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15 Top UXUI Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

15 Top UXUI Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

In this advanced world with developing technology design on a daily basis, there are also new design trends of UX emerging. The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designs are the most important factors that play their role in gathering more crowd over the website through UX. There are new emerging design trends in UX designs (user experience) around the globe. UX design is the visual effect that presents your brand in front of an audience in a way that they become customers in a while. The first expression of the products is very much important for the brand as it predicts the user experience through the design of UX. 

No matter if your product is valuable and useful, still if the design of UX/UI is poor and outdated, you will not get the desired traffic. In the emerging market of modern design, it is necessary to get updated according to the design trends. Without following and adapting new design trends of UX/UI, you will not be able to compete efficiently against your competitors. Here in this article, we will discuss a few UX trends of UX designs to look for in 2022. This will help you to understand which UX trend will better suit your brand to get more traffic from users and define the user experience.   

Life Design

Designs of UX/UI in the past used to be users-centered designs, but growing trends of global warming and environmental issues have shifted the UX trend according to user experience. The trends of UX/UI these days and in the future are moving toward life-centered designs UX designs. Life-centered UX/UI designs are the ones that focus more on the environmental effects of the product. Users who are more environmentally friendly easily get attracted to these types of designs. 

3D Visuals

Unique and new designs of UX/UI always attract users and make them stick to your brand. The time of 2D pictures is over, and the design of UX trends are moving toward mesmerizing 3D experiences to add up more to the user experience. 3D experience is more captivating because of the depth and clarity in the design it provides to the users. Shadows, animations, and layer effects could be used in the 3D presentation of the design. 3D designs are not only restricted to pictures and images but are also moving towards storytelling to grab more traffic through captivating design. 

Air Gesture Control

It is the new mobile design trends in the UX that enables body gestures to perform an act. Like the selfie could be captured by showing a palm gesture in front of the camera. Things have changed a lot with the advent of touch screens and the high aspect ratio of mobile interfaces. Technology got more power with the air gesture control UX trend as it allows the users to use a mobile phone without touching a screen by just showing the palm, waving the hand, or pinching the fingers. 


The scroll-triggered animations play an amazingly exciting role in grabbing the users and adding an amazing effect to the user experience through UX. UX expresses the content like storytelling and keeps the customers hooked. Apple Company also uses this trend of UX to get more attraction and make the users feel like they are part of the brand and the story.

Mobile-first Approach

People these days are shifting towards more handy products and prefer mobiles instead of computers. So with this growing trend in UX, you also need to move towards making user experience UX designs that are not only suitable for PC but also look grasping at the mobile screen. Web designers prefer this mobile-first approach because of the growing use of mobile phones. The people prefer to book tickets, purchase goods, and book the tables at restaurants through their mobiles. Moreover, the preference is also shifting because UX design is the easiest way to grasp more users and customers. 


Typography is one of the critical factors in grasping consumers' attention and increasing user experience. Choosing the font style wisely and using it appropriately to show the content on the website is a vital thing for UX design. People usually look for information on websites that can be scanned easily, and font style could help them do that. Multiple sites potentially rely on typography to get more traffic from users. 

UI/UX writing

Writing expression on the website matter a lot as users notice the tone of voice while scanning the content. Font style and tone of voice are equally important for grabbing the users. UI and UX writing should include short sentences. This makes it easier for users to absorb the information and whereabouts of the brand's policy and products, along with the help brand could provide. Simply you can express your point effectively in lesser words.  

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Colorful background

The design trends in UX/UI of using blurred and colorful background is increasing. The designers are focusing on using up to 10 colors in the background instead of using 2-3 colors in a linear gradient that gives an attractive look to the UX design.

Security and Authentication

Keeping the mobile phones and PCs secure and authenticated is necessary to avoid any mishap. Passwords are easily forgotten, and a person could get in trouble. These days' people prefer to have authentication with a fingerprint or face lock. Mobile phones provide the user interface with a face lock or fingerprint lock to ensure the security of data. 


The user experience UX design trends that fulfill the needs of visitors and express the personalized UX design grab more attention. However, if there is no personalized experience in UX design, the customers will easily move away from your brand. To grab and maintain the customer flow towards your brand, ensure that the users get personalized UX design. 

Designs for Large Screens

The UX designs focus not only on making the designs suitable for mobiles but also on devising apps suitable on larger screens and enhancing user experience. There are mobile apps that are not suitable for PCS or tablets. With the emerging UX trends, the trend is also following to make a design that will not only work efficiently on mobile but also on tablets and folding phones. 

VR and AR Experiences

Virtual reality and augmented reality are growing globally and are not only restricted to gaming. It is used for different purposes these days, like for retail, travel, the automobile industry, and education. Implementing VR and AR to the UX designs could improve the efficiency of work and will reduce errors. 

Motion Design

Users get bored by looking at static and still images on the website. However, the moving objects and pictures on the screen add more charm to it through UX and UI. Users get more attracted to animations. Motion UX design not only gives an amazing look to the interface but also helps in getting information without getting bored. 

Abstract designs and illustrations

3D animations are grabbing the attention of users, but the growing demand for abstract illustrations and designs of UX/UI is taking more attention. Adding abstract and bright colors along with different angles gives a captivating look to your UX design. By using abstract illustrations and SVGs in UX, you can stand out among competitors and can get more crowds. 

Realistic Texture

Brands are using realistic textures in UX designs to make the experience realistic for users. The textures are uneven so that users can experience the objects. The objects on the screen give a real-like feel to the human eye and look more authentic. 


The popular design UX trends will be augmented reality and virtual reality, that is taking more attention from the users. Moreover, the other UX trends in the field are air control gestures and 3D animations that are getting more traffic and have increased customer flow. Animations and illustrations are another UX trend that adds storytelling features to the website to make things interesting, grab visitors' attention, and make them regular customers.  

What is the next big trend in UX design?

The technological advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and augmented reality have made the UX design trends more specialized. One of the big UX trends in design the UX will be augmented and virtual reality. 

What is the future of UI UX design?

The future of UX/UI design is brighter and more specialized. The capabilities and expertise of UX designers are increasing day by day with the growing design trends. There are also multiple job vacancies seen in the business field for UX designers. 

One of the most recent designs in UX design is a touch less interaction. In this pandemic, social distancing has played a vital role in giving attention to this UX trend. The design trends of UX design, including voice control interface and air gesture control, are more popular among users and in the industry of UX/UI.  

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