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Application types

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Various types of applications

Before moving on, let's be clear. In the text above, different terms are used - “Programs”, “Applications”. They are synonyms that mean the same thing.

Software” can also be added here, usually this term refers to a set of programs (applications). For example, the software installed on your computer. The word “Software” can also be considered a synonym.

Application types

What kind of applications are there? Let's try to streamline and structure a little.


They can also be called text-based or command-line interface applications.

As the name implies, such applications do not have a familiar graphical interface (while it can be implemented using pseudographic symbols, and even interactive elements can be added), and control is carried out by entering text commands into the console.

It may seem that this type of application has long been outdated. But in fact, due to lower requirements for hardware resources, they do not lose their relevance to this day. At the same time, in many industries, using the command line even has certain advantages in simplicity and ease of use.

Desktop applications

Applications that are installed and run on computers.

For example, office applications from Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Or a browser, thanks to which you open sites on the Internet and, probably, even read this text.

By the way, the terminal for working with the command line is also often a Desktop application.


You most likely have a smartphone. It does not matter what operating system it uses: Android, iOS or some rarer one. In any case, the applications that you use on your smartphone are mobile applications.

Examples include browsers, instant messengers, games or applications for social networks.

Built-in (embedded)

These applications (although in this case it is correct to use the term software) are harder to notice, but they are used to control various devices and equipment.

Thanks to the built-in software, the printer processes print jobs, the router distributes the Internet and the operation of a wide variety of equipment is ensured.

Web applications

Applications that interact with the browser and work using the Internet.

They are the most common type of applications at the moment, and we will pay close attention to their creation in this course.

Web application types

There are also many types of web applications. Let's name the main ones:

Landings. Small information pages where you can fill out a form or leave some kind of request.

Information portals. These include news sites (for example, Yahoo) or sports sites (Fifa).

Internet shops. From small local stores to large international marketplaces.

Social network. Twitter, Facebook and many others.

Games. From simple text-based games to the most advanced 3d games.

LMS (Learning Management System).

CMS (Content Management System). Thanks to them, you can easily manage the content of the site, add new articles.

CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management). Systems for automating customer relationships.

Online services. Their diversity is worthy of a separate classification. Among them are weather forecast services, search services, and banking services, and much, much more.

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