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How to make Barcodes and QR Code scanner apps

How to make Barcodes and QR Code scanner apps

Are you interested in making a beneficial QR code scanner app? Or are you exploring the right place to deal with scanner app barcodes? This is the best possible place to sort out your queries. In this blog, we answer a few questions that can resolve all your ambiguities regarding the QR code scanner app and barcodes QR code.

With the running time, technology has taken the pace to evolve everything throughout the world, and people are running beside it. The QR code scanner app is one of the modern inventions essential for every business.

QR code scanner apps assist you in omitting the hassle of finding something or writing the long code writings. QR code scanner apps or barcodes QR codes are everywhere, either on eCommerce apps like Amazon or multiple other wallet apps.

QR code scanner apps are optional on any android device that equips a camera. Once you have scanned the code, you have to open up or share its URL free of cost.

How do you make a distinctive app QR code with a QR and barcode scanner?

Creating a QR code scanner app is distinctive as it involves developing a QR code scanner for your business. Later, it involves consumers scanning it and starting using it.

TIP: Try not to use a complex QR code scanner app for your business; it should be easier and accessible for everyone.

Explore the following features while creating a QR code scanner for your business.

Barcode Scanner

Introduce your consumers or customers to scan a barcode or app QR code in your QR code scanner app. It helps them to browse securely without any difficulty.


A folder is one of the distinctive features as it involves a user storing or saving the details of the code scanner after scanning the code. It is feasible for everyone to save app QR codes in folders like weblinks, WhatsApp, email, Instagram, etc.

QR code generator

If your customer has subscribed himself to your QR scanner app, this feature can help them easily generate a custom QR code.

QR code scanner app

A unique scanner app barcode assists in extracting the details of a product or any content type; it allows users to scan the name of products, details of the manufacturer, store price, photographs, etc.

A QR code scanner app assists you in exploring benefited QR code app features or further information by scanning a barcode or QR code.

Scan History

A scan history of a QR code scanner app allows you to present history, whatever you have searched before. You can explore your search history through a QR code scanner. It also allows you to organize the history while deleting or scanning the details according to multiple wishes.

Batch Scan

The batch scan feature allows users to scan more than one code to make it more convenient for the users.

App lock

Are you concerned about the security of your QR code scanner app? Try the QR code scanner app lock feature to secure your benefited QR code scanner apps and secure them through any misuse.

How do I create a barcode scanner?

A scanner app barcode creation process is quite simple. Read the following steps to make it easier for you.

Step 1: Select a specific type of your content

Select a specific type of content in your QR code scanner to be posted on a different platform. Multiple types of content are as follows:

  • URL
  • VCard
  • Text
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • PDF
  • Mp3
  • Appstore
  • Image

Step 2: Enter your data

After opting for a type of content, fill out the information that corresponds to your campaign.

For example, if You have chosen a type of contact information, you can add data by entering your name, number, email, subject line, etc.

Step 3: Download a dynamic QR code

Try to create a dynamic QR code scanner app rather than choosing a static one. It helps to edit the data and make it more convenient for the consumer as well.

Step 4: Customize your QR code

QR Code scanner app allows you to create your favorite QR code or barcode according to the niche of your website, app, etc. You can decide whether you want it in the form of your logo or anything that reflects your website design scheme.

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Step 5: Test the final QR code to ensure its functionality

Try not to forget this step; after generating a new QR code, it is essential to test it before placing it among the consumers. A testified QR code scanner can easily manage to present a good impression to your customer.

Step 6: Share your QR among consumers

A QR code scanner is useless if it's not shared among people. Make sure that you have generated a complete distribution plan to share your specific QR code.

Step 7: Track and analyze the performance

Analyze the stats after generating and spreading QR codes among the people. Testify yourself through the following questions:

  1. How much traffic does it generate?
  2. Are they utilizing a specific QR code scanner? Or are they availing of the offer given on your landing page?
  3. Are they compelled to scan the given QR code or not?

How do barcode scanner apps work?

A barcode scanner app works efficiently through the use of your smart Android phone. Follow the simple steps that are as follows:

  1. Open up your fav barcode or QR code scanner app like Google Lens
  2. Open the lens and rotate your camera towards the QR code scanner in the frame
  3. After scanning, a QR code URL will appear
  4. Tap the URL to open it and start uncovering the more options to make it feasible

Can I generate my barcode?

Yes, anyone can generate their barcode QR code with the help of different barcode generators. Explore the following steps for this purpose.

  • Create your product codes
  • Product codes refer to a single numeric or symbolic sequence that people assign to merchandise. It includes the following two product codes.
  • Universal Product Codes (UPCs)
  • Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
  • Make a barcode for each product

There are simple ways to make a unique and independent barcode or QR code scanner for each product.

  • Online barcode generators
  • Retail POS systems
  • Portable barcode printers
  • Print your barcode labels

A portable label maker helps to make and print your barcode labels with multiple options. It is essential to print your labels to attach your products after generating a certain barcode or a QR code scanner app.

Can you use your phone as a QR code scanner?

Yes, if you are using an Android phone, make sure you use the basic camera app for the QR code scanner on most Android devices.

Following are a few simpler ways to scan a QR code or barcode:

  1. Open your smartphone camera app
  2. Move your camera to the QR code and make it under the frame
  3. Scan the code, and a code’s URL will appear at the bottom of the frame
  4. Tap to it and open that URL

How to use QR codes for your business?

How is a QR code scanner app helpful for your business? Make sure a barcode QR code is much more than a URL link. Check out the following modern features of a QR code scanner app:

  • It connects your clients directly to your webpage, LinkedIn profile, or website
  • It allows your customers to explore new features, promotions, and other stuff
  • It helps to share a food menu of your restaurant and other details about your company
  • You can send a specific niche QR code through direct mail piece, postcard, business card to provide a discount
  • It helps to increase the number of downloads on your page by spreading a specific QR code to everyone
  • A QR code app can also be utilized to deliver step-by-step instructional videos or printable setup sheet
  • Utilize a QR code to spread the news to your customers and direct themselves for a reminder through an SMS
  • Link them through special ‘exclusive’ YouTube videos
  • It is also helpful to deliver an AR content
  • A QR code comprises creative visual Ads of your brand or a company to spread among the clients with details like CTA, download links, etc.
  • A QR code scanner app generates a new way of living in the modern world by personalizing it.

What are the best QR code scanners or generators in the market?

There are multiple QR code generators in the market with different characteristics. The few top-rated ones are as follows:

  • Kaywa
  • Free QR Code Generator by Shopify
  • Visualead
  • QR Stuff
  • QR Code Monkey

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