Professional applications in seconds with no coding required
Use platform to create powerful native web and mobile applications with no coding needed. Real backend, frontend and mobile applications written by advanced AI.
Fully Customizable
Build any web and mobile application, customize anything as you need
Build in minutes
Create your data models with fields, everything else will be built in seconds by platform AI
No coding required is a no-code platform: you don't need to write code and everything can be done by visual interface and drag&drop logic.
Every part of you project handled by platform AI: data structure, business logic, backend/server, web application, mobile apps, API and documentation.
AI Powered
All code-generation made by advanced AI. No human-related errors, no technical debt, best practices code.
Your project can be extended by plenty of modules for various systems and services

AI-generated backend
Create powerful, secure and database-agnostic backend with plenty of modules, automatic API and documentation. Data Designer and Business Process Designer tools let every citizen developer or business user create full-featured server applications, deploy anywhere to the cloud and even get source code of generated application!

Native web and mobile applications platform create powerful native web and mobile applications with no coding required. Mobile applications build on advanced AI-backed framework with real-time data streams. AppMaster framework for mobile applications eliminates need for republish applications in Google Play Market and Apple AppStore.

How it works
Create Data Models
First of all you need create data models:
just create every data table and every field you need from templates with interactive prompts
Customize Interface
While most of your web and mobile app created automatically by our platform AI, you may want to edit some visual styles and elements.
You project will be published automatically to AppMaster Cloud. You can customize deployment plans and publish to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or your private infrastructure.

What our customers are saying

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