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Getting Started

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Check out the first steps to get started with AppMaster Web Designer.

To start building web applications on AppMaster, you need to have a verified account and at least one project in the target workspace.

Read our guide about how to create an account, workspace, and project here.

Create First Web Application

Open the target project in AppMaster Studio and go to the Web on the left sidebar. From the Web Apps Dashboard click Create App button.

AppMaster Web Apps List. Create Application.

In the first step, select the appropriate template, or start from scratch by selecting the Blank Application option and go to the next step by clicking the Next button.

Web application templates in AppMaster Web Designer

In the second step, fill in the required information about your app.

Field to the filling:

  • Application Name: the application name to identify it in AppMaster Studio and used as the default value in the Title meta-tag
  • Prefix URL: part of the web application URL that is used as an identifier while routing
  • Favicon: small icon displayed in browser tabs to help visitors locate your page more easily
  • Default Application: if an error occurs on the server in any of the web applications in the current project

☝️ Note: only one application in the project can be chosen as the default

To select another template, click the Switch template button to return to the Templates library.

Now check settings and click the button Create. You could change application settings later in the App Settings section in AppMaster Web Designer.

🎉 Great! You have created your first web application! When the application is built, the web editor will automatically open.

Web App List

All the web applications you have created will be displayed in a list of web applications. However, the number of applications you can create is limited by your subscription plan. If you want to increase the number of applications available to you, you'll need to upgrade your subscription plan.

You can find the current number of created and available applications in the header of the list of web applications. Additionally, a search feature in the header allows you to quickly find the application you're looking for in the list.

Each project card contains basic information about your application, including:

  1. Application favicon.
  2. Application name.
  3. Last updated date.
  4. Date of last publication and deployment plan where the application was published.
  5. URL prefix by which the application is available.
  6. Button to quickly copy your application ID key.
  7. Button to quick access to all published versions of your application.
  8. Button for additional actions.

Application card with app information in AppMaster Web Designer

By clicking the application card Web Editor will be open.

Deleting an application

If you want to delete an application, click the Ellipses button on the application card and select "Delete".

Delete web application in AppMaster Web Application

A confirmation window will appear to avoid accidental deletion, asking you to confirm the action by entering the exact name of the application you want to delete in the field.

Application deleting in AppMaser Web Designer

❗️ Please note that this action is irreversible and cannot be undone.

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