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Developed: Admin panel, IOS app, Android app
Market segments: Manufacturing, Software
Company Size: 1-50 employees

For the first time in our experience, software development and business needs kept the same pace

About GSE

GSE LLP is a system integrator operating on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than ten years. The company specializes in the supply of server and network solutions, manufactures computers, system units, monoblocks, and servers.

Problem: rising maintenance costs of a legacy system

The company faced a sharp increase in the cost of maintaining an outdated system.

Before implementing the solution from, GSE used Microsoft Excel and manually registered customer warranties, kept tracking of them, and provided service support. This approach began to require more time and effort due to increased production volumes. That is when a need for more robust and reliable tools arose.

The team was limited, and manual tracking was consuming a lot of the employees' time. The new system had to be built as fast as possible to simplify the process, keep the team productive, and don't make customers wait.

We needed the system urgently and without any major expenditures. We had no time to hire developers, explain the idea and spend months until the project launch. The customers needed better service, and we had to hurry to keep them with us.
Nurtay Saudzhanov, Head of Customer Service

Solution: web dashboard & mobile apps built with

Using the platform, the company developed and launched a service that simplified equipment replacement and maintenance for customers under the warranty terms provided.

The broad functionality of the platform and the ability to work with complex logic in the Business Processes Editor made it possible to build a multifunctional backend, create a web interface for service employees, a web application for clients, and native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

All created solutions were integrated with the company's internal systems through customizable endpoints.

The purpose of the application was to speed up the work of the service and the processing of client requests. By scanning the serial number of the purchased equipment, сlients could contact technical support with a problem through the application. They could provide images and detailed information on the issue, so the customer support team could better understand the problem. The support team had quick access to the requests and could immediately process them and solve the problem.

With, we managed to assemble a fully working solution for warranty service for our customers in a few weeks. We did not hire any new developers and built it entirely on our own.
Alikhan Kenzhebayev, Head of Software Development

Results: 40% time savings & high adaptability

The new GSE system reduced the time employees spent on warranty tracking and service support by 40%.

After implementing a new system, the team minimized the risk of accidental errors in working with data, such as deleting a sheet or moving a row in Excel.

In addition, GSE can now easily make changes to its software solution. The team successfully uses to implement changes to the system every few weeks to improve workflows and keep up with customer demands.

Our customers can now use the created service to work with warranty and service claims, and we have significantly reduced maintenance costs and increased the speed of response.
Nurtay Saudzhanov, Head of Customer Service
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