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Web Designer Introduction

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Welcome to AppMaster Web Designer's documentation! AppMaster Web Designer is a no-code web application builder that enables you to create powerful, flexible and dynamic web applications without needing high-level coding skills.

What is AppMaster Web Designer?

AppMaster Web Designer. An advanced flexible no-code drag-and-drop web applications builder.

AppMaster Web Designer is a visual builder included in AppMaster Studio that enables you to create sophisticated web applications without writing a single line of code.

Featuring extensive UI customization options, the platform offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Also, it supports comprehensive application infrastructures, such as internal business logic, local DB, 3rd party integrations, and ultra-fast application deployment to your preferred environment.

Who AppMaster Web Designer is built for?

AppMaster is tailored for those who wish to develop web applications without coding. While front-end development skills aren't required to harness its potential, a basic understanding of web app functionality and the ability to make server requests and use variables is essential.


Web Applications built with AppMaster Web Designer are SPA (Single Page Applications) using the Vue3 framework. This design facilitates the creation of applications that are not only quick and responsive but also scalable. The business logic is isolated and executed in a separate thread, ensuring efficient task management and a more responsive interface.

Furthermore, data processing and complex operations are conducted in a background thread. This prevents blocking the application's main execution thread, enhancing responsiveness and significantly improving the overall user experience.


AppMaster is grounded in the Flexbox concept and supports almost all CSS properties, making it effortless to tailor your application's appearance to align with your brand or design preferences.

Moreover, AppMaster provides a library of pre-built components and a theme builder to help you build highly customized and visually appealing web applications that fulfill your specific needs.

System Requirements


For optimal performance, use the latest three versions of modern browsers. AppMaster works optimally on Google Chrome. If you encounter any issues, we advise switching to Chrome.

Please be aware that AppMaster does not support Internet Explorer. Although web applications created in AppMaster will continue to support all standard features available in modern web browsers, we cannot guarantee that sites will function properly in Internet Explorer.

Screen resolutions

A desktop or laptop with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 is recommended for the best experience with AppMaster Web Designer.

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