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Hiring Web Engineers: How to Interview No-Code Developers

Hiring Web Engineers: How to Interview No-Code Developers

Low-code and No-code is a recent way of developing websites and mobile applications without technical knowledge and background. You don't have to be having programming skills or background to work on those no-code platforms. It helps save time and money and provides convenience to the non-coders. You can hire a no-code developer for these platforms if you want professional coverage. The opportunities are huge, but knowing how to choose and what to interrogate for is hard before hiring a no-code developer with technical skills is difficult.

An established agency and startups are focusing on no-code site and app development, hoping to provide apps with no coding experience and diverse skills required to save time and money. However, to get the best no-code developer for your company, you must know how to interview the candidates before hiring them.

Before you dive into the interview process with no-code developers, learn what to interrogate for in candidates and how to find it. This article explains the clear-cut points: you need to know and interrogate the candidates before interviewing these no-code developers for hire.

Do Web Developers Have Coding Interviews?

Yes, web developers have coding interviews before any agency can hire them as full-time or no-code developers. In this interview, the hiring body questions the ability of the developers to assess soft skills, technical knowledge, and communication skills. Usually, testing for the technical part contains a practical test or looking after the developer's previous work. The rest of the interview is usually verbal and will access according to the company's eligibility criteria.

How Do You Approach a Programming Interview?

A programming interview is divided into two parts; one contains the technical skills, and the other contains the soft skills.

  • For soft skills, the interview is verbal in which the communication skills, behaviors, creativity, etc., will be judged and analyzed.
  • The technical experience is analyzed as well as a small test for analyzing the competency of the developer.

What Are Interviewers Looking for in A Coding Interview?

After noting down your requirements or relevant points, the next thing is to interview. So, choose among no-code developers several candidates. And before inking the deal, ensure to interview candidates. Through this, you'll be able to understand their qualification. It also allows an in-person conversation with those who are vital for the success of your project.

A well-organized interview helps you understand the developer's prowess, especially in the delicate no-code site and app development stage. Additionally, you'll be able to distinguish between authentic and mediocre candidates. This is possible as, through the interview, you'll listen to how they describe their engagement in various projects. The best candidates will answer the questions professionally and calmly.

The coding interviewer is looking forward to the candidates for the agency who meet their role requirements and will be able to fulfill their job descriptions. Most of the interviewers interrogate developers for some specific things.

Below are the top agency's general criteria when they ask someone for a coding interview. Yet it may differ from agency to agency, but most generally looking for:

  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Past experience and projects

What Are the Interview Questions for Developers?

Hiring a developer for your company is crucial, especially if you are building a digital brand. The agency is looking for soft skills and technical skills both when initiating the hiring for this position.

soft skills

A developer must have a multi-disciplinary approach, diverse problem-solving skills, and great communication skills as they will be working with business owners, analysts, graphic designers, etc.

Here are some basic interview questions for developers, especially no-code developers, while hiring them in the company:

How Do You Organize Your Project?

Start interviewing the candidates about how they organize the project into bits before starting. For example, how they solve issues, responds to reviews, provide quality assurance, and work in a team setting.

Why Have You Chosen to Be a No-Code Developer?

With the growing no-code popularity, it has now a recognized approach for web development and app development projects from scratch to launch. Therefore, ask your candidate why he chose to be a no coder and what skills he has.

What No Code Platforms Have You Worked On?

Several no-coding platforms came into being. Ask you a candidate with how many platforms he has worked on and how much knowledge he has on them.

Which No Code / Low Code Platform Is the Best?

One of the best No code and low-code platforms is AppMaster. Let the candidates tell you about their favorite no-code platforms and why.

Tell Me About Your Past Work Experiences in Detail

Despite eliminating codes, your interviewed candidates should be adept at working with several tools to set up a functional app. I'm not implying that no-code developers must handle thousands of tools. However, they must show that they've been handling more than a handful of them with good results. Apart from tool mastery, you'll need to hire a no-code developer with diverse skills in traditional coding. While it's easier to set up any website or application with the no-code platform, it's important to have a no-code developer who can help you when the customization of low-level functionality is needed.

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What is the structure of the candidate's recent project? Knowing the condition and the build of their recent websites or app gives you a clear insight into their skill than a cover later. Engage them in a conversation to determine the kind of workers they are. This helps you find the right candidate to cooperate with the rest of the staff.

How Would You Explain the Project to A Client That Has No Knowledge?

The hired developer must be able to interact effectively with the non-tech departments in the company, like sales. Test their ability and skills to communicate in simple language with someone who is not having any technical knowledge.

What Was Your Worst Feedback Received Up Till Now?

Developers must be able to deal with negative reviews and feedback that can be discouraging. The ideal candidate for the position must need to know how to take that feedback positively and improve with that. Ask how they will tackle and reaches a solution.

Can You Work Under Pressure and Meet the Deadlines? Explain The Situation

good question

The ability to work under pressure, meeting time, and budget is a must for a developer. Ask them how they take the stress during deadlines, schedule time and what work ethics they follow. These diverse skills help the candidate to meet great technical and interpersonal skills to deliver an awesome digital experience.

What Do You Think About a No-Code Development Personally?

Ask the candidate about their views about no-code development and how they think it differs and what are its pros and cons over coding-based website and app development.

What Do You Think Will Be the Future of Web Development and App Development?

You must ask in an interview about the knowledge and views of the candidate about the future of coding and no coding developments. For example, artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, etc. This will let you know how they are planning to upgrade themselves for the future and set long-term expectations.

Do You Have Any SQL Experience?

Please enquire about the candidate's approach to database management and consider those who are very concerned and willing to do what it takes to approach it. The candidate must understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

You'd wish to hire someone who knows how to build database management and keep it functional and up to date, including the fundamental questions regarding their approach to database management in the interview process.

How Do You Explain the Team Work and Why It Is Important?

You want to interview for their interpersonal experiences, teamwork, and technical knowledge to get a pleasant and productive person.

Many people often overlook checking references. However, this is an obvious step. Recent clients' responses give you a clear insight into how easy it was to cooperate with the candidate. Additionally, it gives information regarding their productivity, response, and how perfect they were with change requests, modifications, and revisions. Also, their other traits you must consider include teamwork, open-mindedness, lack of ego, and willingness to accustom to new ways of performing various activities.

Are Communication Skills Important? And Why?

Creating a successful site needs more coordination with stakeholders. Ensure to interview someone who can communicate the project status or the status of any roadblock they may face. To avoid these communication-related issues, examine your candidate and their body language and ensure they can use easy-to-understand terms. Can they articulate their building approaches and explain the process clearly?

Do You Offer Any Other Additional Services?

Ask if your developer offers some additional services that will provide you with a complete package that enhances long-term engagement and high ROI. Seasonal entrepreneurs noted that various follow-ups matter, including prompt issue resolutions, new feature updates, and consistent market research. Therefore, before the interview, you need to determine whether the no-code developers or freelancers will provide additional services or not. If they do, that would be a plus point.

Are There Other Tools They Are Experienced with?

Some additional services can contribute to the growth of your project. Hiring a developer with various tools to deliver additional services.

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Are They Eager to Learn?

Enquire about the projects a developer is currently learning or working with. The projects may include:

  • Jumping into a coding language.
  • Playing with new experience tools that have recently been developed.
  • Handling a personal project.

It's advisable to interview a candidate experienced with newly developed tools. The no-code industry is consistently evolving. As such, you need to stay up to date. So it's important to hire someone open to new experience tools, ideas, and approach database.

You'd wish to work with a developer who is willing to stay on the cutting-edge and can keep your app or website up to date. The statement "I'm not experienced in this tool, but I would wish to play around with it" shows that the candidates are willing to use new experience tools and ideas to grow your site.

Are They Effective in Problem-Solving?

No-code developers or freelancers often function as problem solvers. It would help if you had someone who could break complex problems and turn them into actionable pieces. So, check their abilities. If possible, run them through a case study to determine their ability to identify and solve problems while illustrating their approaches. You can also ask them to perform relevant activities, such as obtaining insight from a complex spreadsheet.

What Knowledge Do They Have On UX and UI?


A perfect software product must be functional and deliver functionality in an accessible, intuitive, and friendly way. While we don't expect no-code developers or freelancers to be expert designers, they must understand what it means to good design and how to include it in the final software product.

To test the candidates' sense of design, provide them with hypothetical products and let them sketch the interface of those products. You may also need to know what they like and what they don't like about each other. This practice gives you a clear insight into the developers' understanding of the basic design characteristic.

Apart from technicalities, no-code developers or freelancers should be reachable. Projects may be pressed sometimes, and it should not take long to get a reply from your developer.

Given that a project may take a long, you must be at ease while conducting a no-code developer. And this means working with proactive and sensitive developers.

Communication is a mutual concession. Working on the requirements alone isn't enough. Your no-code developers or freelancers should put in some effort to provide suggestions where necessary. For example, they should provide avenues to make the projects more efficient and help bypass various obstacles.

Do They Have Digital

Any potential no-code developer will showcase their works on their website. Most developers would share information regarding the apps or sites they've recently built.

Your potential no-code developers can gather many attributes from their recent work. Completing a complicated development shows the candidates' ability and industry knowledge. It also gives a clear insight into what your future app or website will look like if you hire a particular no-code developer.

One of the main features of no-code development is a collection of templates and plugins. A developed team that uses modules prioritizes efficiency and flexibility. It's a good idea to find out whether the developer will be able to build such apps or sites in your industry. The experience of setting up similar apps or sites can favor your industry. Your potential developer may decide to use similar templates and other experience tools to catalyze the process.

The Bottom Line

No-code will soon be the future, and coding will be reluctant to some point. Although this may seem like reality, coding may still be necessary and will be complemented with low-code solutions. Still, the popularity of no-code platforms like AppMaster can't be ignored. If you are looking for an easy no, coding web development solution platform AppMaster will be your number one solution. If you hire a no-code developer or do it by yourself, AppMaster is the easiest platform for app development out there. Do you have queries? Contact us, and our expert team will guide you through them.

So, that's all about things you need to know before starting the interview process for no-code developers. The above points are well researched and will help you hire the right no-code developer. Picking the right no-code developer is the first step to creating a perfect no-code app by AppMaster. With superior platforms like AppMaster, you can build:

  • Web development
  • Mobile application
  • The powerful backbend is not just a powerful backbend but the most powerful backbend no-code.

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