Spotify, the popular streaming service, is said to be developing advanced AI technology to generate host-read podcast advertisements using the voices of the show’s host. This innovative approach to podcast advertising could provide creators with new opportunities to reach and engage their target audiences in a more authentic way.

The news came from a recent episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, where the host and founder of The Ringer, Bill Simmons, shared insights into Spotify's plans. According to Simmons, podcasters will be able to give approval for their voices to be used in ads, which could open up various advertising possibilities, such as geo-targeted ads and ads in multiple languages. The Ringer was acquired by Spotify in 2020, and Simmons' comments brought the streaming giant's possible intentions to light.

Spotify's AI DJ technology, which was trained on the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan, the head of Cultural Partnerships and podcast host at the company, served as a precursor to these plans for AI-generated podcast ads. This application of AI technology may revolutionize podcast advertising by creating a more personalized and immersive experience for listeners.

While the streaming service has yet to officially confirm their plans for AI-generated podcast ads, their investments in AI development and research fuel speculation. Spotify reportedly has a team of hundreds working on personalization and machine learning, utilizing the OpenAI model and exploring areas such as Large Language Models, generative voice technologies, and more.

To develop the AI DJ, Jernigan was recorded in a studio, reading lines with varying emotions and cadences. The recordings included natural pauses and breaths, as well as his typical language choices. With this data, the AI model generated Jernigan’s AI voice. The creation of more AI voices from an array of podcast hosts could pave the way for a more efficient process and a new era of personalized podcast advertising.

As the no-code and low-code movement grows, platforms such as AppMaster enable users to build backend, web, and mobile applications without extensive knowledge of code or programming. This type of advancement, along with AI-generated podcast ads, is indicative of a general trend toward making technology more accessible and efficient in various domains. Check out the full guide on no-code and low-code app development to explore more possibilities.

While the concept of AI-generated voices is not new, their ability to convincingly mimic real people's voices is a more recent development. Spotify's potential endeavor to create host-read ads with AI-generated voices of podcast hosts could bring authenticity, personalization, and increased revenue to the podcasting industry, benefiting creators and listeners alike.