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10 Examples of No-Code and Low-Code Use Cases

10 Examples of No-Code and Low-Code Use Cases

Are you looking for platforms and companies that are using no-code and low-code technology to create software and app development? If YES, this article is for you. The current world is full of technology embedded in our life round the clock in one way or another. No matter how far you are from technology, it must surely embed your life in some common ways. As the use of the software is increasing, the demand and ease of the end user are also kept in mind making the technology easier and better daily.

No-code and low-code is a lifesaver regarding technology and code development of new apps, software, and websites. They are budget and time friendly and develop any time of apps and websites for the end user as well as a developer to save time and money and provide the same productivity. Many companies are opting for this no-code and low-code technology for building their websites and apps.


What should I know about No-Code and Low-Code?


Low-code is a method of app development that uses fewer hand coding tools. User doesn't need to take hours to write code; it allows users to use visual interface software development tools and create a fully functional app. Users can remove their burden by using low-code platforms that make several tasks faster and easier using tools. For example, testing, troubleshooting, and development. These low-code app development platforms guide users step by step to complete the app development using tools. Low codes are a cost-effective way to develop a complicated app for firms and generate income with tools. Users can customize the app according to the need of the business nature.


The name suggests that it doesn't require any code, no-code app development platforms have pre-made designs, and users can change the interface as per their need using visual tools. It doesn't mean you are restricted to developing an app according to the design, but it gives you the flexibility to make changes and develop an app for your business as you desire with tools. It is a cost-effective method to create a useful app for your startup in a short period of time.

What is the difference between low-code and no-code?

There is a little between these two. If you want a fully automatic app generation, no-code can be your choice, and if you have some background programming knowledge, you can go ahead with a low-code. The key differences between these tools are:

Need little technical knowledge of codes for app development.Everyone can develop with different backgrounds.
Flexible to make customization in applications according to the nature of business using code tools.Customization is possible in pre-designed templates.
Allow developers to control the applications.Mobile responsive applications.
End-to-end development.Some platforms provide limited capabilities.

What can I build with low-code and no-code?

The no-code and low-code technology can help you in the code development of any kind of application, website, and software. The main purposes of development for which this technology is used are as follows:

Digital banking

Low-code and no-code platforms allow users to create secure applications and software that operate on all types of devices.

As online banking requires strict security, low-code and some no-code is a good option for creating an advanced app that can fulfill the requirement of online transactions, security of identity, and timely online payments.

E-commerce apps

E-commerce apps are complicated as they require finishing every little aspect, such as location, region, currency, time, medium, inventory level, catalog, and tracking. With the help of no-code platforms, you can secure payments, manage inventory levels, and update the currency and region according to the application location.

CRM apps

These are made for businesses to connect with the consumer, improve, generate sales, and gain profit continuously. No-code is a cost-effective way for the development of complicated apps like CRM.

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Field inspection

With the help of no-code platforms, you can easily create an app for field inspection. This coding app can benefit the real estate, municipalities, governments, industries, businesses, construction workers, and investigators. Users can inspect the things in the area with your app and make quick decisions.

Management system

Implementing a management system for your organization with no-code app development is easy. You can manage your inventory, workforce productivity, transport, and other business operations.

Appointment scheduling

No-code app development platforms allow you to create apps like Calendly. With these apps, you can share calendars with the other app, book meetings, appointments, payment system integration, reminders, and important notifications. You also integrate these features into another app and customize your functions accordingly.

Social apps

Yes! You can create social interaction apps with no-code app development platforms. For example, you can create social app development like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others, allowing users to get in touch with people worldwide.


These apps can be created with no-code platforms such as AppMaster. These apps are a bit complicated as they require connecting with the customer. Door Dash, Uber, and Airbnb are some marketplace apps that get the data from the customer and deliver the parcel to the right destination on time.

Listing directories

Like the Zillow app, it includes job boards, real estate listings, and others. It shows new listings of jobs, new property, housing, and rental place. With a no-code app development platform, you can easily and quickly create this kind of app and start your business.

File management

These are apps like DropBox, which allow users to save files, organize files, and share files. Users can get access to the files anywhere in the world. These apps are secure, easy to use, and can be created with no-code.

The top 10 platforms using low-code and no-code technology

Many companies and platforms use the latest code tools of low-code and no-code for app development. Still, the top 10 examples of low-code and no-code platforms are listed below that are running the business successfully and also helping end users because they are user-friendly to use.

Low code technology platforms

Zoho creator

Zoho creator is one of the best low-code platforms that allow users to create an advanced app easily. You can create multiplatform apps using code tools and automate the workflow in your apps. Zoho creator supports MS access, file maker, and other databases too. Zoho creators give suggestions to the user of code examples to make the customer experience better.


Mendix helps create business apps with simple one-line coding to create the apps of your imagination. Users can make quality apps with the help of code tools for several field services such as logistics tracking, digital insurance, delivery app and management, equipment maintenance, etc. It offers an end-to-end automation process that brings together people, systems, and data.

Microsoft power apps

If you have a Microsoft power apps code development platform, it is not a big deal to create low-code apps for you. This platform has advanced code tools and features that allow users to make changes in the existing pre-defined templates or make changes in the templates by writing low codes as per the requirements. Plus, to maintain a good customer experience, it gives code examples to its user.


Caspio is another low-code software development platform that runs on SQL Server and AWS to deliver first-class technology and unmatched performance and security. It allows you to scale and expand apps without any restrictions. It allows you to create a limitless number of online database apps in several use cases, such as finance, marketing, operations, HR, IT, and admin.

Caspio code tools take great care of security, which is why it uses encrypted password technology, IP-based access controls, one-time sign-on, and record-level permissions. Caspio is known for good customer experience as it allows users to have code examples in the suggestions.

Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is a simple yet effective way of coding an app development platform to create mobile apps with a low code platform. It is a mixture of low coding and traditional coding in the same IDE that allows users to create web and desktop applications by using assets. You can develop full mobile apps by staying in the IDE and able to migrate existing apps even written in other languages by using LANSA's bridge capabilities. Visual LANSA has a repository store that stores the essential components of app development so that users can resume the modules; it increases efficiency and reduces the time for software development. Visual LANSA never ignores customer experience and suggests code examples to the end user.

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No-code technology platforms


AppMaster is a great and number one choice for a no-code app development platform. It has a powerful user interface and backend that generate the source code, which gives the user flexibility to work on any other platform by taking its source code from the AppMaster platform. It has a drag-and-drop interface that requires no time to build a fully functional app. No matter what type of app you want to build, AppMaster can help you in all.

no-code-solutions work

Moreover, the AppMaster platform can write technical documentation in the same way as humans do. In fact, it is better than the whole team of developers because it is faster, flexible, and cheaper. No-code platform AppMastercan generates 22,000 lines of code per second. Man is not capable of such a result. The icing on the cake is it has backed that it is written in Golang, a famous and widely used general-purpose language.


Bubble, a no-code platform, is the fastest way to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Its interface is simple: just drag and drop the features, giving you full control over the design elements. Bubble keeps the record of its user secure and password-protected log in just like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Apps are mobile responsive with Bubble and be translated into more than 80 global languages.


Airtable is a no-code development platform that develops amazing apps by combining your ideas with the power of Airtable. It works quickie as it offers the database with the familiarity of spreadsheets. There are More than 200k+ organizations that use AirTable for code app development and deliver effective outcomes. It has several templates for bug tracking, product catalog, product launch, product tracking, and more. Airtable lets you integrate with other apps such as Gmail, Twitter, Google Sheets, and many other useful apps.


AppyPie is also a no-code development platform for developing mobile apps. It lets you integrate with other web services, such as Twitter, Slack, MailChimp, etc., so that users can increase the software's power with just a couple of clicks. Apps created with Appypie can be run on any kind of gadget that is connected to the internet. Software development with Appypie has the ability to increase business growth, customer traffic, and updates with time.


Knack is a no-code app development platform that empowers the user to transform the data into a robust online database. It provides a clean interface that makes mobile app creation easy and quick with a drag-and-drop framework. Knack is easy to maintain as it allows you to migrate, maintain, edit, update, and back up data. Knack comes with its SEO plugin that allows your data to come in search easily. Apps developed with Knack are mobile-friendly, secure payment systems and connect you with secure processors such as Stripe and PayPal.

The bottom line

The demand for low-code and no-code platforms is rising because of their easy and faster interface. You can choose the low-code or no-code app development platform based on your business requirements and budget. If you are looking for a no-code app-building platform, AppMaster can be your best choice.

Many app development platforms are available on the internet; AppMaster is at the top of the list and is a suggested development platform that allows the user to create apps with ease without involving any coding and easily with the powerful illustrator and backend, so users can make changes per their needs and create a fully functional app for the business. Try now!

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