Crash Course 101
10 modules
5 weeks


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Enhance your web application created with AppMaster by implementing new features and modifying existing business logic.

This exercise aims to deepen your understanding of front-end functionalities and interactive elements in AppMaster.

  1. Add a calculation counter: implement a feature to count the number of calculations performed. Display this counter's value visibly in the published application.
  2. Modify business process for front-end calculations:  alter the existing business logic to ensure all calculations are done on the front end.
  3. Conditional Button Activation: modify the Calculate button, so it becomes inactive if either of the input values (X or Y) is not entered. Reflect this condition through the button's appearance (e.g., change the Disabled property).
  4. Set Up Automatic Triggers for Calculation: configure triggers in your application so that the calculation process initiates automatically whenever a new value exists in the X or Y input fields without having to click on the Calculate button.

This homework is designed to test and improve your skills in creating dynamic and user-friendly web applications using AppMaster.

Good luck!

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