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Introduction to Web-Applications

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How to create web-application in AppMaster

In the previous modules, we learned how to create our business processes and endpoints for them, launch their execution, and get results. It's time to deal with the creation of a full-fledged web application. In this module, we will figure out how to design the front-end and make a convenient graphical shell.

Web-applications tab

application settings

To go to the web application designer, select the appropriate item in the left panel. Here you can see that the initial shell for the first application has already been created. You can change the name or design or even delete it.

It is worth noting immediately the fact that much in AppMaster creates automatically. For example, during the design phase of a database, we can set the auto-generation of endpoints and user interface elements for the admin panel. However, as part of the training, we will try to create everything from scratch. This will allow you to understand the topic better and completely understand all processes.

Designer canvas

First, let's open the Admin Panel and see what we have to work with.

web designer

We will have the opportunity to explore all the elements and functions later, but for starters, the large white area is the most interesting. Canvas, where we will transfer all the necessary design elements. A complete list of these elements can be seen just above. There are buttons, switches, tables, images, input fields, and more.

As you remember, we created a business process (and even more than one) and an endpoint in the previous modules. Now we need an appropriate graphical shell.

What needs to be placed in it?

  • Input fields X and Y
  • A button that starts the calculation process
  • Fields for recording the result of calculations
  • A convenient frame, which, although not a mandatory element for work, will be appropriate.
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