Frequently asked questions

Who uses AppMaster? Engineers or non-technical people?

AppMaster created to be used by non-technical people but also has a lot of professional features for the state of art applications.

How long does it take to learn AppMaster?

It generally takes an engineer around twenty minutes to understand the concepts of AppMaster and another couple of hours for it to feel natural.

What does AppMaster do

AppMaster lets you build full-featured software with backend, frontend, and advanced native mobile applications. AppMaster creates your application's source code, compiles, and deploys it to any cloud provider or private server.

How does AppMaster compare to Glide, Bubble, Tilda, WIX, or some other tools?

If you're looking to build a small website, landing page or simple mobile app without business logic, AppMaster is probably not for you. AppMaster designed to create complete software solutions: backend with a bunch of business logic, highly customizable frontend, and native mobile applications with access to the device's hardware and special features.

How long does it take to publish an application in the app store and play market?
The time of publication is determined by its verification. It depends not on, but the Apple Store and Play Market moderators. But we made sure to speed up the process of publishing updates. Applications made on need only be published once, and after verification and publication, can deliver updates instantly via the cloud. The user does not even need to download a new version of the application; he will receive updates automatically.
What frameworks do you use to create native no-code applications?
Applications are written in SwiftUI for iOS, and Kotlin/JetPack Compose for Android. We are using a server-driven UI. The interface is created according to the principle similar to the creation of pages on the Internet: elements are positioned using flexbox, all parameters such as margin, padding, and many others are set for them. At the same time, the applications are entirely native. You can use all hardware features: camera, Bluetooth, wi-fi, and various specific features, for example, special gestures for control.
What kind of software do people build with AppMaster?
Primarily, software for internal needs, like internal tools for operations, customer support, sales, IT teams, etc. Also, AppMaster is suitable for building customer-facing solutions but may require additional tools to cover all needs.
Who uses no-code?
Any employee even non-IT specialists can use no-code to develop custom software solutions, thanks to visual modelling, drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive configuration.

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