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What No-Code Platforms Can Do?

What No-Code Platforms Can Do?

No-code platforms are tools that develop applications without requiring a single line of code to be written. These are tools with an intuitive interface similar to a graphical editor. Today's platforms are based on drag & drop builders with visual elements and blocks. Creating an application becomes a matter of moving blocks on the screen instead of writing a web of code.

Even though the field is not yet so developed and studied, thousands of no-code tools exist for different purposes, limited platforms for creating one type of product, and complex platforms for more complex applications. A prime example is AppMaster.io, a platform with automatic code generation, high performance, and scalability. A wide range of applications can be developed on the platform. Let's study the tool in more detail.

AppMaster.io platform and its features

AppMaster.io is a no-code platform for developing server-side, web, and mobile applications. With the tool, you can create corporate applications of any complexity without programming skills.

no-code platform

AppMaster.io creates applications just as a developer would. All components of the application will be the same as professional software.

What does the platform do?

  • creates the source code;
  • compiles;
  • manages to publish;
  • writes the documentation.

Creating a program with the platform is hundreds of times faster than standard programming. AppMaster.io generates code at 22,000 lines per second. The benefits of such platforms make you think twice about using them. Implementing no-code tools gives you a competitive advantage in the first place. You can get your project up and running quickly and reduce development costs. These are perhaps the first reasons why companies start using no-code. But among the most practical advantages are automation and minimization of errors.

Errors and mistakes occur in the work of programmers—lack of qualifications, which can not always be checked when hired, inattention, and the human factor. Many people are in a hurry and don't do code reviews; they accumulate technical debt working with separate pieces of code. Or they are just not ready to take on large projects and are constantly in doubt.

How do we avoid the problem?

Let's take AppMaster.io as an example. The platform generates a Go backend, includes a Vue frontend inside the binary, automates builds, deploys, and manages the application. It does everything a whole group of programmers would do. And the number of errors is reduced many times over. Let's say you want to make changes to an application, and add new functionality and elements. The programmer will go to a specific part of the code and make changes. What AppMaster.io does - with every change, the platform generates code again for the entire app. There are fewer errors; the code is cleaner, and the work is faster.

Mistakes in IT are expensive. The case of the Ariane 5 rocket proved this. One wrong line of code led to a simultaneous reboot of 114 switches, which was repeated every 6 seconds. As a result, the decision was made to blow up the rocket. The damage was $8.5 billion. The risks are too significant, aren't they?

In addition to mistakes that slow down the development of projects and cause financial losses, other problems stand out:

  • Large budgets - the launch of a software product requires significant expenses: a team of developers, analysts, designers, further support of the project, etc.;
  • Unpreparedness of the developer to take on a large project, attempts to "rework and rewrite everything
  • Vague deadlines: Getting a project ready by the deadline is not an easy task.
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All processes can be optimized with no-code. AppMaster.io, in particular, like many other platforms, offers subscription terms, which is cheaper than working with an entire team. High coding speed and automated functionality allow you to develop applications from scratch in weeks.

AppMaster's flexibility and accessibility

No-code tools are built for business users, making development more accessible. Producers and marketers can also act as developers, test their ideas, and implement them. This is especially useful for product managers, who interact directly with developers and task them. Using AppMaster.io, they can think through the logic and create an outline of the future app in the Business Process Editor using visual blocks.

Business Process Editor

The flexibility that no-code provides and the wide range of applications that can be created help companies improve service, save dozens of employee hours, and implement necessary custom tools. With AppMaster.io, you don't have to deal with typical organizational tasks (uploading content, registration, and more). You assemble everything like a constructor. There is no need to double-check everything after the release, and the platform will do everything for you and prepare the product for publishing.

What can I create with AppMaster.io?

You can use the platform to create ready-made solutions for internal company services, CRM and ERP systems, checklists, admin panels, workflow automation, organization of contact centers, custom support, staff training applications, and complex logic for the corporate market.

As you read through the reviews, you'll find solutions from three categories:

  • Interface work/application designer;
  • Work with integration;
  • Working with the backend: databases, user authorizations, etc.

In AppMaster, you can work with all of these areas. You can design the basis for the project, the database, in the visual data model editor. The generated applications use any Postgres-compatible DBMS, which is more speed and manageability; you can host them in your data centers. AppMaster.io has modules. You can use them to develop complex integration schemes and connect services quickly.

AppMaster modules

In the Business Process Editor, you create a logical sequence of activities for applications using the same visual blocks. App design helps you create the look and feel you want for your apps. In AppMaster.io, you can develop native mobile apps. They are published directly to AppStore and PlayMarket. AppMaster.io uses its framework for rendering app screens along with the logic of widget interaction on the fly.

It's possible to modify the app after it's published in the stores. To change the mobile app's logic and screens, you only need to republish the backend. The entire platform is built on visual blocks. A drag&drop builder interface makes AppMaster.io accessible for business users who do not have to write a single line of code to implement their idea.


Today, no-code platforms are confidently entering the information market. The main obstacle is still the lack of knowledge and experience in working with the tools. No-code noticeably bridges the gap between developers and business users, but one cannot do without the help of the former. For programmers, it is an excellent opportunity to master a new direction and advance professionally. The demand for new developers is growing every day. Whether you are a developer or an entrepreneur - in both cases, no-code will be helpful to you.

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