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Collaboration Work

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Enhance productivity with collaborative web app development.

The collaboration feature in AppMaster Web Designer is expertly designed to support simultaneous work by multiple users on the same application. Its primary function is to safeguard against conflicts arising from concurrent changes and to prevent any loss of modifications in the application file, ensuring a smooth and efficient teamwork experience.

Now, all changes are immediately delivered to all collaborators and never lost!

This mode is useful when working with teammates or clients who need to review the app's design and functionality.

Collaboration work in AppMaster Web Designer

Using collaboration

Collaboration is available on all subscription plans and accessible to all AppMaster users. No need to pay for each seat.

To initiate collaboration, add collaborators to the app's project. You can do this while creating a project or in the project settings.

For app project security, you can assign collaborators different access levels, including read-only, edit, or admin access, which grants complete control over the project.

As multiple users work on the same app project, the editor displays each user's cursor and real-time changes, making it easy to see who is working on what and avoiding conflicts or overlapping changes.

❗️You cannot edit the same component simultaneously if someone is already working on it. This is to prevent collisions and conflicts during editing.

Observing mode

🔔 This feature is currently in closed testing but will be available in an upcoming update.

You can activate Observing mode during collaborative editing to follow one of the app collaborators.

To activate this mode, click on any avatar in the upper right-hand corner. Similar to screen sharing, your screen will mirror what they see on their screen. You'll observe every action they take, from updating text to clicking their cursor on an object and the current application resolution.

Any of the application collaborators can access Observing mode in AppMaster Web Designer.

Observing mode is ideal for:

  • Discussing application development with collaborators without using screen-sharing tools.
  • Presenting the application in real-time for your end customer.
  • Connecting with the AppMaster support team to demonstrate issues.
  • Monitoring the work of your assignee.
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