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Real Estate App - How to Build an Efficient Real Estate Mobile App

Real Estate App - How to Build an Efficient Real Estate Mobile App

The real estate business is a booming industry that ranks among the top fifteen marketplaces in the world. The total value of the world’s real estate property market reached a whopping $326. Five trillion in 2020 (according to The Private Property Reporter dated November 24, 2021). Needless to say, the real estate business is very lucrative and highly competitive. As a result, realtor agents and property management agencies are constantly searching for new ways to reach their clientele.

Open houses, cold calling, website listings, and conventional advertising have worked in the past. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, where busy clients need instant real-time access to real estate information, mobile real estate apps have become a convenient property solution. In addition, the profile of today’s property owners and real estate mobile app users has expanded to include young entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and tech moguls. Others include eager first-time property buyers and cautious real sellers for whom reliable, fast real estate information is vital.  

Traditional Real Estate Business

Traditional real estate business investors and property development stakeholders still maintain their keen interest in the real estate market. However, they have adapted to modern means of receiving information on real estate agent property listings. Enterprising and successful real estate agents appreciate that the needs of their clientele are adapting to the technology of today. Despite all the changes, the fact remains that the real estate market is as lucrative as it ever was. This means that there is a large door of opportunity to enter the real estate mobile app development market.

How are Real Estate Mobile Apps Used?

Persons are seeking to rent, purchase, or sell their property rely on mobile real estate apps to locate buyers, sellers, and tenants. They use real estate apps to list a property, search for a suitable property for transactions, and locate stakeholders. Real estate mobile app users include buyers, sellers, or tenants looking for property for purchase, sale, or short- or long-term rental. Tenants use real estate mobile apps to find property listings for their vacation accommodations, short-term rentals, or long-term lease arrangements. Property managers who are in the business of property administration and maintenance are also avid users of real estate mobile app platforms. They use real estate mobile apps to manage administrative duties and communicate with tenants or occupants of the property they manage. Property development companies utilize mobile real estate apps to advertise new real estate developments to potential clients. The information on these developments often includes 3D architectural mockups of the completed project. 

Real estate agents are also avid users of mobile real estate apps to connect clients to their ideal property arrangements. Their clients include these buyers, sellers, tenants, property development companies, and agencies. All these users need convenient, detailed, instant access to property information from mobile real estate apps. The more reliable the mobile real estate app is, the faster these users can get their ideal accommodation and property solutions.

Which is the Best Real Estate App Development Company?

Before exploring the best real estate app, it is important to note that real estate apps can be grouped into different categories. Each type of app has various features that meet the unique needs of its users in the real estate market for property services.

Property Appraisal Apps

These mobile real estate apps allow users to appraise their property value at their convenience. Their app development features allow users to submit location, metrics, photos, and videos of the property. Property appraisal real estate apps manipulate data from users in addition to their extensive database to arrive at an estimated property value. Mobile apps such as Trulia analyze neighborhood demographics such as income bracket, curb appeal, education level, and even security statistics within the area! This data is used to conduct a comparative analysis and arrive at the estimated property value.

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Property Finding Apps

The most popular mobile real estate business app for buying, selling, and rental property worldwide is Zillow. It has consistently been voted the most popular real estate app because of its many interactive features, intuitive navigation, extensive database, and multi-platform integration. Users create real estate app account profiles and can navigate the millions of listings by using their accurate search and filter tool.

Rental Property Apps mobile app boasts an extensive real estate database with thousands of rental properties available to potential buyers. This mobile app is deemed to be one of the best real estate mobile apps in this category because of its many features. Buyers can view, filter, and apply to rental properties directly from within the real estate app.

How Do You Create a Real Estate App?

  • Research. Before the real estate app development process begins, research needs to be conducted to determine how users are being served by existing mobile real estate apps. Identify deficiencies in the real estate mobile app market, and use the data to create real estate mobile app solutions to address those needs. You can also use the planning and research phase to find a SWOT analysis of the competing real estate mobile apps to identify their strengths to implement a similar strategy. The pre-development analysis will be key to determining which type of real estate mobile app would best fit you to create.
  • Create Real Estate Database. The next development step is to create a database that helps your users. If your mobile real’s estate app is created to attract tenants, an extensive and accurate database of rental property listings is required. These real estate app development features are useful for all categories of mobile apps, whether building a mobile app for property appraisals, purchases, or leases. Instead of reinventing the wheel, real estate mobile apps can connect to existing real estate databases such as the MLSS system used by real estate agents. 
  • Create Monetization Features. The main reason to create real estate apps is to monetize their features. Users pay a fee for these real estate mobile app features and services. These real estate business services include property listing and exclusive access to buyers and sellers through priority app notifications. Realtors also benefit from monetization on mobile real estate apps that charge a commission in exchange for the newest leads on property listings and clients. Advertising revenue can be earned on the mobile real estate app from property developers, real estate agents, and other stakeholders who pay a fee to advertise on the app.
  • Real Estate App Features. The technology stack, functions, and features are essential aspects of mobile real estate app development. Users rely on these mobile real estate app features to find the property solution that fits their needs.
  • Search and Filter Options. One of the preferred features of a mobile real estate app includes the ability to search, sort, and filter preferences based on different categories. The mobile app filters may be based on location, property size, amenities, and listing price.
  • Location, Location, Location. The mobile real estate app should integrate maps as a key part of the app development. Map technology allows users to be able to search for and locate the property by integrating with location apps such as Google. The location information within the real estate mobile app should be accurate and up to date in real-time. The development features of the mobile app should be fully functional and advanced so that every search returns timely results for users.
  • Seamless Integration. App development teams ensure that the real estate mobile includes features that can fully integrate with social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. These features simplify profile registration on the mobile app and facilitate seamless cross-communication between users on the platform. It also allows users to view property images and post details with ease from a variety of social media platforms. App development features should include compatibility with web-based, android, and iOS devices. 
  • Best Real Estate App Company. In the world of real estate mobile app development, there are many options for persons who wish to create real estate apps. Each company has its strengths which they use to create real estate app solutions to meet the needs of their clients. AppMaster is a no-code platform that can help you creates solutions for the real estate industry to help its users. This platform is one of the top service providers in their field because of the flexible suite of app solutions. They can create a simple, stripped-down MVP real estate mobile app with essential features and provide more complex features with custom app development solutions. With years of experience in mobile app development, they create real estate apps with specialized features for their wide range of users.
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How Do I Market My Real Estate App?


Spread the word about your mobile real estate app by posting promotional web content in the form of blog and article posts. Short informational articles on platforms such as LinkedIn are also a great way to inform about the mobile app.

Social Media

Promote your real estate marketing apps on social media through the use of sponsored ads on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Influencer marketing and user experience videos on TikTok and YouTube are useful in displaying how the app works.

Website Ads

Placement of ads on real estate websites, platforms, and forums will help to spread awareness among real estate agents and the real estate community.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Mobile App? 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Mobile App? 
To create of real estate mobile apps that will be useful to buyers, sellers, and real estate agents may vary. These app development costs vary on the type of users, complexity of features, and the category of real estate application. The app development team, technology stack, and the number of work hours also play a factor in the costs of real estate app development.
Real estate app development with complex custom features such as geolocation, search filters, and push notifications to users can cost over USD 70,000 at the top end of the scale. For real estate app development at the lower end, an MVP with basic features can start from as little as USD 25,000: the more complex the real estate app development solution, the more significant the investment. 
Fortunately, you can save a lot on development if you take the no-code approach and refer to the AppMaster platform. The benefit of state-of-the-art user-friendly features in a custom real estate app can make it the preferred mobile app for individuals, property owners, and real estate agents.

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