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How to Make a Period Tracking App with a No-Code Platform?

How to Make a Period Tracking App with a No-Code Platform?

Are you looking forward to creating your period tracking app with no-code technology? If YES, this guide might be for you. Today's market is where mobile applications rule. With the increasing usage of mobile phones daily, everyone has instant access to any kind of app at their fingertips. From clock to camera, to entertainment, daily task lists, games, education, and healthcare, all types of apps are readily available with many features to compete. In a time when the lives and daily routines have become busy, mobile apps can instantly and accessible solutions to the end users as per their needs, which is why they are so popular.

Period tracking apps are more than just an app

Mobile apps are the ones in the lead in the market when it comes to healthcare. Most people don't have time in their busy schedules to take care of their health. The different health-related apps remind them and help them keep their healthcare on track. For example, the water reminder app reminds the user to drink water throughout the course of the day. The exercise app helps users do daily exercises at home as per their comfort level. Some of the applications help in taking a record of the calories you eat. Similarly, some health-related apps are genders specific, like women's healthcare period tracking applications that help track their accurate period trackers dates and menstrual health.

Femtech - women health technology

Femtech is a term that means a type of technology that helps women in some way, especially from a health perspective, so the accurate period tracking apps are the type of femtech that are beneficial to women's healthcare. Femtech is first introduced in the market by Ida Tin, the Chief Executing Officer - CEO and founder of one of the top three period tracking apps, Clue.


Thus, femtech directs towards any generation that targets to enhance women's fitness and lives. So, period tracking apps also come beneath this vast category. It is also thrilling that aside from women, those apps may even be utilized by their medical doctors. The statistics presented with the aid of using those apps permit women medical doctors to have higher knowledge of their women patients' fitness. The couple may have wished to assist their relationship through these apps.

How do period tracking apps help women's health?

As a lot of women in the market, if you already use accurate period tracking applications, you must have known its benefits and how it has helped you. But, if you are new to it and looking for a reason to start using it or are confused about whether to use the women's healthcare period tracking app or not? The simple answer is that it's beneficial for women in all ways. Using period tracking applications to track your period will enable you to keep track not only of your period but also let you understand your own body in a better way.

A period tracker is not just an app but more than that. It helps to track women's overall healthcare, and the app provides accurate period trackers that give information about your mood swings, hormones, fertility period tracking, birth control, etc.

A good period tracker for women app helps to keep track of the following:

  • Women Healthcare
  • Menstrual health
  • Accurate period trackers
  • Fertility period tracking
  • Birth controls
  • Mood swings
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Period-related pain (dysmenorrhea)
  • Medication reminder
  • Sex life
  • Contraceptives
  • Food cravings
  • Exercise
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Ovulation days

Period trackers help with the analysis of a cycle and a variety of related factors. Most of the trackers have a countdown and a graphical representation of the data related to your periods and related information, making it easier for the end user to understand and use.

Which is the best app for period tracking?

In the app market, a wide variety of period tracking apps are available like any other app. Many of them share some common features and differ in a few things that make them unique from others. Some are free, some have a few paid features, and the rest of the app is free. Below is the list of top 5-period tracking apps available in the market that have the best download rate and user experience:

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This one is the best in the market and one of the widely used women's healthcare trackers with a free and premium version for iOS and Android users. The free version has all the basic must-haves for a women fitness tracker, including periods flow, mood swings, vaginal discharge, and ovulation predictions for women willing to conceive. However, the premium version contains customer support and shares the more personalized approach of the tracker.


period tracking

The next on the list is Clue. This one again has the free and premium version and is not solely the women fitness tracking applications but a birth control or pregnancy tracker with a track record of women's menstrual healthcare. But during the period tracking, it tracks A to Z of the changes your body perceives from the migraines to how heavy your period flow is.


The third on the list of period trackers is FitrWoman. It is best for women who are fitness lovers and love to engage in physical activities more often. With a period tracker, this app contains nutrition, calorie tracking, and women fitness tips during your period phases. It is usually free to you on both app versions, and you can buy FitrCoach with it if you want to have a women fitness coach's guidance.


period tracking app

Another popular period tracker is Glow. It doesn't only tell and track the menstrual health of women and ovulation. Still, it has additional smarter features, including tracking your physical and mental symptoms and sexual activity, avoiding pregnancy or attempting to get pregnant, even tracking in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments, etc. It is usually free to you on both app versions, and a premium version has knowledge-based articles, support, and personal messages if you want expert guidance.


The last on the list is Eve, that Glow also introduces. It enhances the tracking of period symptoms and sexual activity with chart representation. With Eve you can get community access where you can discuss and share your experiences about health and periods. In this way, people can learn from each other in a better way. It is usually free to you on both types of applications.

The best period tracker applications

The best period tracking app is not one, but it usually depends on your individual preference. So, it may vary from person to person. Some apps may seem more user-friendly to you than others. Plus, it also depends on what features you would like to have in your period tracking app.

Generally speaking, two apps are the clear winner based on their active user count, and the most reliable app provides accurate results. As per the surveys and claims, the two most popular period trackers are Flo and Clue. Period apps have millions of users to track their cycles. However, Flo is the most popular, with more than 43 million active users. Next on the line is Clue which has active users of around 12 million every month and increasing.

Can I create my own mobile app for tracking my periods?

The answer is YES; you can, and guess what? You don't have to be a programmer to do that. Isn't it good news? With a no-coding platform like AppMaster, it's now very easy for anyone to create all kinds of apps without hassle. No-code platforms like AppMaster allow the creation of every kind of web app and mobile application. You can also sign up to AppMaster and create your applications for period tracking. However, suppose you need to develop a traditional mobile app for tracking your periods. In that case, it will be done through coding, requiring complete knowledge of programming languages and a team of developers. Traditional mobile app development will be time-consuming and expensive compared to no-code platforms like AppMaster.

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How do I create an android app for period tracking?

Period tracking or any kind of android app can be created with the help of Android studio. The development requires some coding knowledge of Java or/and Kotlin. Kotlin is a language that will be used in more than 60% of android apps nowadays as it's more productive, safe, and less time-consuming for a developer and end user. But if you are new to app development, switch to no-code platforms like AppMaster. For creating android applications for period tracking, follow these steps:

  • Install and launch android studio on desktop
  • Start a new project
  • Click basic activity instead of the default
  • Name you're to-be-created applications
  • Select language as Kotlin (you can also select Java if you have experience and knowledge)
  • Then click finish and start building through a visual editor

How do you make your period tracker?

Creating your own period tracker and launching in the market is better and easier with no-code platforms like AppMaster. They are best for everyone, the developers and non-developers. Further, they are cost and time effective. With AppMaster, you can easily create and market your period tracker hassle-free. However, the features that must include in your period tracker are listed below. Some are basic and must be included; the rest are advanced or optional per your liking.

Basic Features of period tracker

The must-have features of a period tracking applications are:

A basic health profile contains

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Period date
  • Period information
  • Sexual activity information
  • Menstrual cycle:


  • Days to next cycle
  • Symptoms log
  • Cycle log
  • Cycle duration
  • Weight changes
  • Activity log during cycle
  • Mood log

Push Notifications for

  • Upcoming period
  • Daily log entries
  • Next phase of the cycle
  • Enter mood
  • Medication time
  • Ovulation
  • Fertility

Suggestions and Tips

  • PMS
  • Medical information
  • Daily health tips

Graphical representations of

  • Menstrual cycle
  • Fertility
  • Ovulation
  • Symptoms

Linking with

  • Women fitness trackers
  • Social media

Advance features of period tracker

The optional features of a period tracking app before launching in the market are:

  • A detailed health profile including detailed health details and a survey or an option to skip signup and use the app.
  • An e-mail address & password approach to sign in / sign up or log in with social media or google.
  • Easy screen switching between options like onboarding.
  • The fertility calendar gives predictions of ovulation and period date.
  • Alerts possible health problems for the symptoms and determines the conditions generating them.
  • Sharing details with the partners so they may know about menstruation, PMS and ovulation, and fertility.
  • A community in which the users can share their experiences, symptoms, and problems with other app users to get different ideas and feedback. It will also be linked with social networking sites and generate better user engagement.
  • Digital consultation for the user's problem by a health care professional where user can share their symptoms and concerns and get their expert consultation over video or voice call.
  • Baby birth countdown feature, where the users can track their pregnancy week.
  • Receive personalized insights based on the user's symptoms.
  • Generating monthly health reports.
  • As an app owner, you can extend your app popularity with referring and earn feature, where current users will receive some gift if they refer apps to others.

Cost to build your own period tracker

The cost of an app can't be exactly determined as it is based on several factors and will also depend on the features you want to include in your app. To give a rough estimate of the cost for the period tracking app (both android and iOS), if it contains the basic features will be around or between 30k - 45k USD. If the advanced features are included, the cost will also be increased to approximately 50k- 65k USD. This cost is for traditional app building through coding.

If you are making a period tracking app by the traditional method of development, the cost will be triple or more than it will be in a no-code platform like AppMaster as there are many factors involved in it, namely:

  • Developer rates you might need to hire then hourly or as a fixed project payment, plus more than one developer will be needed as apps are not created in a single language but a mixture of many programming languages.
  • App designing cost by a designer
  • Paid features cost
  • Number of Platforms
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If you are making a no-code period tracking app through AppMaster cost will be less than half of it and almost involve all features of your liking. The cost will be less if you can only use the AppMaster and no developer is involved. You can get your custom quote now from AppMaster.

How does the period tracker app make money?

As per research, the overall online women's health industry's revenue will reach around 75 billion USD by the end of 2025.

period tracking market

The Femtech technology permits women to be responsible for their women health, soul, and body. It further lets women access and tracks their women's health concerns easily with the help of technology. Even within the women's health apps classification, women's health is the second most prevalent among adolescent women health.

Monetization and period tracking apps

Women fitness and period tracking apps for women's health can also be used from a business perspective. They can help you earn huge money through them. This article should have quickly cleared one factor the recognition of amount these period tracking apps is large at the instant, and in coming back times additionally, it'll expertise more towards growth. So, there's enough chance here to create cash; however, how?

The monetization model is the most favorable type of earning money through apps and websites. You can simply сommercialize your women's health or period tracking app into business to earn handsome revenue and outcome.

In-app ads

You can start the advertisement promotion inside your women's fitness tracking apps. It will be the most effective method to earn money through apps and websites is by marketing, thanks to beginning to create revenues by having the in-app promotions practicality integrated into the app. You can put the company's ad inside your app and charge them money for that. The other method is that if some user starts installing the advertised app and using it, you will also get some share for that. However, keep in mind that the app users can get frustrated and simply aggravated with too several ads. Thus, beware of things just like the variety of ads, their duration, and also the place wherever the ads will appear.

If you're assured of your period tracking application and acknowledge it'll do great, move forward and preserve it as a paid period tracking app from the beginning. This instance functions best with iOS app users rather than android because the remuneration judge the iOS medium is far greater. You can also keep the basic app free for download and use and keep some of the features inside the applications as paid rather than free.

You can offer the premium version of your period tracker for in-app purchases and market it effectively. In conjunction with basic features comparable to profile customization, color change one-to-one transmission with women healthcare professionals, or if tired with ads, the premium version will not contain ads to interrupt the use of the applications.


Conclusively, the period tracker application makes life easy when discussing women's healthcare, particularly menstrual healthcare. These apps are essential for period tracking and determining the overall women's healthcare. Many accurate period trackers and free and paid apps are available in the market that easily tracks your period. But if you want to create your period trackers, this is also doable even if you don't have any programming background. AppMaster allows you to create almost all kinds of apps that can be used for different purposes in daily life.

The unique thing about AppMaster is that it allows you to develop an app with a no-code method with ease that is without even background coding knowledge. If you want to create your own profitable women's healthcare application for period tracking on AppMaster, it can be easily done with a drag-and-drop or visual programing method. Try us and create your own personal and marketable period tracking application today.

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