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List of 9 Effective No Code Startups Launched in 2022

List of 9 Effective No Code Startups Launched in 2022

Websites, web apps, and mobile apps have become an essential part of the majority of businesses and agencies in this digital era. The development world is also rapidly progressing to keep up with these and meet the customer requirements.

The efficiency and reliability of the code development procedures impact both large-scale companies and small businesses. One great change in the last few years has been that creating a web app or mobile application is no longer only associated with traditional development and programming skills.

Instead, the emergence of no-code platforms allows individuals and businesses to fulfill their requirements without requiring professional development skills or experience. No coding development approach has allowed a lot of people to turn their ideas into successful businesses in the form of no-code startups. There is a long list of no-code startups launched in the last few years. Before exploring some of the most effective no-code platforms, let's discuss the basics of the code development approach.

What are no-code startups?

Products or startups that are developed using no-code platforms are called no-code startups. These are called no-code startups because they are developed without writing even a single line of code manually. The most common benefits of no-code startups are higher speed-to-market and lower development costs. A company built with the no-code approach can enjoy many different benefits on the basis of the platform it uses to create a web app or mobile app. It is important to note that no-code development platforms are not only meant for non-technician business founders. Instead, people with an IT background and technical knowledge can also use this approach to launch a startup quickly and efficiently.

Top 9 Effective No Code Startups

Many different no-code startups have emerged in recent times. Let's look at the nine most effective no-code startups:

Ungated Media

Editor of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly authored the "1,000 True Fans" article in 2018. It mostly discussed how the internet will affect the future and how it would enable certain individuals to make a living from their creative endeavors. Rob Hardy, the creator of Ungated Media, established this platform to implement the concept. He used the Webflow no code website builder to build this Ungated Media. Its journal and social network are aimed at businesspeople, solopreneurs, creatives, and artists. It seeks to assist such people and link them with their supporters. The platform's objective is to assist in creating a sustainable company in this manner.

Ungated Media serves as a forum for those looking to live independently. Webflow is used to create the MVP membership publication's front end. Ungated Media members access items that offer instructional resources for developing profitable businesses using their ideas. Additionally, the site offers creators one-on-one tutoring. The revenue of Ungated Media is estimated to be around $15,000 per month.

Dividend Finance

Another outstanding example of a no-code business that is successful in the financial sector is Dividend Finance. This San Francisco-based company, which was founded in 2013, is the top supplier of financing options for property owners for renewable energy and energy-saving projects. The platform offers household solar loans, solar finance, and real asset investing as its services. Dividend Finance has completely altered the renewable energy business with its first-rate services, and it is still expanding. It enjoyed a massive boost in its popularity during the pandemic and has won several awards.

Dividend Finance has been built with the Bubble. It is a popular no-code platform that can be used to develop different types of web apps and app websites. The team behind Dividend Finance has enjoyed the benefits of Bubble greatly as they have made it easier to apply for loans. This is the reason why Dividend Finance is worth over $350 million in total funding amount.



American healthcare IT startup Consentogram has created an artificial intelligence management system using the AppMaster code-free platform. Consentogram specializes in patient informed consent automation with integration into physician workflows with EMR systems in hospitals. The idea was to create an AI-assisted informed consent system at the point of care, clinical decision support (CDS), and real-time ML-based bad practice risk mitigation for service providers. The AppMaster Professional Services team was able to cut development time in half by using AppMaster to build the backend. The budget for the creation of the solution was reduced by 70%.

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Happy Careers

Happy Careers is a website that helps professionals discover their purpose when they feel trapped in unsuitable or unfulfilling careers. They specialize in mid-career transitions and are dedicated to helping people all around the world have fulfilling careers. Their current offering is a self-practice booklet that provides detailed instructions on how to find new career possibilities. It is a quick and inexpensive approach to create a tactical departure strategy from your present position and transition into a career that fulfills you.

A new online course from Happy Careers will soon be available. Its goal is to help you determine where you are in your career transition path and what actions you need to take next. If you are an experienced professional searching for a career transition or a second career, or if you are a budding side-hustler wanting to explore ideas for your next hustle, Happy Careers is for you. Happy Careers' overall design and structure are built with multiple no-code platforms like Carrd, Stripe, and MailerLite to integrate different features into the app website.

Lambda School

Lambda School

Austen Allred and Ben Nelson established the online coding boot program known as Lambda School in 2017. When it originally opened, it gained notoriety for being the first boot camp to use revenue-sharing agreements as a finance strategy. It has since reinvented the field of online education in an inventive way. It provides thorough courses in backend software coding/development, data science, and web development, with a goal statement to give a low-risk road to increased income.

Additionally, it presently holds the top spot for the best software development boot camp in 2022, with a grade of 4.45/5 and estimated annual revenue of $93.3 million. The team of Lambda School built the MVP with the help of low-code platforms like Typeform and Retool. Now, they are using several other no-code platforms like Webflow, Zapier, and Calendly to extend the functionalities of the system.


Switchboard is another popular no-code startup that has been built from scratch by Bubble. It deals with different advertising and marketing features. Founder David Pal discovered that when large-scale companies like Uber have to manage a large network of billboards, it becomes difficult to coordinate and manage them at a reliable scale since advertising displays, particularly enormous billboards, each operate on a different operating system. As a result, David and his group started working on a system that would provide a single point of control for such intricate networks.

So, Switchboard was created. In essence, it's a solution that allows businesses to automate the integration of third-party programmatic advertising, plan and manage content from a single user interface, and check the health of screens. Switchboard has established itself as a highly successful next-generation SaaS platform throughout the years.


One of the biggest centers for no code teaching and social interaction is Makerpad. They are a community of creators, enterprises, startups, and students. There are people using no code to construct, companies running, students studying, etc. With their numerous courses, you may master the fundamentals of no-code here. You may increase efficiency in your organization by using automation. More than 17,000 people are presently active on Makerpad. Additionally, it holds the top spot among no-code communities worldwide. Over 350 lessons have been created specifically for both novices and those with prior no-code expertise.

Your transition to becoming a no-code master will take no less than five weeks with their signature 5-week, cohort-based foundation training. Makerpad was built in 2019 and was purchased by Zapier in 2021. It uses several no-code platforms like Webflow, Airtable, and Airstack. You may select from a variety of no-code tools in their tool directory based on your needs or the needs of your business. Makerpad uses no code to empower companies every day.

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Roast My Landing Page

Roast My Landing Page is a web app built with Webflow. It makes around $4000 per month. As the name implies, Roast my Landing Page offers a customized roasting solution for landing pages. The site offers its customers a 20-minute tailored video with tips on how to boost conversion rates. Oliver Meakings, a landing page optimization specialist, created a business that has already finished over 500 roasts. These roasts have all been given five stars. All of these startups have succeeded in turning website visitors into clients. The platform is created to help SaaS firms build their client base.

Their offerings include a roast-style tailored assessment that includes suggestions for improvement. They also mention a few specific solutions for website enhancement as part of the service. They may be found in a variety of places, including pictures, forms, and drawings. Within 48 hours, customers see their films roasted. A refund is assured if the platform is ineffective for you, such as if the roast has no impact on your conversion rate. The cost of one roast is £249.


Kacper Staniul, a creator and growth marketer, created Scrapbook with the help of Carrd and Airtable. You may discover innovative and effective eCommerce and SaaS strategies on this site. There are roughly 280 strategies available to SaaS companies to achieve rapid and significant development. Additionally, the platform features more than 80 eCommerce strategies. These strategies were developed as a result of the creator's extensive background in growth marketing.

All entrepreneurs, product developers, and marketers looking to expand their businesses will find this to be a useful resource. The number of techniques continues to grow by two to three new tactics each month. Using acquisition strategies, you may fill your sales funnel with additional prospects. You may increase your full-time clients by using revenue strategies. You may ensure that your product is suggested to more people by using referral strategies. Scrapbook SaaS costs $147, Scrapbook Bundle costs $197, and Scrapbook + Teardown costs $797 to access.

Is coding necessary for startups?

The emergence of various no-code startups proves the fact that coding is no longer necessary for startups. Whether you want to create a user-friendly web app or mobile app, you can rely on no-code platforms to design reliable systems without writing any code yourself.

How good is no-code?

No code platforms are a reliable alternative to the traditional programming and development approach. They allow you to transform your ideas into apps within a few hours through simple drag-and-drop features. There are no significant disadvantages of using no-code development. Most of the arguments against the no-code platforms are made by people who have been working in the traditional development field.

However, there is a lot of room in the development industry, so both of these methods can exist to develop different types of apps. With time, more and more no-code platforms are launching in the market. The success stories of the no-code startups show that this modern development approach is transforming the way people and businesses approach different methods of building apps.

Choosing the Best No Code Tool

There are many different no-code platforms available in the market, but you should choose a platform that is capable of fulfilling all of your requirements by creating both frontend and backend. AppMaster is a modern intelligent no-code platform that stands out in the competition because it allows you to create a real AI-generated backend and an engaging interface made with drag-and-drop visual editing tools. You can use AppMaster to develop both web and mobile applications, so you can definitely rely on AppMaster to establish a successful no-code platform.

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