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How to Create an Emergency Alert App for a Safe Life Using No-Code?

How to Create an Emergency Alert App for a Safe Life Using No-Code?

Are you looking for an emergency alert app? Or You are looking forward to your emergency alert app development via no-code technology. If YES, this article might provide you with a solution. An emergency is a serious, unpredictable, and usually destructive situation demanding prompt action. These emergencies can occur anywhere and everywhere, whether at the home, office, or could be a collective situation of an area. They could be anything from a natural disaster to extreme weather conditions, a lost child, a pandemic, a power outage, a family emergency, or other situational crises. Everything with an app can be managed with just a button click.

Regardless of the situation, whenever an emergency occurs, a simple app can provide a solution with a natural aim is to grab some action in reaction to that emergency. The action is often referred to as a fight or flight response. Whenever someone is in an alerted situation, it can be a threat to overall safety. That is why this fight or flight or anxiety situation occurs that further develops an adrenaline rush (a stress hormone released in a threatening) and the need to do something.

An emergency app is for safety and security purposes and in the case when things go out of control at work, at home, or outside in a public place. There are some vulnerable circumstances that lead to an emergency, or an emergency can come uninvited.

As per the stats each year, the ratio of people facing violent attacks or violent emergencies kept on increasing year by year all over the world. These include attacks, sexual invasions, thefts, etc. In these circumstances having an emergency app on a mobile phone would be a great option to help yourself with a push of a button. Here we are not talking only about the above mishaps but also the natural disaster, health emergencies, and other personal emergencies for safety and security purposes.

What does the emergency alert app do?

The purpose of an emergency alert app development or security alert app development is to convey an emergency message or push button notifications to your loved ones, your employees, or anyone else on the list to notify them with a button of the dire need for help. The emergency alert app will share vital information and convey it to the point of your contact.

An emergency notification app method app will help you convey necessary details with one button click to your point of contact in an emergency, safety and security breach, or disaster circumstances. A push emergency notification or button in the safety and security app will be generated in case of a threat so that the relevant person can be informed promptly.

It is similar to the color code alert system or a siren button system used in hospitals or organizations in case of emergencies. It provides details simultaneously, even if the internet is down, and this button system takes seconds to notify the appropriate contact.

Types of emergency alerts and notifications

The main goal of this emergency app and security alert app is to notify in case of an emergency with a simple button, prevent mishaps, and improve overall life quality and security. These apps work based on GPS coordinates button and keep you secure everywhere and anywhere. These are more common types of emergency that occurs frequently and during which the emergency app will be the most beneficial:

Personal safety

Personal safety and security are the main reasons for using an emergency alert app development. An alone person is vulnerable to many threats like thefts, kidnapping, rape, domestic abuse, and loss in case of visiting a new place. These apps can help you connect with your known people, family, or the police to receive help immediately. You just need to press that panic button apps, and a notification app will be sent to the point of contact effectively to ensure your security and safety.

Employee's safety

Organizations should have these button-push emergency alert apps or security alert app systems connected to the app that will ensure workplace safety and security for their employees. This applies to any job and provides a single solution to all organization's issues. You just put the button and get notified. But some jobs need them more than others, like police offers, safety or security guards, miners, firefighters, etc.

Health emergencies

Health emergencies are also not uncommon, and if they occur, you can get benefits will push button notifications via emergency alert app development or security alert app development from anywhere. These emergency alert apps will notify the hospital or an ambulance in case of illness, accident, or health emergency. At the same time, your family and friends will be notified and get your location access.

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Family security

The emergency apps are also designed to keep you and your family safe with a simple click of a button. Especially if you have old parents or children at home while you are at work or out of home, these safety and security alert apps will notify you whenever they need you with a button.

Security while driving

Drivers have a great benefit from these security alert apps. These include taxi drivers, truck drivers, or driving a personal vehicle. The security alert apps enable them to push buttons and are more confident and secure while on the road. This will prevent assault, thefts, accidents, and other emergencies through GPS coordinates and push notifications or buttons to the families and relevant authorities.

Security of disabled

People who are disabled have difficulty performing some common tasks, like reaching out for something. These security alert apps and emergency alert apps help them with a simple click button when you are away, or their caretaker is away. Or even if they are living alone, these alert app development systems will notify the relevant bodies who can help them in their time of need. This will provide them security even when alone with just a button push.

Is there an app for the emergency alert system?

Yes, there are many popular apps to keep in case of an emergency that functions just by pushing the button. Some apps are all in one security alert system. The others are for specific emergency alert purposes. In an emergent situation, you must have an emergency alert app installed and connected to your phone and a button push system when needed. These emergencies include theft, accident, flood, fire, earthquake, or illness. These emergency alert apps ensure you get a quick solution and relevant help right after clicking the button.

Often the emergencies come unexpected and uninvited without any prior notification and are sometimes life-threatening. Here is a list of different emergency alert apps you may use just by pushing a button when there is a dire need and in different scenarios, including:

First aid - disaster readiness app (health emergency)

First aid

This health and disaster emergency app is developed by the red cross and is available on iOS and Android. It is one of the best solutions among health emergency alert apps out there. It has the relevant information and instructions for times you cannot access the health vicinity and need help. Things like how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), or do it during profuse bleeding, choking, burn, allergic attack, or bone fracture.

Not only these, but also share the information and button push notifications for natural disasters or emergencies like floods, earthquakes, landslides, or droughts. First aid apps have data and checklists of what to do before, during, or after an emergency. You will have Q&A to test your level of information on the topic and directions or the phone number of your nearest hospital faculty.

FEMA - federal emergency management agency (disaster alert)


FEMA is a part of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States of America and is available on both iOS and Android. It is the best solution for a real-time emergency alert app concerning disasters. In this app, you can fully control the type of alerts button and the alerts you want to get notified about. The disasters like floods, thunderstorms, hurricanes, rain, and extreme weather can be easily monitored by FEMA.

FEMA works by providing emergency alerts for disasters that it is also great for providing evacuation options, alerts for kidnapping, civil hazards, riots, phone outages, radiological dangers, issues with nuclear power plants, explosions, and much more.

AccuWeather (weather alert)


AccuWeather gives weather alerts, as the name suggests, and it is available on iOS and Android. It is the best solution for a real-time weather alert app, as most disasters are weather-related. It is famous for timely button push notifications about weather events and general weather-related information. It is a great hurricane, flood, and extreme weather tracker. It shows the expected temperature in the coming day or week and mentions whether it will be windy, snowy, or sunny.

Furthermore, it is great for all locations and gives daily, weekly, and monthly weather-related detailed forecasts. The radar map sustains multiple overlays to show extreme temperatures, destructive thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, snowfall, and more.

Life 360 (family alert & tracker)

Life 360

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Life 360 gives family tracking and alert facility for those who need it. It is available on iOS and Android. It provides a solution to location tracking for your family that will be needed during emergencies. Life 360 can help you discover the locality of your loved ones, including your friends and family. This app will notify you when your family members arrive and depart from the locations mentioned.

It will give constant location monitoring button options for your family members and friends so they can be tracked in an emergency. For instance, if there is a school crisis or a storm so you can track them and help them instantly by reaching there or sending other relevant help options their way.

Life 360 has a text-to-everyone built-in option where you can send one message to all the members of the private group you have added. Furthermore, an all-in-one option called Help Alert will simultaneously call, send messages, and email the confined people within that group.

Zello - walkie-talkie app (emergency calls)

Zello is a walkie-talkie app for emergency calls and is available on both iOS and Android. This app provides an emergency call option to the people and groups of people whom you want to contact in case of an emergency. It provides contact between you and your family and friends. You can make private groups and send messages and calls to specific people or form public groups that anyone can access and join based on their interest to see an update.

What to consider during security app development?

If you have decided to build a security alert or emergency alert app, you must keep an eye on the 3 main things for developing your app and making it function successfully. Without these, it's difficult to complete the security app development project. These includes:

Initial drafting

  • An emergency alert app has to be sufficiently designed thus to permit users a simple and instant entrance to security assistance. As per the provisions, the design of the emergency alert app must be easy to use and user-friendly.
  • The next step is to create a code with the help of developers or use a no-code app development platform like AppMaster if you opt for an easier method. This will bring those designs to life.
  • During the initial drafting, you must have a clear vision of your target users and the emergency you will be targeting.
  • Inventing a security alert app demands evaluating potential emergencies and how it will help the users in need.

Project essentials

  • Outline the clear requirements for your apps.
  • You should know how many developers or teams you should hire.
  • Detailed documentation of the project and the job descriptions for each individual.
  • Assign a trained project manager to lead your development team. This will avoid misunderstandings in communication.
  • If you opt for a no-code app development platform like AppMaster for your security app development, it would be a great option because you can simply avoid all these essentials and, if needed, hire only one no-code developer or project to be done by yourself alone.

Skilled development squad

  • When the protection of users is at stake, the security alert app must be excellent in terms of dependability. It must not fail to provide warnings and updates during a crisis.
  • It would help if you chose the dedicated development stack of developers and APIs.
  • It must be perfectly tested, implement cutting-edge functionality, and enable accurate integrations within the app.
  • However, using a no-code app development platform like AppMaster can easily provide you with all these tech stacks under one platform and security app development.

What should the panic button app include?

Whether you have an organization with remote workers or multiple office locations, your organization can have amazing benefits from the features of an emergency alert app that can save you, your organization, and your employees from risky situations.

An emergency alert app allows users to send an emergency notification app to other people so that they get help in an hour of need. With this app, you can keep everyone safe and sound. Following are some basic features a panic button app should include.

Tracking GPS coordinates

As employees are required to visit one location to another. GPS coordinates can do this. They may face any risky situation during office hours and need help. Everyone has access to cell phones this day, and they can use several features to deliver the emergency notification app and your location to other employees, friends, family, and the security center.

Panic button apps

Panic button apps should be easily accessible to the user. A button should be a simple emergency button app that can send notifications to the correct person in seconds with just a click on that button. Plus, it immediately enables the GPS coordinates settings. It can send the audio sharing to the person a user tried to coordinate in time of emergency just a button clicks away.

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Push notifications

A push notification or button is a must-have feature that an emergency app should have. To convey the notification of emergency to the security center, friends, or family in case of emergency. So that people can learn about the alarming situation and can act quickly.

Notification channels

An emergency app should not only rely on a single notification to send people but there is a list of several channels you can have in your emergency app to convey your emergency alert. Following are some options that emergency apps may have.

  • Text
    A simple text message is a great channel to deliver critical messages in an alarming situation.
  • Voice calls/phone call
    With this feature, the recipient will be able to get a notification in the form of a voice call. The recipient will receive a normal call and get your message through audio.
  • Email
    Email is a good channel to send notifications about the alarming situation, but emails are mostly overlooked. To overcome this problem, you can customize the email and allow it to send to the recipient's inbox. Plus, you can also make a notification for this email received in the form of a text or phone call.
  • Push notifications
    You must send a message or emergency notification app or push the button directly to the mobile app. For this, your family, friends, and employees must have the same app to receive the notification on the same app and respond immediately.
  • Desktop alerts
    This is a little complicated as the recipient will get an emergency notification app on the user's computer screen. And to see this user must not open any other screen; otherwise, it will disappear.
  • Social media
    Social media is also a good option for sending emergency messages to the people on your social media account with just a click of a button. It will deliver your emergency notification app to everyone who follows you, although this is not just a reliable channel but support when necessary.

How much does it cost to create an emergency alert app?

Making an emergency alert or security alert app development will cost per the development method. Building this app development will cost a lot for the traditional development method. You have to pay for the developer's team and other things in the building process of that app development that will, on average, cost you for the basic features 90k USD to 100k USD or even more if you include the advanced features.

However, with no coding platforms like AppMaster, the total development cost will be much less. You can save your time and money by opting for this method. Check out the prices for the security app development project.

What is the best app for emergency alerts?

Declaring the best emergency alert app or security alert app is hard. First, it will depend on the type of emergency you need in the app, so the choice will vary. However, the apps mentioned above show the best list of emergency alert apps among the wide variety that targets different scenarios. Before choosing the best emergency app, just remember that it must comprise the above-mentioned basic features. If you need an emergency alert or security alert app for your choice of features and none in the market suits your needs, develop one with a no-code platform of AppMaster that will require no prior knowledge or programming.

The bottom line

An emergency alert or security alert app is a must in a world where crime rates are increasing daily. A security alert or an emergency alert app will be a great choice for personal safety, weather updates, or any endemic / pandemic or natural disaster notifications in case of theft, crime, a lost child, etc. These emergency alert apps and security alert apps will ensure the security of the ones using them and their loved ones. Plus, they will help in preventing an emergency or mishap in the first place.

However, developing an emergency or security alert app development will need immense planning, human resources, great strategies, and a high budget. The good news lies in using no-code technology and platforms like AppMaster for building these emergency alert apps. AppMaster allows you to build an emergency alert or security alert app development with a drag-and-drop interface and zero programming knowledge. Not only this, but it is budget-friendly and time effective. Don't wait any longer signup today and start building your app development today.

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