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How to Make Dog Walk Apps with a No-Code App Builder

How to Make Dog Walk Apps with a No-Code App Builder

It's human nature to love his pets. Pet owners love to take care of their pets and share a cordial bond with them. Even dogs are no exception. They are among the most loved pets by their owners. Even if you have no dog, you are more likely to love and play with them. Human affection toward dogs has inspired many people to be pet owners. Finally, the massive increase of pet owners has helped the pet industry in growth every year. In this busy world, dog owners can't find enough time for dog walking and looking for a dog walking service. Today, the huge penetration of dog walking applications has set another horizon for dog walking services for dog owners. These enriched dog walk apps have

allowed owners to get dog walking services without leaving their homes. According to the recent survey by PetKeen, the dog walking industry has grown 17% between 2016-2021, with $979.2 million worth in 2021. Their survey also claims that dog owners spend $ 70 billion annually on dog walking services.

pet sitting market

So, as per this survey by PetKeen, it is obvious that dog walkers are on-demand, and the dog walking industry is highly likely to grow by 2023. After going through these statistics, it is evident that the future of dog walkers is bright for a dog walk. Moreover, dog owners love to hire a person for dog walking to save their pets from diseases. Are you planning to enter the business of dog walking? Do you want to provide on-demand dog walking services to dog owners? If you want to grow in the dog walking industry, it is crucial to building a robust dog walking application to bring impact to this business. You might find it difficult to build a dog walking application with zero coding knowledge. If yes, we can help you in this regard, and in this article, we'll help you to build a robust dog walking app that can intrigue the dog owners to book your services. Before starting, let's unveil the reasons why dog owners need an on-demand dog walking app.

Why do we need an on-demand dog-walking app?

No doubt, a dog is a more cute pet to keep at your home. They are furry with cuteness. But keeping a dog at your home adds more to your responsibilities. The reason is that dogs need consistent care, feeding, exercise, and a person who can spend time with them playing and walking to refresh their energy.

Moreover, you need to specify the time in your daily life to walk with your dog. To meet your responsibilities, hiring a person for all the tasks is impossible. But you can hire a dog walker to outsource the on-demand Dog walking services. A dog walker will take on the responsibility of taking your pet for a walk. With the popularity of on-demand Dog walking apps, pet owners may find it easy to hire a competent dog walker who will own their dogs.

In this busy world, dog owners don't have enough time to spend with their furry friends due to their work commitments and other schedules. So, the shortage of time and busy schedules have created a need for an on-demand dog walking app. That's the reason that the market for dog walking apps has flourished in recent years. Due to the popularity of these dog walking apps, it's a great idea to build your own dog walking app with a no-code tool. Let's dig deeper into the details about how to create a sleek dog walking application, even if you have a nontechnical background. Let's begin.

How do I make an app like WAG?

Before creating your own on-demand app for a dog walk, you need to analyze the competitors' apps to understand the market for dog walking apps. Competitor analysis will help you to add advanced features to make your app more interactive. We recommend you analyze Rover, Wag, and Barkly Pets, which offer user-friendly apps for dog walkers and dog owners. These dog walking apps make sure that a dog owner hires the right dog walker that can take care of his pet from feeding to walking. Let's dig deeper into the details of these on-demand dog walking applications:

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Barkley Pets

app for a dog walk

Contrary to other dog walking apps, Barkley Pets is an on-demand dog walking app that allows meetings between the pet owner and dog walker to hire the best walker for their dog walk. This dog walking app doesn't charge a commission to hire dog walkers. Moreover, Barkly doesn't charge walkers for their walking services. Instead, this application charges a subscription fee of $8.50/month from the new walkers after earning $100. This is why many dog walkers are interested in their monetization policy.



Wag is a popular dog walking app that attracts pet owners with various services. The services of this app allow pet owners to help them to walk, feed, and other on-demand services. Apart from these services, this pet app provides information about dog food, health, activities, and behavior. The prominent feature of Wag is that it provides lockboxes for dog owners to secure their property. The purpose of the lockbox is to keep the owners' house keys in secure storage. So, walkers can access the home keys anytime.


Rover, launched in 2011, is a popular dog walking app. It has gained the massive attention of dog lovers and replaced the many on-demand dog walking apps. Rover tends to deal with 300,000 dogs in 10 countries with 95% positive reviews. You might be wondering about the success formula of this popular app for a dog walk. We are unveiling the top features that make this dog walking app stand out among other apps.


First, Rover provides a sleek user interface for dog owners and dog walkers. The app provides an intuitive interface to walkers and owners that is easy to navigate. Registering and ordering dog services in the Rover app takes a few minutes. Second, this popular dog walking application offers various services to rejuvenate the dog's life. Apart from walking, dog owners can avail the services of dog boarding and daycare services if needed. Moreover, this app also provides an option for dog owners to groom their furry friends. Third, Rover is a walking app famous for its Unique Value Proposition (UVP). UVP provides insurance for the dog owners' and the dogs' property. This app provides $1 million as insurance in case of property damage and $25,000 for any mishap that happened with the dog. After the competitor analysis of these dog walking apps, it's time to start your business by offering professional dog walking services.

How to create a dog walking app?

After the in-depth analysis of these on-demand apps for a dog walk, let's unveil the top steps and features you must add to your dog walking app:

Identify your business idea

When you are planning to start your dog walking business, the first step is to build a strong business strategy for your on-demand dog walk app. After identifying your business strategy, you'll be able to set your present and future business goals. You can plan to excel in your business in dog walking service as a pet agency or as individual entrepreneurship. To generate more revenue from your dog walking app, you can offer more services, including dog health, daycare, dog feeding, and grooming services. But you need to be cautious about your capacity when expanding your business services. We recommend you start with dog walking services and expand your business scale in the future.

Market research

Market research will help you to understand the market situation. When planning to start your on-demand dog walking business, you must consider the following factors:

  • Your target audience
  • The problem and your solution to solve it
  • Latest trends in the pet industry
  • How do you add value to the pets' lives?

Furthermore, you need to research your competitors in the pet industry. For competitor research, you need to consider:

  • The popular dog walking app in your area
  • Services offered by the on-demand dog walking apps
  • The performance of your competitors
  • Features of already existing dog walking applications

The noticeable thing is that the competitor research allows you to get inspiration for your business app. It doesn't necessarily mean copying their business ideas. If you want your Dog walking app to stand in the crowd, you must add unique features. For this purpose, you can brainstorm a new idea that can add value to your app for a dog walk. You should develop the best dog walking app for dog walkers and owners that may improve the pets' lives.

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Collaborate with a business partner

If you want to succeed in your dog walking app, the best practice is to collaborate with a business partner. For a business partnership, you need a person with the same interest and credibility to flourish your business more. Different pet brands are available in markets like pet food, pet take-care center, training centers, and grooming institute for pets. Collaborate with such companies to stand out your business on top of the dog walking app. After in-depth competitor analysis, comparing with competitors and market research, choose the best features for the best dog walking app. To build a profitable dog walking app for dog walkers and dog owners, it is convenient to make a detailed list of features you wish to add to it.

Guide to on-demand dog walking app development

In the current era, dog walking has become a fashion for dog owners; having a dog is not so easy because, socially, you have some responsibilities. Owners of dogs arrange special pet food for them, bathing, traveling, and walking arrangements for them. The owner must set up a lavish lifestyle for your dog.

dog walking app

The owner's responsibility is to groom and train their dog; if the owner does not have proper access to this information, then dog walking apps are available for getting authentic guidance. The walking app information help owner has a dog. Below mentioned step-by-step guidance helps you to develop a dog walking app.

How does a dog walking app work?

This dog walking app is more convenient for busy dog parents; by using it ower does not worry about dog walking. The method of using this dog walking app is: the owner of the dog (user) log in to the app with an Email and then register themselves and also mention dog detail on the app, after mentioning all details of the dog and hiring a walker from the nearest place. This dog walking app is an excellent source for walker earning and is easy for the owner.

Is developing a dog walking app more profitable?

People love having dogs, and it's a need of time to develop more dog walking apps; also, dogs take care center of their cherished life. According to the survey by American Pet Products Association (APPA), 63.3 Million people have a dog. This association also surveys their working hours and ownership of the dog. Today, People work a lot and have social gatherings and family time, but they love having a dog too. However, these dog walking apps are a superb option for taking care of the dog. Dog walking apps are getting popular because people now have a busy lifestyle. These dog walking apps make a time-saving, efficient tool for earning and also create more business options for dog sitters.

Basic features of app you need to know

To build a robust dog walking app for dog owners and dog walkers, you need to know the crucial features that are mandatory to add to it. For this purpose, you can review the features of Wag. Let's take a look.

SignIn/Profile setup

Popular dog-walking apps have a user-friendly interface. The owner signs up and sets up a profile on these dog walking apps. In case of need, a dog owner books a walker and schedules the time for dog walking. Moreover, these apps provide an option to remove a walker if the owner decides to go on a dog walk by himself/herself.

Input dog details

In this feature, you mention all about your dog's likes and dislikes, like dog behavior, if the dog has any allergies or favorite food, and medication info. This information helps the walker in making a good day for the dog.

Booking a walk

An on-demand walking service for your pet has efficient features when it is in the form of an application. Whenever you take these walking services for your pet, you must mention walking time because this will be convenient for the walker and dog walking. As a dog owner, whenever you book a walking service, you need to mention time for convenience for your dogs.

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GPS tracking

This Tracing feature is very helpful for dog owners who are more concerned about their pets. It helps to know the dog owner which path is followed by the walker and whether this way is suitable for the pet or not.

Schedule walk

Using this feature, you can schedule your pet's walk on a long-term basis. This is more convenient for those who have a very packed schedule. Walkers just come and take the dog.

Payment method of dog walking app

The easiest way to pay the services fee to the dog walkers in-app payment. However, there is nothing any hustle or bustle for cash takeover. Any convenient method can be used for debit or credit.


Review is a very beneficial feature in the walking app where the dog's owner leaves feedback which helps improve walking services. User leave reviews in both situations of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and this review or rating helps other people in the hiring of the walker. So, based on this feedback, walkers always prefer to provide good walking services.

Push notification

Push notifications are the most excellent way to get alerts about your dog. With the help of push notifications, you know everything from picking up to dropping your dog. You can also track walker routes, payment transactions, and booking status.

Advanced on-demand features of dog walking app

We are unveiling the advanced features of a dog walking app. You can make your dog walk app more advanced by adding these features to it. Adding these features to your app can make your app stand out among other apps.

  • Dogs play date

Every living thing wants to socialize, and dogs also want to meet up with their friends. Visit dog parks daily and make sure your pet is happy. And one more important thing is to save your furry puppy from big dogs because of the ruined fun of small ones.

  • Events and sales notifications

This dog walking app feature you whenever any event or sale arrange nearby. Join these events and meet with other dog owners to learn more about other dogs. These events are organized to arrange dog services, training, and food for the dog, which help the owners more understanding of pets.

  • Community feature

This feature allows dog owners and caretakers to come together and discuss their pets. Exchange information about your dog with a walker; this is the finest way to build a community of dog walkers.

Hiring app developers

To build an interactive dog walking app, it is crucial to hire a professional developer. Above all, if you are starting your business in dog walking, We recommend you try AppMaster if you are tight on your budget. This no-code tool will help you to build your app very quickly.

How to monetize your dog walking apps?

E-commerce integration

E-commerce is the best and most beneficial platform for selling goods, joining with other software that CRM and ERP help to increase your sales. Internet selling is also time-saving; you can mention your product detail price, stock availability, and money transaction.

Promotional sales and commission

The commission is a remarkable option for earning and selling your product. When your product sells online, a certain amount is directly shifted to the salesman. Promotional sale is the best way to monetize, make paid partnerships, and run ads on your dog walking app. This helps you to the partnership with other dogs related companies. When you get a partnership from the dog companies, ensure they add value to the dogs' lives.


We hope you are clear about the dog walking app and the significance of this application for dog owners. To build a robust application for the dog walk, we recommend you try AppMaster. The beauty of this no-code platform is that it provides drag-and-drop features for app building. Moreover, this no-code app builder also provides a backend so you can access the code for the Dog walking app even if you are not using the platform. Try AppMaster and sustain your business for dog walkers and dog owners.

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