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How to Create an Event Management App with No-Code?

How to Create an Event Management App with No-Code?

As time is moving forward, people's lives are moving so fast that they don't have much time to sit and think about building extended plans for organizing events. Event management is gaining popularity. From birth to death, numerous events need to be organized, but people have less time to organize their events by themselves. An event needs experience, proper planning, and full attention till the end of the event to build it successfully. In the event management process, you need to make sure everything is going as per the planning and at the right time; you need experience and to coordinate with several people to make your event happen.

If your event doesn't go well, all the efforts, money, and energy will go waste after all the time you put into it. An event app comes to make your events successful and memorable for a lifetime. The event can be executed properly, efficiently, and productively with event apps. These event apps plan full events as per your requirements, plus they make your work easier and assist you in all aspects. You can get the required features in different event apps, but if you are looking for customized event features, you may go for an event app builder to make you an event app for organizing your events.

What is an event planning app?

Every day there are thousands of wedding events, sporting events, birthday bashes, exhibitions, festivals, baby showers, conferences, and meetups held worldwide. All these events involve different people and different interests; the only thing in common is the use of technology. Event apps are the apps that are built for professional event organizers to make the event efficient.

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These event apps have different features such as catering, staffing, venue capacity calculators, staging, dance floor, selling tickets, guest registration, music system, weather forecast, assigning tasks, and many others. You can even create an event app with the help of an event app builder, available on the internet. You don't need to have coding experience for an event app builder, and you can use no-code or low-code platforms for building event apps with desired features.

Why is the event app important?

Suppose you are new to the event planning business or already working as an event planner and have difficulty handling more than one project at a time or team. In that case, you just need experience with an event app in order to get all events effectively and efficiently without any headache. Event app becomes an essential part of event organizers so that they can beat their competitors and be the top choice for their customers. Just imagine you are still using old methods of organizing events whereas your competitor has new techniques in their business; where will customers go? Of course, it will be impossible for you to be in a spot and catch customers' attention. I have listed some essential points so you can keep them when creating an app by using the event app builder. Let's have a look at them.

Organized team

It takes a team of different departments to arrange an event, all of them need to coordinate with you, and between them, with the help of the event app, you won't face any problems or misunderstandings if they need anything. The event app makes sure that everyone on the team works in a queue and is under the deadline.

Online registration

The event app is as beneficial for the event planner as well as for the customer. It allows customers and attendees to register online on event apps. With this app, customers don't need to come physically; you can make a long list of customers or manually add their names to the computer.

Budget Control

The event app records all the expenses of the particular event. You don't need to add it manually; in case you forget to record the cost, it will create inconsistency in the budget. It also helps to make marketing decisions in the whole sales performance. The event app makes calculating revenue job easier.

Manage multiple events

The event app is a blessing when it comes to managing multiple events simultaneously. It helps to operate multiple events with an automated workflow. You can easily coordinate with the separate experience teams of events and monitor their duties.

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How to create an event planning app for free?


Are you looking for ways to build an event app for yourself or for your client, but you have no budget to get expensive software or tools to complete the event app? No problem! You are still able to build an event app for free with the help of AppMaster. AppMaster is a no-code platform that allows users to build event apps and software by using a simple drag-and-drop method. You can get the following features into the event app with AppMaster:

  • Support iOS and Android
  • High working speed
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Responsive Apps
  • Manage complex projects

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for the AppMaster app builder and create an event app with no-code. You will be guided step by step to make your fully functional event app. It manages cloud hosting and allows you to push your complete event app to any platform, such as Android or iOS. It also helps you to make changes or updates. AppMaster is an affordable event app builder option for you to build event apps, check out the pricing plans.

How do I make an app like Eventbrite?

If you have knowledge of coding, you will be able to build an event app like Eventbrite. But if you have no experience in coding and programming, you are still able to create an event app with the help of no coding or low coding event app builder such as AppMaster. Eventbrite is a social event app that covers all lifecycle events. This app makes everything easy and allows a user to manage registration, reporting, badge printing, and online payment facilities. Plus, you can also integrate this app with social media and make polling for events, market your event, and many other things.

AppMaster is a no-coding app builder platform that allows users to easily build their apps with desired features. If your project is as complicated as Eventbrite, you can build an event app with AppMaster app builder using the no-code approach. If you are considering building an event app, the following are some useful tips to gain popularity in the app world.

Appealing design

A user-friendly interface can win the users' hearts; make sure you are building a well-structured layout and add several icons to make the navigation look attractive. That makes the app experience easier by using an event app builder.

Custom Filters

Event attendees are looking for a simple navigation app to find the events of interest in their location easily. Make sure all the information and tags are in the required category so that people retain your app and also refer to their friends and family.

Payment solutions

Events can be held anywhere around the world, many payment gateways work globally but are still restricted to many areas, and users experience a hard time making payments. Be sure you are building your app by allowing users to pay through a local payment gateway.

Community Building

Make sure your event apps are allowing users to Sync with social media accounts. With this, they can invite friends to join the platform. It should include check-ins, direct messages, contact organizers, and follow-event buttons. This is a great way to build a strong community and will make your app interactive and productive.

Loyalty programs

In order to increase the retention rate of your event apps and trust building with your users, you can offer discounts or incentive plans to your regular users. You can also make multi-level bonus plans, loyalty points, and lucky draw options to engage the user experience on your app.

In a nutshell

Event planning can be a tiring and complex task because you need to manage a large team of different departments, monitoring their jobs. Above all, inviting people, registrations, and checking ids can take your whole day. Event apps make it easy by just clicking on your event app and getting the knowledge about anything you want to know at that moment without wasting time interacting with people.

There are many ways for event app builders online, but AppMaster is recommended as the top event app builder as it allows users to build apps without any coding experience at low prices. So don't wait any longer and build an event app on AppMaster and step into the future world.

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