Are you looking forward to the platform for marketing your launched online startup or the technology-related product? If YES, you are on the right article. Whenever a new startup or app product comes into being, it faces various challenges to create its space in the versatile market of existing products by attracting the target audience towards it.

After or even before the product is launched in the market, the only thing that will determine its success is its reach and connection to its target audience, which is usually fruitful with reliable platforms that promote your product launch. There are many incredible approaches to assist your product in this regard, but the platform Product Hunt is the best way to do this, especially if the product or startup is tech-related.

Getting yourself started on Product Hunt will not only bring your product into the deception of several technology lovers but will also help boost your web traffic, online appearance, and end-user engagement toward your newly launched product.

Product Hunt will allow you to stand out from the crowd in the wide variety of tech launches and promote you to the top if your product is outstanding.

What Is Product Hunt?

Ryan Hoover established the online community platform called Product Hunt in 2013. Product Hunt claims that the website displays the best new items every day. Makers upload their new newly launched tech products, and consumers come to find the latest and best technology on the site. The process of product hunting is done on the website, but this platform is also available on Android and iOS.

The product hunt website is used by many inventors and business owners to effectively launch their latest products, such as

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Apps
  • Tools
  • Other well-known products

New products are ordered according to popularity on the homepage. Popularity depends on how many upvotes an app or a product gets from the members. If you find a great product, you will upvote it. The more upvotes a product has, the higher it will rank high on the website homepage.

Additionally, there is a comment area for members on each product page. The comment section is the ideal location for asking the creator a question, expressing feedback, or finding out what other people think about the app or product. Members can contribute short blog posts to the community's conversation in the site's Discussions section. Product hunt also includes the job section, which means the best products will get annual awards for their performance. These awards are called Kitty Awards.

Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt

Who should use Product Hunt?

Anybody and everyone who is a technology lover! However, the product hunt platform has three main categories of users or investors.


Creators, makers, or founders are the ones who create tech products and launch those products or mobile apps on this platform. If you create software or mobile apps, you will go to this platform and launch your mobile apps. You will be called a maker of this app product. Once you launch your app or product on the website, it will be great to know the audience's opinions. A real-time user can tell you better, and you can improve your product to meet the investors' or users' expectations.


If you find any cold tech product on the internet that is not launching on this website yet, you upload this product on this Product Hunt web using the “I didn't create this product” button. The one who adds products with this procedure is called a Hunter, and this process is called "hunting." Let's take an example: if you are suffering on the internet and find cool mobile apps, or any product, you want the world to know about it, so you share the product with the platform community. Many founders or makers use this trick by uploading the product first as a product hunt team or investors and then launching them so that it would be successful.


The members are the king of this platform because they work as customers. Product Hunt Launch depends on them because they use the latest products launched by the makers and referred by the investors or hunters. They upvote the products or give honest reviews for what many founders or makers seek on the platform. Without members, there will be no users on the platform to use the product, and makers will no longer come to the platform to launch their product.

How to launch on Product Hunt

There are three steps to reach your product’s launch day and make it successful on the product hunt. The steps are as follows:

  • Pre-launch
  • The launch day
  • Post-launch day


If you want to launch your product on a Product hunt, you must consider the following points before launch day so that you can have a big audience to support you.

Build your audience

An upcoming page to be created on the product hunt, before your product launch, just like a film trailer to create early adopters waiting for your final results. With this, you can have emails from early adopters and people interested in your product. They can be your early users or beta testers for your great product, and there is a possibility that some of them will come to support you on launch day.

Community contribution

Be active in communities on the product hunt launch. You can share your story of starting this journey, what hurdles you came across, how you managed all the barriers, how your product will benefit the community, etc. This way, you can connect with more people; community users tend to support investors and hunters from their tribes.

LogoUpload your professional logo, with 240x240 size and under 2MB.
Product NameA good name for your product with 40 characters or less.
TaglineA simple yet creative tagline that connects with the audience. 60 characters max.
DescriptionIt should include all the information about your product; if users want to know about the product, they will use 260 characters max.
ImageThree or more pictures of your product from all angles so that users can get the right idea of it.
VideoUpload a video of your product that shows your product features, how it functions, and everything. You can upload your video from Youtube URL.
MakerCreate a Maker profile and mention the idea behind your product so that you can connect with more users.
Posting TimeTry to post your tech product at 12 AM PST, so you can get a whole day with users to interact.

Launch day

Be responsive

Once you launch your app or product, ensure you respond to everyone quickly. Users love to engage in conversations. With this, you can create new users to understand your app or product better and get honest feedback from users.

Add a widget

You can have multiple widgets on your web to get more new users on your product hunt page. Such as, you can add a banner image of your new products or mobile apps, subscribe button, or even discounts.


Thank you, community

If your mobile apps or products get the most votes and come in the top five products, celebrate your victory with the users who supported you and others to get them in the loop.

Share on social media

Share about your launch on all social media to get the most votes and have a big audience on your product page.

Sends an update

Share your updates to the subscribers of your results through newsletters and keep them connecting with you.

What type of traffic can you expect?

Many users on the product hunt launch come and test their products, such as mobile apps or tech tools, every day. If your products become the best new products, you can expect more than 10,000 unique visitors. You can quickly achieve 1,000 to 3,000 genuine sales for your best new products if you get this many visitors to your site. The audience on the product hunt like to have unique products and have reasonable conversion rates on those products.

If your app or product stays on the first page's bottom line, you can expect more than 2,000 new users on the launch day. Additionally, if you manage to be in the top five products, you have the opportunity to feature in the hunt digest email.

Hunt digest email is a collection of products with the most votes, fantastic technology products, and new feature tech announcements. This way, you can get more and more leads on your mobile apps or tech products.

In a nutshell

It is concluded that Product Hunt is a great resource and the number one strategy for marketing your newly launched tech product or startup. Check out the Product Hunt to know more about it. Product Hunt launch has millions of daily users worldwide, making it the best choice to launch, use or find new technology products. It brings the tech community closer and lets people keep updated with the latest tech products worldwide.

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