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Real AI-generated Backend
Real AI-generated Backend

No humans involved. Pure code-generation with best practices.

Including full source code
Source code included

Our AI is the best software developer. No technical debt ever. Give us a try!

Only visual editing tools
Only visual editing tools

No code, no hassle, no risk. AppMaster will take care of everything.

Developer Partner Program
Developer Partner Program

Earn rewards by creating applications for your customers.

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Application Development Platforms Features
Web Apps
Native Mobile Apps
Code & Binaries Export
Integrations to external services
Backend generation
File Management
Multi-Language Support
Straight-Out-the-Box Functionality
Help Guides
Patching & Updates
Partner / reseller program
API Management Features
Data Security
Automatic API documentation
API Testing
Traffic Control
API Monitoring
Data Management Features
Database Design
Data Transformation
Data Migration
Data Synchronization
Digital Process Automation (DPA) Features
Logic and Conditions
Document Management
Data Mapping
Form Templates
Mobile-Friendly Forms
Workflow Automation
Business Process Visual Designer
Workflow Mapping
Real-Time Updates
Drag and Drop App Builder
App Complexity
Customized Branding
Application Templates
Application Deployment
Platform Compatibility
Lifecycle Management
Native Deployment
Offline and Private Deployment
Access Control
Why AppMaster?

Benefits of AppMaster

AppMaster provides a no-code platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact production-ready server, web and native mobile business applications with code generation.

Single Backend
Single Backend

Apps are built around a single backend. E.g. 2 apps (for a driver and a passenger) will work with the same backend.


Dozens of times higher backend performance compared to any similar solutions. No tech debt and refactoring!

Host Anywhere
Host Anywhere

Apps can be hosted in AppMaster Cloud, any commercial cloud, private cloud, even completely offline.

Source Code
Source Code

It’s possible to download the source code of the generated apps. We generate code in GoLang at 22k lines per second.

API documentation
API documentation

Create and manage access to your API, endpoints with middleware and automatically generate API docs.


You can create complex backend and use it separately - connect the frontend written by your developers to it.

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No-code/low-code application platforms will be responsible for more than 65% of all app dev activity by 2024. Are you ready to change the way you do digital? Build Application Today

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