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Churches, public charities, volunteer services, etc.



Research institutes, schools, colleges, universities, etc.



Hospitals, healthcare networks, ambulatory, etc.



International organizations, governmental museums, etc.

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Can I try it before paying? Can I try it before paying?
Sure! You can test out AppMaster with free 14-days trial where you can experiment with 1 project. If you like it you can upgrade your plan on the Billing settings page.
Can I try it before paying? Сan I cancel my account plan at any time?
Your account plan automatically renews at the end of each billing cycle, but you can stop renewing at any time, no refund is provided.
Can I try it before paying? What happens if the payment is declined?
We try to process the payment 3 times during two weeks approximately. If we are not succeeding in it, your subscription will be canceled.
Can I try it before paying? What kind of support does AppMaster provide?
We offer email support to accounts with a Startup Plan or higher and prioritized help for enterprise accounts. Community support is available to Personal Plan.
Can I try it before paying? Can I import my applications or my source code?
Downloading source code available only for accounts with Enterprise Plan. Contact us to request Enterprise plan.
Can I try it before paying? Does AppMaster have a partner program?
AppMaster has an partner program for developers. Read more about our program here. Also, each user is provided with a personal referral link.
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