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Learn No-Code Development

Learn No-Code Development

Today, no-code development is on its hype due to the penetration of mobile apps in the business industry on a large scale. In this regard, no code tools allow business owners to build an app even with no technical knowledge. If you want to learn no-code development, you are in the right place. In this article, we'll unveil the best ways to help you to learn no-code app development. Let's begin with the time required to learn no code: 

How long does it take to learn no-code?

No-code apps are everywhere. If we say it's the era of no-code app development, there is no other opinion. Do you want a no-code app solution to build a sturdy digital reputation for your business? If yes, you need to get familiar with no-code education. 

You might be wondering how long it will take to learn no-code development. The noticeable thing you should keep in mind is that learning no-code is not an overnight process. Are you passionate about learning no-code? If yes, you only need to follow a 100-day plan to make your no-code learning journey faster. You only need to dedicate 30 minutes daily to learning no-code. We recommend you follow the no-code university by AppMaster to create a no-code tool without writing code. Learning no-code with AppMaster will make the no-code development an easy process. Building a no-code app helps business owners to save money without hiring professional developers. Therefore, learning no-code app building is the best option if you have just started your business and are on a tight budget.


So, are you ready to accept your 100 days challenge of learning no-code

Can I learn coding all by myself?

Do you want to learn coding to build an app for yourself? If yes, building an app with programming is a hectic process if you are from a non-tech background. Learning how to code requires extensive time and energy to create an app. So, the best practice is to build software with no-code platforms without worrying about your skill level in coding. The beauty of building mobile apps with no-code tools is that they deliver software solutions faster and don't cost too much.

Moreover, you need not spend money to hire a professional team of developers to complete your app project. Using a no-code tool, you can create an app on your own, or you can hire a no-code developer. But, if you are starting your business, the best practice is to take a no-code course to learn zero-code development rather than hiring a no-code developer. This approach will help you to cut down the cost of the salary of a no-code developer. Choosing a no-code platform will allow you to create a wide range of products, such as building websites and mobile apps.

But if you want to build websites with complex features, then hiring a no-code developer is the best option. In this regard, no-code experts will help you during all development phases ranging from planning to app deployment. Most no-code tools, such as AppMaster, have a community of no-code experts to assist you in the visual programming. Therefore, seeking help from top no-code experts will help you to build websites, software, and mobile apps using drag-and-drop options. 

Does no code have a future?

In the fast-growing competitive world, businesses want agile solutions to increase profitability. Due to the rapid growth of digital media, business growth highly depends on the business presence on digital platforms, such as mobile apps, web apps, and other products. So, there is a dire need to learn no code skills to revamp your business growth through mobile apps. In this regard, many no-code tools offer no-code courses to help beginners to acquire no coding skills with zero-coding skills. 

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Learning no-code Resources in 2022

After going through the scope and competitive advantages of no-code development, we hope you are convinced to build a no-code app with the help of a no-code tool. If you are a non-techie, you must learn no-code development. You might be wondering about the authentic resources to learn no-code development. 

There are tons of no-code courses on digital media, but the top no-code platforms offer authentic no-code courses. After taking a no-code course from a popular no-code tool like AppMaster, you need not hire a no-code developer to build software mobile or web apps. Here, we are enlisting the top resources to help you learn no-code development. Let's begin:

AppMaster no-code university

AppMaster is a popular no-code tool that allows beginners to build software without hiring a no-code developer. If you don't know how to get started with AppMaster, the good news is that AppMaster no-code university offers a crash course for beginners to get familiar with it. The best thing about this no-code course is that it costs nothing to deliver no-code education. After completing this no-code course by AppMaster, you can transform your ideas into reality within a few clicks, even if you have no-coding skills. This no-code course has ten modules and a timeline of five weeks. These modules discuss all the nitty gritty that will help you to launch digital products without coding. The course is divided into modules according to the level of difficulty.

You can find modules like:

After completing this course, you can create multiple digital products without the help of no-code experts. 

Zeroqode Lab

Zeroqode Lab offers multiple no-code courses to help beginners to learn how to use popular no-code tools such as Bubble, Zapier, etc. Moreover, Zeroqode Lab offers templates for no-code tools to create no-code app projects. Zeroqode Lab is offering over 20 no-code courses to help students turn their ideas into reality. Some popular courses on this platform are: 

  • A marketplace web app course, such as Airbnb
  • An on-demand mobile app course, such as Uber 
  • A swiping app course, such as Tinder
  • Community web app courses like Yelp

The noticeable fact about Zeroqode Lab is that you need to purchase a subscription plan to explore all the content. Although this platform offers a free plan, it has limited options when it comes to content accessibility. To unlock all the content, you need to purchase a premium plan that costs $49/per month, or you can purchase an IPO plan that costs $85/per month or offers lifelong access for $149

No Codify

The workflow of No Codify allows beginners to learn how to use a no-code tool, This platform requires a sign-up to start the course. It reserves ten days to cover ten topics via email newsletter. With this course, you may learn the following modules to build a project: 

  • Databases
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • App workflow
  • Privacy of a mobile or web app
  • Transaction method, and more.  

MakerPad and Zapier Courses

Makerpad and Zapier have played a vital role for beginners to learn no-code development without traditional coding. These two organizations are collaboratively working and have introduced a series of no-code courses to help beginners to turn their ideas into no-code projects. They offer free, self-paced no-code courses and provide certification after every course. There are four learning modules of these no-code courses are: 

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  • How to build websites
  • How to create a mobile app
  • How to design databases 
  • Ho to add automation

These courses are in the form of short videos with some images and text. These videos are well-explained and provide every detail to start no-code projects. After learning no code with Zapier and MakerPad, you can choose a no-code app template from the no-code tool to create a no-code app. 

Airdev No Code Bootcamp

Airdev No Code Bootcamp offers a course that helps beginners to learn a popular no-code tool, Airdev introduced Canvas n 2013 to make app development easier through an interactive user interface. This free no-code course is a self-paced course of 54 hours. So, you can choose a time when you want to learn no-code app development. You need to follow four modules when learning no code with this platform. 

No-code community

Apart from these no-code courses, the no-code community has also played a vital role in learning no-code. After joining hands with a no-code community, you can launch no-code apps by saving the cost of traditional app development. Let's unveil the top no-code communities that are playing a role in building no-code apps: 


NoCodeDevs is a platform for no-code developers to share their experiences and tricks with beginners. This no-code community is the best option if you want to learn popular no-code tools to build a no-code app. This community of no-code experts can guide you to master a no-code tool and start your no-code projects. 

Nu Code

Nu Code is a community of no-code builders to learn and share new trends in the no-code industry. The community members are on thriving for beginners to launch their no-code products. 

Nocoders Academy

Nocoders Academy is a robust no-code community that offers valuable resources for beginners to learn no-code development. Tutors and mentors in this community can help you to understand the workflow of popular no-code tools. 


NoCode.Tech offers a wide range of no-code tools for learning no-code app development. After joining this community, you can learn how to build a no-code app and seek help from the no-code experts if you face any difficulty.


WeAreNoCode is a popular no-code community that helps entrepreneurs and non-techies to start no-code app development. The app-building process becomes easier if you join this community, as you can seek help from the top no-code experts. 

Final Thoughts

After going through this guide, we hope you are well versed in the hype, latest trends, and top resources to learn no code development. If you want to upscale your business with a mobile app, we recommend learning no-code development to save time and money. In this regard, AppMaster has come a long way to help business owners to turn their ideas into reality. If you lack no code skills, we recommend you explore AppMaster No-Code University to learn from a to z about no-code development with AppMaster. This no-code academy offers a free course that can help you from designing a UI and integrate databases with your no-code app. Fingers crossed for your journey of learning no code with AppMaster!

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