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10 Key Steps on How to Create a Diet and Nutrition App Without Coding

10 Key Steps on How to Create a Diet and Nutrition App Without Coding

In the past, the services of an app development team would be required create a mobile application. It would usually be time-consuming and take weeks, months, or even years to perfect. Today, we do not have to depend on a complicated app development process to build our own mobile applications. With no-code, low-code app development, a citizen developer or user can construct an app in minutes! This option for app creation can be very helpful in the case of persons who wish to create their own mobile diet and nutrition app.

How to Make a Diet and Nutrition App?

Have you ever considered creating a mobile diet and nutrition app? The development of a mobile diet nutrition app would be most helpful to health-conscious users who wish to benefit from nutritional information on the go. Based on the increasing numbers of mobile diet nutrition app users, there is clearly a healthy demand for mobile diet app development. Whether the application requires no-code or low-code development, there are steps you need to take to create a diet and nutrition app that will benefit your users.

Google Android Studio

Android Studio is an app development software tool created by the tech giant Google, which can be used to create mobile diet and nutrition applications for users. The app development software is free, so it will cost little to nothing to start your mobile diet nutrition app creation. This mobile app development tool is versatile because it can interface with Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Step 1: Download Android Studio from the Android Developer Website from Google's app development console.

Step 2: When the download is finished, assuming users are utilizing Windows, open the .exe file to install the program to your device. In the window displayed on the task panel, give the program permission to run by clicking "yes" and follow the instructions to complete the installation. If the citizen developer is a macOS user, the download will appear as a .dmg file. Simply drag the Android Studio icon to the Mac application menu. Right-click on it and select Open to begin the Android Studio program download and installation.

Step 3: On the screen, select the option to "start another Android Studio project" to choose the module from which users plan to begin creating the diet and nutrition app.

Step 4: Assign a suitable name to the diet and nutrition application under development. It would be best if the name conceptualized is unique, meaningful to its end users, and easy to pronounce and spell. This would ensure that your mobile diet nutrition app's name would be easy to locate and rank higher in Google SEO.

Step 5: Select the type of Software Development Kit (SDK) to be used. Choose from the available preset app development formats. An SDK is a compilation of mobile diet nutrition app development software tools.

Step 6: Using the program manager dashboard, select the app development features to be created for the diet and nutrition application. This section of the app development console includes the design features, menu bars, and elements. Users can embed objects, insert code pieces, and do other app development functions here.  

Step 7: Finalize the development of the mobile diet nutrition app features, and save changes to the diet and nutrition application. Users can refer to the Android Studio software development manual for resolution if any issues arise during the app development process.

Step 8: User experience testing of the mobile diet nutrition app to ensure that the features will benefit users.

Step 9: Debug and troubleshoot for errors, lagging, slow search results, bugs, and other app development issues that will affect the user experience. Upgrade and do additional development of the mobile diet app features if necessary.

Step 10: Promote and launch your mobile diet and nutrition app to users!

You launch your app

How Can I Create a Nutrition App Without Coding?


This app builder allows users to construct Windows, iOS, and Android diet and nutrition app features. There are no restrictions on the number of different diet and nutrition apps users can create. Also, there are no restrictions on its scalability, as users can add or update any number of mobile diet nutrition app features. It allows users to create healthy diet and nutrition apps regardless of the programming experience. This diet nutrition app ranks very high and is among some of the best mobile diet and nutrition app creators because of its many features. 

AppMaster helps novices create diet and nutrition apps with the skill of an experienced developer with its intuitive drag and drop interface. It is one of the most preferred app development tools for creating mobile diet nutrition applications. You can create healthy nutritional insights and diet tracking that help users understand what works and what doesn't. Other features of the diet and nutrition app builder include user surveys, loyalty programs, custom layouts, social media interfaces, customized meal plans, and in-app messaging. Its costs range from $5 to approximately $165 each month.

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Is There An App For Nutrition? 

The benefit of diet and nutrition apps cannot be emphasized enough! Diet nutrition apps are key to helping their users maintain and manage their weight and healthy nutritional calorie intake. It gives them valuable health data that allows accurate tracking of their calories, nutrition, and fitness goals to remain healthy. Let's discuss the five best mobile diet nutrition apps available on the market and the most beneficial features to their users.

  • Aqualert: Water Tracker
  • BMI Calculator 
  • Edo 
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Nuna

Aqualert: Water Tracker 

Healthy nutrition doesn't just focus on the food products we eat but is also based on our hydration or water intake. Drinking water is quite possibly the easiest way of maintaining overall health and fitness; however, many of us need the help of water tracking apps to do so. Aqualert is compatible with Android and iOS and constantly adapts to its user's hydration needs. It alerts users to drink on a schedule created to ensure maximum hydration. In this way, users can also use this diet app as an interactive water intake diary for tracking their water intake over time.

BMI Calculator

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculators help users become healthy with their innovative way of measuring users' health data. Users of BMI calculators achieve healthy weight goals by checking and tracking their body mass index. Users enter their weight, age, height, and sex, and the app will calculate their ideal BMI. The in-built BMI calculator is compatible with cell phones with Android and iOS operating systems and is a valuable app that can be added to different fitness applications.


Edo is an extremely convenient and informative diet and nutrition application that helps users set healthy nutritional goals. It uses barcode scanners or readers to check the nutritional data on food product labels. It also facilitates health tracking and assesses the users' current nutritional needs and food profile. Users can create a customized diet and food profile according to their nutritional calorie needs, personal preferences, age group, religion, and pre-existing health conditions. Edo is compatible with both Android and iOS. 


Among the best mobile diet nutrition apps, MyFitnessPal is likely the most preferred by all users. Its extensive nutritional database contains accurate data on over 6 million food products worldwide and is constantly updated. This diet application uses barcode readers to examine food products from the app's camera to access data on calories and nutrition. This mobile diet app is used to create a customized user profile based on food products consumed. This diet app data is accessible on numerous devices, such as cell phones and tablets. The MyFitnessPal diet app also utilizes its users' custom health profiles and matches them with related fitness goals and activities. The free app is accessible on iOS and Android.


Nuna is more than a basic diet and nutrition app and more of a health coach. It was developed to teach users good eating habits and help them choose nutritious food products. It is a good mobile diet and nutrition app for tracking nutritional goals, calorie intake, and overall health. Nuna is compatible with iOS and Android and gives users full nutritional data from the food products being consumed.

diet nutrition food

How Do Diet and Nutrition Apps Work? 

Users of nutritional apps should download the app or access the online records page, where they can:

  • Access user's nutritional and calorie data
  • Add photographs of the food products
  • Add actual workouts and healthy activities
  • Add inspirational fitness Quotes
  • Set health tracking goals

How Does the User Record Their Workouts?

  • The user taps the workout button
  • Select the exercises
  • Enter the duration
  • Workouts are recorded as completed

How Does the Visual Food Record Work?

The app requires users to record the calories from food products eaten throughout the day. They can manually input the calorie data or take pictures of food products consumed. The tracking app then allows users to store nutritional and calorie data on these food products chronologically. Depending on your calorie needs, a healthy mobile nutrition and diet app solution is available for your business! Ultimately you decide what best suits your needs or those of your users. Our suite of professionals offers no-code app services as per your needs and can help you build your Diet and Nutrition app from the consultation stage to completion. Connect with AppMaster. Let's get to work!

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