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50 Best App Ideas for Startup in 2024

50 Best App Ideas for Startup in 2024

Pre-pandemic forecasts predict that mobile app development will generate $935 billion in revenue by 2024. The pandemic is accelerating this process and increasing the bottom line. People transfer all their affairs (from work to household tasks) into their pockets when the most important things are at hand and available at any time. Also, the internet and 5G technology are rapidly developing, and data transfer speed is growing. The world is increasingly moving online, so many good app ideas are also emerging in the development industry.

Revenue of mobile apps worldwide 2017-2025

It creates a field of opportunity and challenge for mobile and web application development. The variety of mobile app development ideas is continuously increasing due to the rising number of mobile devices as well. Therefore, it is important to consider various brilliant app ideas to establish a successful mobile app development business. Some of the most important aspects deal with questions like what are applications profitable and beneficial for a startup? And what applications are more accessible for a beginner to create? What are some ideas for excellent applications for beginners?

Read on to stay up to date with the latest trends in app development to ensure you are able to establish a successful business in this digital world with the help of the best mobile app development ideas. In this article, we have collected the best mobile app ideas and web app ideas for your startup. For convenience, we have divided all applications into five blocks according to their key topic: routine, work, communication, health, and hobbies. Each block highlights the most suitable mobile app ideas for app development in 2024.

Suppose you are familiar with the requirements of your business's target audience. In that case, you will be able to implement the best technology and use the best apps for the success of your business, so keep reading to learn all about these best app ideas for 2024 and beyond!


Since 2020, humanity has been spending much more time at home. Therefore, home life, daily routines, and tasks have attracted much attention and need optimization in the same way work processes previously required it. Having a unique app idea does not necessarily mean innovating something from scratch. Instead, it can also be a form of improvement in the existing solutions. Here are ten examples of mobile and web apps you can launch as a startup in your region in 2024 and earn money.

Application for ordering and delivering food/household goods from nearby stores

When you work from home, sometimes you don't feel like going out at all, for example, if a light bulb has burned out or milk has run out. Household chemicals, frozen foods, and other little things end at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, you do not want to go shopping after a long working day. In such a situation, a grocery app will definitely help you out. Using a grocery delivery app can come in handy for people in numerous ways.

Not every favorite shop in the neighborhood has a website or grocery delivery app. Even if there is, it is very inconvenient to go to each site separately. Also, not all areas promptly update availability. People want to buy everything in one place immediately and, preferably, with discounts. As a startup and a developer of practical applications, this is where you can help the local grocery stores by introducing a grocery app.

A store can use a wide range of new mobile app ideas, such as:

  • A QR code app to ensure users are able to access the online store and location of the physical store quickly.
  • A gift delivery app to help users in sending gifts.
  • An automatic coupon applier app to ensure coupons and discounts are provided to the customers.
  • A goods exchange app if the business is able to take old products and provide new products to the customers.
  • A subscription organization app to keep a record of the members and subscribers.

A grocery delivery app or food delivery app is in very high demand nowadays as people want to streamline these everyday procedures with the help of technology. As a result, a lot of the best mobile app ideas are associated with food and grocery delivery services.

food and grocery delivery

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Washim Chowdhury

An application for ordering food and household goods from nearby stores is a brilliant, large-scale app idea. You should also include a bill management app as part of the food delivery app or grocery management to help users in financial management as well.

At the beginning of the shift, sellers enter new deliveries of goods and their quantity into the database; the stock goods are updated in real-time with each purchase or reservation. Also, the promotions that an employee of the marketing department contributes while working from home, for example, in another country, are dynamically updated.

The e-commerce industry is rapidly growing, due to which all shopping malls and online businesses have user-friendly e-commerce mobile apps to facilitate people in online shopping. Whether a business is completely online or has a brick-and-mortar store, you can expect it to have an e-commerce app or some sort of online marketplace to benefit from the rapid rise of the e-commerce industry.

Creating a supermarket checkout app is another example of a popular e-commerce app nowadays. These mobile apps ultimately help all types of businesses ensure maximum customer satisfaction by meeting the high demand of the customers.

The store application is synchronized with the application for couriers who live and work in the same area. And they, in turn, are synchronized with the application for the client. The buyer installs the application, logs in, and sees all the favorites in stock. Local grocery stores, as well as large-scale retail chains, can greatly benefit from online ordering apps.

If you connect more markets, vegetable, and fruit warehouses to this system, and teach sellers and warehouse workers to enter into the mobile application how many kilograms of what products they have in stock, make discounts for residents to purchase in their area, then hundreds of people each will use your application. You will become a district food delivery monopolist.

Cooking apps and food apps

Cooking and food delivery apps never go out of fashion, so they must be considered as part of some of the best app ideas you can use for your business and earn money. The purpose of the cooking apps is to help users surf the internet, find, save to their library and categorize their favorite recipes. Make changes to them and edit and share them in social networking apps and instant messengers with relatives and friends. Search for recipes in your library or on the internet using filters such as time per dish, ingredients, calories, and so on.

Excellent addition to this application would be selecting a recipe from products available at home. For example, a user enters the products available at his home into the application. The application determines the most suitable formula from the saved recipe database or simply from the TOP search engine results for keywords. Such an application will solve the problem of what to cook once and for all. It also includes having a cooking-related QR code app that will redirect the users to the cooking recipes.

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Cooking apps

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Muhammad Noufal

Similarly, some of the great mobile app ideas in recent years have emerged in the form of grocery delivery apps or food delivery apps worldwide. A user-friendly and reliable food delivery app has a high chance of success, whether meant for one specific restaurant or numerous food spots.

Some of the most popular food delivery apps that operate globally are Uber Eats, Grubhub, and many others. These examples show that even a single app can become a global phenomenon. These food delivery apps have revolutionized the traditional restaurant industry by making expanding the customer base of different restaurants and helping users in ordering food. Therefore, if you want to benefit from the massive food delivery industry, you should definitely consider introducing a unique food delivery app or food delivery app that can facilitate you in building a successful startup.

An application for reserving time in a beauty salon or calling a master at home

The beauty salon app is one of the good app ideas that offers users an easy way to change their makeup and allows salons to streamline their process by only going online with the enterprise. The beauty app automates almost all beauty salon operations for executives and provides superior customer service. So, if you also create a beauty salon app for your business, you are guaranteed to get ahead of your competitors.

One common example of such an app is a hair coloring assistance app. People typically have to consider a lot of factors before making the final call to dye their hair. With the help of a properly designed hair-cutting or coloring assistance mobile application, you can expect to reach more customers.

Barter exchange apps

Whether you have your own business or you want a mobile application for your personal usage, you can use a barter exchange app for many different purposes as people are buying more and more things. However, not all items are needed. It is a pity to throw them away. It is not always possible to sell them profitably. Therefore, many are returning to the traditional exchange system. A goods exchange app can be highly useful in modernizing this practice.

Applications for barter within the same city or country are becoming more and more popular. Those who provide users with a convenient functionality for searching for things and posting offers, a system of tags and saving to favorites, and direct chats with other users while keeping personal data safe are especially benefiting. Having a barter exchange app or goods exchange on your list of apps for business growth and development is an excellent idea.

Recycle Apps

It is an even more relevant topic and a forced trend in the modern world. Garbage is consuming our planet. But not every resident of the metropolis knows how to sort correctly and where to put the accumulated junk.

Recycle Apps

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Sara Salehi

A convenient recycling mobile application in your pocket with clear visual hints for sorting garbage, a navigation map to the nearest waste collection and recycling points in your city, and up-to-date information about their working hours will increase citizens' awareness of environmental issues tenfold.

It would help if you also kept in mind that products that you no longer use, but are of good quality, can be given to someone else. In such a situation, users will need a reliable goods exchange app through which they can contact people in their locality and make the exchange. The team behind a good exchange app of this kind can deduct a certain percentage for every transaction or exchange.

Suppose you are developing only a recycling app. In that case, you can add several unique functions to such an application, such as reading special marks and signs on packages with mobile devices camera and instantly uploading information and the type of garbage, whether it is recyclable, incinerated, online synchronization with all points of delivery and processing of various types of garbage to update information about their prices, opening hours, workload, and so on; a library of short educational videos on waste sorting, understandable for the whole family; service of ordering a composting station and convenient containers for collecting and temporary storage of various types of garbage at home. You can develop many valuable features in this area for a mobile application for recycling; you need to conduct a few interviews with those already trying to do this and find out several difficulties and problems they face every day. Such applications are profitable and make the world a better place.

Budget planner

Budget planning apps are very popular nowadays since many banking procedures are being conducted online. Such applications allow you to track income by handling digital receipts and monthly expenses for different categories, setting limits on specific costs, plan savings, and so on. It is incredibly convenient when budget planners are synchronized with all user bank accounts or mobile banking and load bank card entries directly into the application.

The distribution of write-offs by categories in the application occurs in automatic or semi-automatic modes. Applications for planning a family budget help you save 15-30% of the money in the first months of use and put off an airbag. It is due to the convenient visual display of expenses in graphs and charts.

Budget planner

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Robin Holesinsky

There can be many different aspects of financial management that budget planning apps can cover. For instance, if you lend money to your friends or family, you can use a money lending manager app to keep thorough records. If you have any good app ideas related to financial management, you should definitely implement them, as financial apps are very popular among users.

Besides the general budget planner mobile apps, you can also find a wide range of specialized budgeting apps for your business that handles specific types of digital receipts. Such apps are meant for people with specific professions.

For instance, you can find a tip calculator app in Google Play Store for quick tip calculation and budgeting. Similarly, you can build a single app, such as a wedding planner app, which can help you calculate the expenses associated with a wedding.

There is no end to the number and complexity of the features you can introduce in such apps. For instance, if you are building an interior design app to facilitate users in creating their dream home, you should add budget planning. It can be made even more efficient using augmented reality so that the users can try out different home styles and designs using augmented reality technology. At the same time, the budget calculation is done with the help of AI algorithms.

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Smart home apps

Smart home apps are an integral part of the best app ideas for a business because the concept of smart homes is becoming popular quite rapidly. The house of a modern person is getting smarter every day, especially for new buildings. At the same time, a person has less and less time to deal with his life and less and less energy he wants to spend on it.

Modern technologies like AI augmented reality and smart homes are strongly associated. It all depends on how you bring your best mobile app ideas to life. You can choose to create a single app or consider building a sophisticated augmented reality app or interior designing app that helps users build a home, especially a smart one.

Smart home app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Alexander Kontsevoy

Smart home systems and mobile applications create household magic: in the evening, after a working day, the curtains move by themselves, a short voice command or gesture turns on pleasant music, an alarm system guards the property, drip watering of flowerpots and even filling drinking bowls for pets is activated. All this is possible and very convenient in one application, always at hand, on a mobile phone.

Ecommerce and product cost comparison apps

Ecommerce is a continuously growing industry, so it is important to explore the best mobile app ideas in this industry to benefit from this growth. One such app idea is associated with a product's cost comparison. How to find and buy anything cheaper without spending much time surfing the internet?

This task is helped by an aggregator application for quickly searching and purchasing any item on the internet. Filters allow you to categorize offers by cost, promotions, delivery times, etc. A platform that can help users compare the cost of products through digital receipts on different eCommerce stores can be a highly successful startup in this era of online shopping.

Some of the brilliant mobile app ideas nowadays are present in the e-commerce industry, such as a products review app, subscription organization app, gift delivery app, and automatic coupon applier app. All of these apps have their own pros and cons. A review app is essential in helping people decide whether a product is worth buying. Since gifting is a huge part of many cultures, a well-developed gift delivery app has the potential to become a global success.

Similarly, the rapid rise of the e-commerce industry has popularized automatic coupon applier app to ensure that once a customer finds a product of their choice, they can also find suitable discounts on it. Such coupons can be provided to loyal customers with the help of a subscription organization app that keeps details of all of the subscribers and members.

Dog walk apps

Many people want to keep a pet or several, but not everyone has the time to care for them. Walking dogs is essential on a schedule that can be very difficult for pet owners to keep. With the selection of candidates by residence, the dog walking app is the perfect way out of this situation.

Dog walk app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Wilco van Meppelen

Each candidate can have their profile, a brief description of the experience, an indication of the cost and residence, the ability to switch between "busy" and "active job search" modes, and search and see the latest open requests for walking. The application user turns on the geolocation on the phone, enters the walking hours, and receives a list of free candidates. He can find himself a permanent walker and a new one each time. The app can also make payments for secure withdrawals and reserve funds.

Car rental apps

Airbnb for cars. Maintaining your car is not profitable both from the point of view of saving a personal or family budget and from the point of view of the ecology of our planet. There are enough cars on the planet. We need to learn how to share them. For a developer, a car rental app for a day, half a day, or a few days is a perfect choice. It can be either a fully paid rental or car sharing with payment only for fuel. The most important thing the developer of such an application must work on is ease of use.

Wedding apps

Marriage and finding a partner are a significant part of most people's lives. A carefully designed matrimony app has the potential to reach a massive audience. It can help people all over the world in finding their perfect partners. Since many demands and requirements are involved in such a situation, such a high demand of consumers can be met by digital solutions like a matrimonial app.

Wedding app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Denis Budnik

Moreover, you can also consider introducing a wedding planner app. It is important to note that a wide range of wedding planner apps is already available in the market, so you should focus on introducing some advanced features to ensure it helps users. Ultimately, having an innovative app idea means either you build app from scratch or tremendously innovate the existing solutions to help the target audience.


There are many creative app ideas that you can explore in the health and fitness industry because the global pandemic has returned the focus of humanity to health. The high demand for telemedicine apps is mainly led by the fact that the healthcare industry is no longer restricted to traditional working procedures. Telemedicine apps allow you to contact doctors and medical specialists worldwide. The innovation of such healthcare apps is paving the path for significant improvement of overall healthcare practices. 

Now, most people on the planet are thinking about their condition, well-being, and health. Fitness apps and motivation have always been quite popular, but they have greatly boosted their popularity during the pandemic. The medical field is rapidly developing and reforming. It is the perfect time to consider different app ideas for 2024 and launch health and professional medicine apps.

Nowadays, something as basic as water reminder apps can also attract many people due to the high demand of consumers in the health and fitness industry. The following idea can facilitate you in establishing a successful startup to meet the high demand of customers.

Period tracking apps

Everyone knows that menstruation is not easy. Even if your cycle is regular, it probably comes with many fun things like mood swings, acne, soreness, and other worrisome symptoms. Understanding your cycle as much as possible becomes critical if you deal with reproductive problems such as endometriosis, fibroids, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

And, of course, if you're trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, knowing information like when you ovulate can help. A period app makes life a lot easier. The more functions it has and the more straightforward, at the same time, the interface, the better. You can choose to build a period tracking app as a standalone solution or add it as part of a pregnancy helper mobile app.

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Pregnancy tracking apps

When you're expecting a baby, nine months can feel like a lifetime. A pregnancy helper mobile app can help users track and monitor the baby's development (as well as body changes).

Pregnancy tracking app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Stanislav Lebedev

Such an app will play an integral role in removing unnecessary fears and making you feel more connected to your baby.

Virtual health apps

Another idea not to be missed is the healthcare app or telemedicine app. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to healthcare delivery. It has become so popular that healthcare spending has shifted to virtual healthcare at a considerable margin. The patient can meet with an external medical consultant in their city or region instead of traveling to another city or region through a telemedicine app. It also makes it easy for patients to find a professional second opinion online. So, this is a great mobile app idea.

Mental health apps

Humans are the most restless creatures on the planet - apps for meditation, self-regulation, and calming help overcome anxiety can greatly help them. Although there are already successful business applications in this genre, such as Headspace, Calm, and Youper, you still have many opportunities and a large audience to capture the market by building a fitness app that focuses on both physical and mental health. Your application can lead the healthcare industry to develop new innovative mental health software ideas on the internet.

Virtual nutritionist

Telemedicine apps and fitness apps can be highly lucrative for businesses and beneficial for users. Most of the existing fitness apps have specific and generalized diet options. Still, it would help if you considered developing a health and fitness app that provides users access to virtual nutritionists.

The user enters his initial parameters and those he wants to receive as an output - the application forms his unique and individual diet. Meals are scheduled and built into the calendar, recipes from the internet are connected, and each dish indicates the number of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The user can update his data in the process of losing weight.

Making losing weight or following a special diet easy, convenient, and interactive is an excellent task for a mobile application. You can turn this kind of app into a water reminder app by sending notifications to users at suitable intervals.

App with doctors' database for quick medical consultations

The first consultation from a doctor is always at hand, without queues, trips, traffic jams, or waiting - just a chat on your mobile phone. You can send photos, videos, and documents, connect voice and video communication, and, of course, choose the most suitable doctor from those available at the moment. All this became especially relevant during the pandemic, but it was appropriate and needed for a very long time. A broad base of doctors of all directions and ease of use can quickly bring your application to the TOP of stores.

Social network for doctors and medical staff

Doctors and medical staff need to share experience, and knowledge, receive advice and be in a development environment. A modern social networking app for medical professionals only is an original and modern application project that modern medicine needs.

Social networks, in general, are extremely popular, so you can get significant benefits from this kind of digital platform developed in the form of a website or social networking app. With greater innovations in virtual and augmented reality, many augmented reality apps are also emerging in the health sector.

AI Personal trainer app

A large number of apps promote unrealistic weight loss standards that can be quite detrimental to the physical and mental health of the users. It would help if you considered developing an AI personal trainer app or a weight loss app that helps users in losing weight safely without compromising their health.

AI Personal trainer app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Ceptari Tyas

A motivation app can also be extremely useful in motivating people to focus on their health and fitness routines. You can build a motivation app as part of a general healthcare app or introduce it as a standalone solution. Simply put, the app optimizes reps and weights for each activity every time the user trains, promoting effective muscle growth. The algorithms of such software are trained on millions of exercises. Such an application contains one of the world's largest exercise databases and, in the long run, can surpass any personal trainer.

Emergency alert app

If you are passionate about using technology, this app is for you. Security has become a problem all over the world. Crime has risen and is at an all-time high. Most modern security solutions are equipped with a criminal alert app nowadays. A reliable home security app deals with all types of security risks.

Besides a criminal alert app, security companies also offer disaster management apps and overall home security apps to deal with a wide range of emergencies. Fires are also occurring more frequently than before. A home security app alerts people near an emergency with a warning button. In this way, people can either save themselves or help stranded people, depending on the type of emergency, or even contact rescue services. A well-developed disaster management app can prove to be extremely useful and life-saving.

Quality monitoring app for vegetables and fruits

Do you prefer to eat fresh vegetables and fruits? But are they fresh on the shelves in our stores? Vegetables and fruits can be spoiled, poisoned by nitrates and pesticides, and only look fresh from the outside. Healthy eating just got easier with apps that can check the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables. No external hardware is required; just a mobile phone camera is enough.


Most people are always looking for mobile applications that can help them in their professional lives. Many different creative app ideas can be explored and implemented in this category to help users working in various industries meet the high demand of their profession.

Since 2020, humanity has been spending much more time at home. Therefore, the work of many people has moved to the home, and many work processes have been significantly transformed. Many companies and individuals are using modern apps to conduct business, such as using a real estate app for real estate business.

Here are ten examples of mobile apps for work optimization and professional learning that you can launch as a startup in 2024.

Self-learning apps and platforms

Self-learning has become a vital necessity for a dozen years. Educational mobile apps and platforms that optimize the learning process and provide access to the highest quality information will remain in trend for many years. Learning apps help businesses make a lot of money and help users through innovative app ideas and digital platforms.

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Self-learning apps and platforms

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Faysol Ahmed Sozib

The gamification of learning in mobile apps makes them even more attractive to users. What to teach - the choice is yours: it can be either a whole area or several areas of knowledge, or very narrow specializations. In any case, most people today need quality mobile online learning.

Virtual-study group apps

Using digital platforms in studying and online learning has become much more popular than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the virtual exam study apps that allow students at different educational levels to prepare for the tests.

Students can meet in a common forum and study for exams with other students studying the same subject. A well-developed virtual exam study mobile application can provide them with learning materials, tools, and the opportunity to discuss the issue and get help, guidance, etc.

Jobs-searching platforms

Finding a remote job for many people in 2020-21 has become vital. It is very convenient when job search platforms and applications contain many offers and are highly specialized in areas of activity. You can create a job search platform for marketing professionals, developers, designers, or economists. Filters, entering parameters, high-quality filling in the description fields of each vacancy, the correct status of its relevance, a quick feedback form in a few clicks, and direct chat with a recruiter - this should work well in your application. With time, specialized job hunting or business apps have also emerged.

Blockchain-based Apps

Blockchain applications go far beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin. With its ability to maintain a high level of transparency and fairness and save businesses time and money, technology impacts everything from contract enforcement to government efficiency. It gives you a vast choice of which blockchain application to create.

Business card apps

Do you have stacks of business cards you want to scan? Need an app to manage all your company's contacts? Do you want to create personalized cards as a marketing and sales tool? Modern business card scanning applications offer more than just scanning. They can help you become more productive, organized, and always ready to share contact information wherever you are by simply tapping two mobile phones together or scanning a QR code, for example. Using such apps becomes even more critical for a business that involves a lot of contact cards, such as using a real estate app to deal with cards you get from different clients and real estate companies.

Quiz apps

Testing is a necessary process of learning, diagnostics, and research. Nothing is more convenient than just sending a link to the test to all respondents and receiving answers by mail or in a convenient form of general statistics, graphs and charts inside the application. The concept of such an application can be different, according to your choice and for your tasks.

Virtual classrooms apps

Applications that allow many users to study simultaneously, communicate, hear and see each other, show the teacher's screen and, of course, replace the background when the camera is on if the apartment is not cleaned.

Virtual classroom

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Sulton handaya

Virtual classrooms have become an integral part of our lives since 2020, and there is no limit to perfection in such applications.

Investment apps

People love to trade stocks and invest. So investment app development is a concept that can automatically make investment decisions based on market data and valuation and invest on your behalf. Such apps help users in choosing how much they want to borrow in their portfolio and how much they want to borrow. Collections of the best investment decisions or customized tips are also excellent for investment applications.

Share files apps

Transfer all types of files without internet and loss of quality. High-speed cross-platform data transfer and cloud storage. Optimized transfer of heavy files without limits: apps, games, photos, movies, videos, etc. Statistics of your files in one place, in one app. Data privacy and security protection.

These are critical features for a powerful file-sharing app you can start building now. Great advancements in mobile applications have paved the path for file-sharing apps to have various advanced features to ensure greater connectivity.

Border laws apps

A single, real-time updated base of all rules for entering any country is a modern necessity that has become especially acute during a pandemic. The openness and closeness of countries, the rules of entry and stay in the country, the necessary documents, and passes are now changing almost every week.


Many examples of instant messaging apps have transformed the world, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and many others. If you have a unique app idea that can significantly impact our communication, you should try your best to turn this idea into a reality. Social networking and language learning apps are some of the most popular apps in this category.

Some brilliant app ideas, such as Facebook and Twitter, have been related to the social networking industry. Similarly, the human need to connect and make friends has made random chat apps quite popular. Such apps allow you to chat with other users from around the world.

Nowadays, most communication procedures have moved online. We cannot imagine our life without social networks, voice and video communication, and instant messengers. Every new day brings us new challenges in communication, so creating a communication app that solves them is the perfect choice for a startup. We have collected ten mobile and web instant messaging app ideas relevant to launch in 2024.

Voice translation apps

Voice translation apps and voice recording apps are quite popular nowadays due to a wide range of reasons. We all have faced specific problems in translating or communicating in foreign languages. What if you create a voice translation app that allows you to speak a phrase into your mobile devices in your native language and give it back in the voice of the announcer in the language of your interlocutor?

The purpose of a voice translation app is to ensure communication without borders. The better a voice translation app works, the more extensive the database of words and phrases it contains, and the more popular it becomes. The significance of voice translation apps is expected to keep increasing due to globalization. You can also consider creating a language learning app besides the translation app.

Human-library apps

We all need motivation, inspiration, and process not only our own but also someone else's experience. Also, we want to share our experiences. Platforms and applications that collect real cases and stories of people of different professions, social statuses, and so on by topic are a fresh trend in app development that you can use today.

AI-based picture translation app

As the travel and tourism industry grows, a wide range of AI-based translation applications can be used as a convenient tool for tourists in a new country. A tourist helper app that helps tourists translate various languages can be handy. These applications allow you to translate text from images, bulletin boards, scoreboards, real-world objects, and files into any preferred language.

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Anti-fake apps with automated algorithms

News and information surround us and affect our condition. Creating applications against spam and "smart" applications that distinguish reliable information from fake is essential. It is possible by analyzing the reputation of the information source, other authoritative sources, and user reviews. Working on such applications is a complex and exciting process. Still, it cannot bring results since it is acutely relevant.

Automated social media apps

From 2014 to 2021, social media apps and instant messengers remained the most downloaded apps from stores. There are both mastodons and new, rapidly developing social networks. A person can have several accounts in one social network (personal, for a business project, hidden) and be registered in 5-6 social networks simultaneously. That's a massive load of message flow and feed updates.

An all-in-one social media app that unifies all updates from different social networking apps and instant messengers is the TOP dream of a modern Internet user. And if it is also possible to make a post or story and then respond to comments simultaneously on all your social networks, this is the ultimate dream. The massive popularity of social media apps shows that this is the best time for businesses to enter this industry.

Notifications from a police department app

As we mentioned above, crime in big cities is on the rise. An application for quick communication with the police and getting the latest news on your area of town, where you find yourself late in the evening, can save lives, property, and health. Excellent addition will be a detailed map of the city's most dangerous areas and updates of incidents in real-time. For example, we are used to seeing Google Traffic.

Fraud detection apps

It is an advanced anti-spam. Do scammers call you, write to your mail and try in every possible way to involve you in dangerous frauds, or take your time? Such an application with administrator rights on your phone will protect you from unknown calls, suspicious, blocked numbers attempting to get your bank card details, and spamming to messengers and mail. It is an essential need for everyone.

Donation apps

Charity donation apps can go a long way as they impact different industries and individuals in various ways. You can choose to develop a general charity donation app or a business-specific charity app.

Donation apps

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Rizal Gradian

There are convenient applications and platforms for quick financial support of any person - a creator, a scientist, or your classmate who finds himself in a difficult situation or is just gathering money for a dream. We are close and can help our loved ones or those we like. In turn, someone will help us.

Donation apps can become an entire reputation platform on which users spend their whole lives. It only depends on the depth of your idea of a mobile or web application. It is completely up to you to build a generalized donation app or target some particular area, such as introducing a food donation app to help people.

Charity apps

Charity donation apps have been gaining significant attention during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people worldwide. App stores such as Google Play Store have hundreds of charity donation apps, but it is very important to build brand recognition with such apps to ensure people can fully trust them while giving donations.

Large-scale charity organizations that donate or lend money can also rely on a money-lending manager to record the transactions. Many people don't like to keep records of their donations and charity efforts. Still, it often becomes necessary due to tax reasons, so a money lending manager app can help you.

The ultimate purpose of the charity donation apps is to act as a mass solution to severe and global problems. Typically, such applications are developed for significant funds and organizations. Still, there can also be more local solutions: for example, an application to help single pensioners in your city area, and so on. Introducing a food donation app is a major example of a charity app.

Interest-based community apps

Applications for building a community of interest are endless ideas and opportunities for development. When you can easily find and download an application for florists or science fiction readers in the store, it saves time finding an interlocutor, adviser, and a person with whom you can go to a thematic event in your city.

Pet dating apps

While app stores like Google Play Store are full of dating apps nowadays, have you considered building a pet dating app? Building a pet dating app is one of the most innovative app ideas you should consider implementing nowadays.

You can think of the pet dating app as Tinder for pets. It may seem strange and ridiculous to someone, but everyone needs partners, both people and animals. When you have an unneutered pet, you must find a healthy mate. Pet dating apps are designed to do just that. This is one of the best new mobile app ideas you can bring to life through your development business to reach many pet parents worldwide.

Find a life partner apps

If it is difficult to find a partner for pets for several meetings, what can we say about people and finding a partner for life or many years? Loneliness is one of the TOP problems of our time. According to statistics, single people live less. They are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular system diseases. Loneliness reduces the level of happiness and a sense of fullness in life.

Any high-quality and convenient application for finding a serious relationship is a good choice for a startup. Despite the availability of different dating apps, there is still a great need for new mobile app ideas to help people find their life partners.

Tinder and its mechanics are already there, but what about people who are looking for a not one-time meeting? You can help them by thinking through the mechanics of the application for finding a permanent partner. A random chat app can also be useful in this regard by helping you to connect with other users.


Agree that it is extraordinary not to have a hobby in 2024 when many activities are available. At a minimum, watching TV shows, movies, or anti-stress coloring can become your hobby. Applications that work for our hobbies will always be popular. The main thing is to create a convenient interface and functionality. We have collected ten examples of mobile and web applications for developing your passions that you can create and launch in 2024 for you.

Music streaming apps

Creating an application for music streaming and music broadcasting with a convenient and beautiful interface is always a good idea for a startup. While Spotify is definitely the king of the music streaming industry, you can still come up with some good app ideas to shake up the global music streaming industry.

Music streaming app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Taufiq Anshori

Music streaming apps for your music or the music you like and listen to now, the radio of yourself, is a childhood dream of many people. Music occupies an increasing place in the life of a modern person since you can listen to it while doing other things. Creating a user-friendly song finder app is another way of benefitting from the massive audience of the music industry.

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There are some song-finder apps available on app stores, such as Shazam, but they have some database issues, due to which it is not possible to find every song. If you choose to develop a song finder app or have another great mobile app idea to bring innovation to the music industry, you should turn your idea into a reality.

Photo and video editors

People use social networks to post their photos and videos actively. Photo editing apps are more relevant than ever. A handy video editing app in your pocket with exciting features and beautiful ready-made filters and templates is the perfect choice for your startup. Make the photo and video editing app simple, convenient, and functional simultaneously to succeed.

Since a lot of people use photo and video editing apps, many people are coming up with innovative app ideas related to the editing industry. If you have any such great idea, you should act on it and turn it into a reality with a no-code platform.

Celebrity identifier apps

Met a man on the street who was seen somewhere but can't remember where? Try uploading this person's photo to the app; if they're famous, you'll get an instant answer as to who they are. It is a very original idea for an application that is implemented through face recognition technology and an extensive AI database. Celebrities can be recognized both on advertising billboards and on movie posters. Just point to the camera and get information about who is looking at you from the photo.

Travel app

A travel app can take many different forms and shapes. For instance, you can create a tourist helper app that allows tourists to explore all the landmarks of a city or country they are traveling to.

Travel app

Image Source: dribbble/Author: Amirali Nabatian

Similarly, you can create a travel app that focuses on helping people find a travel buddy. Finding a travel companion or a nice person with whom you want to spend a trip, part of it, or visit the sights together is an excellent choice for the application theme in 2024. Users can use a random chat app to find people in their locality who might be interested in finding travel buddies.

After the pandemic and with the advent of vaccination, people will start traveling more and resume their movements around the planet, including tourism. Therefore, applications for finding the perfect travel companion will again be in trend, especially those that match people by location and interests. Safety and security are significant parts of a travel app or random chat app, so you must add the necessary disclaimers and encourage the users to remain safe while contacting strangers and other users.

Buddy for event app

A similar application, but for finding a partner to attend a specific event in your area: a movie, an exhibition, a dance party, a concert, a lecture, or a seminar. This mobile application idea solves the problem of "no one to go with" and therefore doesn't go at all. Also, in the long run, it will help people build closer bonds and find new friends, maybe even solve someone's problem of loneliness.

Ultimately, a buddy for event app or tourist helper app is a great app idea. There are paid "buddies of interest" when you pay for a company to attend an event. It is another branch of developing the same application idea. You can also create a random app chat to help users in finding buddies for specific events.

Split bill apps

It is a beneficial application for dividing the bill if you sit in a cafe or restaurant with a large group. It is a reasonably necessary but straightforward idea for a mobile application. It should be as convenient as possible, simple, always at hand, and contain different types of payments. Since all of us have to deal with money in our daily lives, an efficient bill management app or digital receipt app for financial management can greatly help a lot of users.

Game apps

Games will never go out of people's lives. During and after the pandemic, the gaming industry has grown exponentially. They have become an ideal form of home entertainment and even a type of communication in some individual kinds of games. Suppose you have an exciting idea for a game and game mechanics that you would like to play yourself. Be sure to take a chance and create a game application.

DIY apps

Apps and platforms provide tutorials in various formats to create something by hand, from knitting and dyeing yarn to assembling a computer. Such applications and platforms and educational ones have taken a new breath and leaped during and after the pandemic. It's never too late to carve out a niche by releasing an app with excellent "how to do things" tutorials.

Book review and book summary apps

Books and reading calm the mind and give us new knowledge and concentration skills. Still, students or employees do not always have time to read the entire required volume of books in a short time. Hence, applications containing brief retelling and book reviews are very useful in modern society. They solve two problems at once: "what to read" and "to read a book by the deadline." They are precious for readers of nonfiction.

Event management app

An extended calendar of events that itself reminds you where to go, how to dress, what the program and timing will be, how late you can be or critically arrive on time, also loads links to photos and videos that are sent to you after the event and forms them into a gallery.

Also, such an application can offer you leisure options in your city according to your entered interests and add an event to your calendar on your phone or another device in one click. You can also introduce apps that are useful throughout the event, such as a parking space finder app. Finding free parking space while attending corporate events is often an issue, but it can be mitigated with the help of a well-designed mobile application.

Many other aspects of an event can be controlled and managed with apps. For instance, you can create a bill management app to help organizers arrange an event within a certain budget. Since most payments are made online, a digital receipt app can also be highly useful in event management to ensure financial transparency.


The global pandemic has accelerated the need for new approaches for every person who uses modern technology and the internet. Mobile apps in your pocket are becoming more and more necessary. You can build all the ideas for applications proposed in the article today with our pro-level no-code platform, AppMaster.

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