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How to Make the Pregnancy Tracking Apps Without Code?

How to Make the Pregnancy Tracking Apps Without Code?

Are you looking for the app development of a no-code pregnancy tracker app? If YES, you are on the right post if you want the mobile app development of your pregnancy tracker app with a no-code technology platform like AppMaster. Nowadays, the world is all about mobile apps due to the high usage of mobile phones. In the busy schedule of today's life, every individual is looking for a shortcut and concise approach for all their daily chores, from shopping to paying bills, they want just a click away, and it applies to health as well. Not only men but also every woman is looking forward to a better approach to their health, including pregnancy and periods tracking app.

A woman deserves health apps because they need to go through major health-related problems. At the top of the list is every month's menstrual cycle, and the second important is a pregnancy which carries through a 9 months' journey crucial health period in a woman's life where taking health care and developing pregnancy tracking for the course of pregnancy is important that can easily be done with a pregnancy tracker app development by mobile app developers.

Why are pregnancy tracking apps in demand?

A pregnancy or motherhood journey is a beautiful life experience for a woman, where they have a gush of feelings that are at high altitude. During pregnancy, a woman needs love, care, and companionship. Also, they want this to be born babies to come to this world at the best and fullest of their health. They have their loved ones and their spouses with them during this crucial period in their lives, but the pregnancy tracker app is also one of the best companions in this period of time throughout the pregnancy.

These pregnancy tracker apps help ensure and track the impulsive overflow of multiple emotions of a mother and endless unanswered inquiries related to-be-born baby. Questions like how to keep the baby safe? What will be the upcoming challenges? How do you take care of the growth of the baby? And how to be healthy and safe throughout the pregnancy will make the mothers so nervous.

pregnancy apps

However, today, with the advancement of technology and the advent of some good pregnancy tracker apps, this assistant is available round the clock throughout your 9 months pregnancy period and beyond through the mobile pregnancy tracker app. The pregnancy tracker app allows users to access all pregnancy-related knowledge like everyday pregnancy tips efficiently, supplements to be taken during pregnancy, medications during pregnancy that are safe and whatnot, a vitamin scheduler or reminder, baby growth updates, and a lot more. These pregnancy tracker apps also provide many customized changeable information like current dates and weeks of gestation, baby's growth, expected date of birth, customized recommendations, and much more. This makes the pregnancy tracker app an exceptional partner during pregnancy and fulfills all requests at all times.

Is There an app to track pregnancy?

Yes, there is a pregnancy monitoring app. There is not only one but are many pregnancy tracker apps available on the market. Some are quite famous than others, but the list is endless if there should be the best list to choose from. Talking about the popular pregnancy tracker app in the market, some of the best names are:

  • WTE (What to expect) - Pregnancy and Baby Tracker
  • Pregnancy+
  • Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week (Glow)
  • My pregnancy
  • Featured Partner
  • The Best Pregnancy Tracking Apps
  • Stork
  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
  • UMC pregnancy app
  • Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker
  • BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

What is the best pregnancy app free?

There is a wide variety of pregnancy tracker apps available in the market. Here is the list of top 3 apps that are the best in the market regarding reviews and download ratio:

What to expect (WTE) - Pregnancy & baby tracker

This pregnancy tracker app is the best in the market. It is available in both iOS and android versions. Most of the features it offers are free of cost. It has great graphics and a user-friendly interface. It has a social networking option, a due date graph, and an ovulation calendar. As it is the best pregnancy monitoring app out there, it has a lot of ads in between usage.

What to expect

  • 3D displays for the baby
  • Baby's development information
  • Body changes in pregnancy
  • Symptoms during pregnancy
  • Social network inside the app
  • Separate groups for same gestational age moms
  • Recommended supplements and vitamins
  • Medications to avoid
  • Nostalgic items and props compare to the baby's size


This pregnancy tracker app is the best in the market. It is the ultimate mobile app development for pregnancy and is available in both iOS and android versions. Most of the features it offers are free of cost. It provides stage-wise knowledge about pregnancy to mothers. With that app, you will get a daily customized set of articles containing information related to pregnancy and nursing guidance, exercise, and dietary habits in pregnancy. It also allows you to customize before developing a pregnancy tracking app as per your liking, share them with your loved ones, and download them easily.

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It has:

  • 3D displays for the baby with zoom in and out
  • Baby's development information
  • Body changes in pregnancy
  • Symptoms during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy planning (hospital bag list)
  • Prenatal appointments reminder
  • Recommended supplements and vitamins
  • Medications to avoid
  • Size of your baby compared to other objects

Glow - nurture pregnancy week by week

This pregnancy tracker app is the best in the market. It is the ultimate mobile app development for pregnancy and is available in both iOS and android versions. The standout point about this pregnancy monitoring app is that it is great for those who are pregnant or currently or had a history of miscarriage. For them, extra support is provided through this app.


It has:

  • Baby's care after birth
  • Baby's development information
  • Body changes in pregnancy
  • Symptoms during pregnancy
  • Social network inside the app
  • Recommended supplements and vitamins
  • Medications to avoid
  • Tracker for unusual symptoms
  • Stress and emotions tracker
  • Upload a file in PDF format
  • Integration with other health apps
  • Baby's kick counter
  • Uterus contraction tracking

How much does a pregnancy app cost?

The expense of pregnancy tracker app development by mobile app developers can't be strictly specified as it depends on many aspects and the extension of features you want inside mobile app development. But just to provide an idea of the expense of the pregnancy tracker app development (Android or iOS), the most basic features will be equal to or more than 23k - 42k USD. With the premium features, the cost can go up to 70k USD. This cost is for a pregnancy tracker app development by mobile app developers built by coding.

For a coding pregnancy tracker app, the expense can be a lot more than it is in a no-code platform like AppMaster due to the following elements:

  • Mobile app developers' team costs are based on hourly or fixed projects
  • Designer cost for app designing
  • Platforms it will function on

Whereas for a no-code platform like AppMaster, this cost can be easily cut, and the project can be completed lesser time than expected. Check out your custom quote from AppMaster and start building today.

How can I develop my own pregnancy tracking app?

You can develop your pregnancy tracker app quickly with a no-code platform. For a pregnancy monitoring app development with coding, you need a UX and UI design to be developed first. UI/UX is known as a User interface that will build the front-end of the mobile app development that will be seen by the users later on. Once it's done then, the basic features of the app can be developed.

Development of pregnancy tracker app

Developing any app, including a pregnancy tracker app, requires extensive investigation and calculation of all aspects of pregnancy and its different trimesters. For mobile app developers for pregnancy or any other health-related app, a developer needs to have the right understanding and ideas of the topic so that all the aspects of mobile app development can be covered. A pregnancy monitoring app development can be assumed to be a bit different and complex. Users are emotional, so developing these mobile apps will be challenging for mobile app developers.

AppMaster's no-code platform is based on knowledge and experience that have undertaken extensive research and analysis to help validate the formed app ideas by the user so that the right approach can be taken and implemented.

Once made, pregnant or any health-related apps must consult with medical professionals to ensure they have all the features they need to be built in. Users will deem emotionally attached to your pregnancy app. The pregnancy application must fulfill all the necessary needs of the user.

The main backbone of the app is UI. Moving on to the UX design part, the UI has to appeal to the end user's eyes, and the UX must be rich in all aspects first; users don't like spending time juggling and reading heavy medical knowledge or spending disproportionate time reading boring and uninteresting articles. It is essential to comprehend the client's necessities and requirements. This allows both the development team and the UI UX design team to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring your pregnancy monitoring app development gets better engagement from your users.

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Must-have features for a pregnancy tracker app

Once the UI/UX design is built, the next thing on the list is the development of the feature. The following are the necessary features for developing any pregnancy app after UI/UX design.

pregnancy application

Pregnancy tips

Developing pregnancy tracking apps help must be able to provide tips throughout the pregnancy session with a daily feed with expert advice.

Baby's growth

Developing a pregnancy tracking app must have a baby's growth tracker that does the tracking on a daily basis to see how well the baby is growing, especially after each trimester.

Knowledgeable articles

Women need endless guidance during pregnancy. Reading good articles can help them stay cheerful and informed regarding pregnancy.

Updated news

Everyday, technology is changing, and even in healthcare, there are new recommendations on a daily basis. As changes are rapid, new things are invented every day. A pregnancy tracker app must have the ability to keep mothers up to date with all the latest information.

Nutrition ideas

Eating well-balanced nutritious foods during pregnancy is very important for both mother and the developing baby to get enough proteins, minerals, and vitamins so that the baby is not deficient and grows properly. Pregnancy tracking apps must be able to help a woman with their nutrition plan.

Workout advice

The Pregnancy tracking apps must have built-in easy and precise yoga and workout techniques that are restorative for both mom and baby, particularly for pregnant women.

Weekly reminders

A weekly reminder is again an important feature of a pregnancy tracker. Users must be able to create a to-do list, so they don't forget anything important, as there are so many things to do during pregnancy, including skips, quick tests, and medications.

Contraction tracker

It is utilized to estimate the phase a woman is expected to enter into labor so that she can start emotionally preparing herself. Pregnancy tracking app labor timer is the feature that automatically counts the contractions.

Baby kick tracker

This component is the most amazing part of any pregnancy tracking app as it allows mothers to count the number of baby kicks. Baby kicks are the most incredible emotion a mother can have, but if it counts too, isn't it amazing?

Weight tracker

During pregnancy, a woman's weight gain is obvious, but problems arise when she has lesser or more than the recommended weight during her pregnancy. So, a weight tracker must have medical history input option within a pregnancy tracker app. If you're worried about your weight, talk to your gynecologist right away.

Belly photos

Parents are very happy to catch their baby's moments. Pregnancy tracking apps allow them to record baby photos while the baby is just a fetus and is still in the womb.

Monitoring of blood pressure

Blood pressure is a complication that often occurs in women who are pregnant. Some have elevated blood pressure or lower than optimal blood pressure. Both are dangerous for the pregnant woman and the developing fetus. The pregnancy tracker app helps you know your blood pressure type and assist you accordingly.

In a nutshell

So, the pregnancy tracker app will be your companion and guide you throughout your nine-month journey. A pregnancy tracker app development will help you and the women around you, or you can also make money out of it through monetization and in-app purchase methods. Thus, providing necessary assistance can also be a great money-making tool.

These pregnancy tracking apps are fundamental for assisting in developing pregnancy tracking for the beautiful 9 months journey of pregnancy and resolving the overall hurdles women might face during their motherhood, especially when they don't have any previous experience.

Many awesome pregnancy tracker apps are free, with some paid features widely available in the market. But you can do pregnancy tracker app development as per your choice of customization and code-free. That means if you don't have any previous coding experience, you can still have that done easily just by visual coding and drag-and-drop. AppMaster is an easy-to-use no-code platform that will help you develop every kind of app for all purposes and a pregnancy tracker app. An amazing feature of AppMaster is that it easily permits mobile app development without any programming involved. Sign up today with AppMaster and start your profitable pregnancy tracker app with a user-friendly visual interface and visual business process designer.

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