the perfect tool! It allows the users to create their own fonts that are based on their own handwriting with its text creation interface. This app allows users to draw and create their own fonts and characters with a hand sketch. The font sketch is then converted within the app to give users unique fonts based on their handwriting text. Users also have the option to add their design elements for android applications, such as stickers and characters. 

It also has a wide array of preloaded fonts that you can choose and apply to your android applications. Its unique appeal, however, lies in the ability to easily customize your handwriting to create your unique style of font typefaces for your applications.

What's Easiest Font to Read?

Historically the word "font" refers to the actual typeface used to create text or printed characters. The font's readability depends on the characters' fluidity, variety of settings, text design, spacing alignment, and other elements. Essentially, two categories of fonts are easiest to read: serif and other sans serif.

Serif is a typography term used to depict the ornamentation of text and characters. It shows up at the individual characters' tops and bottoms, forming an opposite foot. The most readable Serif fonts include Bookman Old Style, Courier, Garamond, and Times New Roman. Serif fonts are based on tried and true traditional and classic designs that are semi-curs and embellished.

Sans Serif
Sans serif fonts mean 'without embellishment'. As a result, these font typefaces do not have décor elements or additional ornamentation. They appear as straight lines with no adornment. Some have classic, neat, and minimalist designs to enhance users' reading experience. The most readable Sans serif fonts include Arial, Calibri, Franklin Gothic, and Helvetica. Sans serif fonts are easier to read and possess clean, modern lines that make them more appealing to younger users or content creators.

The size and spacing of fonts also determine the legibility of the body text of your mobile application. Font size determines how big or little the letters or characters appear in written text. Clear, huge text on paper is the easiest on the eyes as it is more comfortable to read. The larger the serif font size and sans serif fonts, the better it is to read and comprehend the content. 


By following these simple tips and tricks, it is anticipated that your app design will be successful in creating your mobile and web applications. AppMaster provides you with the best solution and guidance with its team of experts.

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