Create Native App
with no coding required
Mobile & web apps
Create and publish — from wherever you are
New intelligent no-code platform
No coding required
Fully Customizable
Build in minutes
You don't need code anymore, everything can be done by visual interface and drag & drop logic.
Every part of the project is handled by platform AI: data structure, business logic, backend, web and mobile apps, API etc.
Build any web and mobile application, customize anything as you need, or use templates.
Create your data models with fields, everything else will be built in seconds
by platform AI.
Drag & Drop visual builder substitutes the need to code in mobile apps creation
Production-ready without coding
You can drag & drop and edit elements to release a mobile application within a couple of minutes.
Create your data models with fields, everything else will be built in seconds by platform AI
Create a powerful, secure, and database-agnostic backend with plenty of modules, automatic API, and documentation.
Build your own powerful mobile and web applications with
Create a web application for admin and control your mobile apps with Drag & Drop visual builder.
Visually create business
processes of any complexity and without hassle
The designer helps users to speed up and simplify the creation process of complex Business Processes with the drag & drop UI.
3 simple steps to own app
How the magic happens
Build and run web and mobile applications faster using AppMaster and AppMaster Cloud Services
Create Data Models
Just create every data table and every field you need from templates with interactive prompts
Customize Interface
Build & publish
You may want to edit some visual styles and elements with AppMaster drag&drop visual editor
Your project will be published automatically to AppMaster Cloud or AWS, GCS, Azure, or your private cloud
AppMaster Optimized Cloud for lightning-fast and hassle-free deployments
The easiest deploy and publish
Deploy to APMS Cloud available even on a free plan
Optimal performance for development
Automatic backup and rollbacks
Integrate with all your favorite services
It is easier than you think
Connect your workflow to hundreds of apps and services, or access your content programmatically with our robust API.
What our users say about us
Dmitry Reznik
HIMS Board Member
Our current system does not allow full management of regulatory documents. To solve problems, we need to buy a more expensive solution than the existing one or develop a customized application. Our budget does not represent the possibility of purchasing more costly solutions as well as hiring developers for development from scratch. AppMaster solved this problem. We received a customized application in several weeks without going beyond our budget.
Sergey Ratnikov
Project Lead
AppMaster helped me implement and launch my project for a week on my own. The platform is easy to use for citizen developers and business users. I am glad that I did not have to hire any specialists, spend additional time and money.
Valery Zubanov
Commercial Director
We compared several vendors with no-code solutions, but for our specific needs, the AppMaster Platform was the most cost-effective. Amazingly how quickly we were able to get a production-ready application with no software developers in place. Very good point is the ability to download source code of our solution and make necessary certifications according to our policies.
Apps from templates
Templates library platform creates powerful native web and mobile applications with no coding required. Use the pre-made templates to start.
Create your first app with
The only ALL-IN-ONE solution for backend, web and mobile applications