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How You Can Use a Landing Page to Validate Your MVP?

How You Can Use a Landing Page to Validate Your MVP?

In the business market, MVP abbreviates to "Minimum Viable Product." It refers to a product or business in a very early development phase, but it possesses enough features to gather potential customers' attraction to validate its production cycle.

The term MVP concept came from a book by Eric Reis called 'The Lean Startup.' The idea gained a lot of popularity and is widely used in the current booming era of Startups. Most people are unaware that you can use a landing page to validate your MVP effectively.

How do I create my own landing page?

To validate your MVP, you must create an effective and modern Landing page. You don't need to panic if you haven't created a landing page or website before. Creating a landing page website is easier thanks to WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and no-code service providers. You can create a landing page using free templates according to the platform you use to build the site. However, the landing page must contain some key functionality for validating MVP.

creative-sketch MVP

Here is what needs to be on your landing page to test the idea of MVP.

Design & graphics

Graphics and a landing page design set the tone for the customer experience. Depending on your MVP nature, you can set your entire page's color scheme, either business or product. To create graphics for your MVP landing page, you can use free tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, Visme, or others. In terms of design minimalist approach works most of the time if your MVP idea is business related.


After the graphics and design of a landing page, what grabs the visitor's attention is its text, specifically the headings. Attracting and eye-catching headings can make the visitor shift their complete focus to the text. That is what copywriters do, write the text that is sure to grab customers' attention. Use these headlines to describe your MVP to the visitor in a way that is easy to read and engaging. Customers like to hear what your idea can do for them and focus on points that make your product idea special.

Sign up/contact form

A successful landing page can not be completed without a sign-up or contact form. These forms are the best way to engage your customer in providing feedback or getting in touch with your MVP idea. If your MVP product or business allows for the monthly newsletter, it can boost the validation of the MVP idea. If the forms are getting good responses or feedback means that customers are finding it unique and has the potential to turn into a successful startup.

Special offer

A special offer on your MVP landing page can be many things. For example, if your idea is based on a product, you can give early visitors a special discount or free delivery offer, among many other things. Offer like these makes the customer feel more relatable to your MVP. Many land pages follow an offer to increase their reach by offering a discount to the customer who shares their page. The offer can be set separately or with a CTA (call to action) button. Using the right offer according to your product can validate it even more.

Multiple testing

If you are starting a new landing page to validate the MVP idea, testing multiple pages of the same MVP can do wonders. Simply put, use A/B testing on MVP's landing page to find out what is working and what needs improvement.

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Multiple landing pages with different designs, contexts, and images can make the decision easy for you by analyzing the traffic. Check what is working on each page, and try putting all of these features together to get the best landing page for your MVP validation.

How do you validate a landing page?

You have created a landing page to validate your MVP, but you are unsure where to begin. We will guide you on how to use the landing page effectively to validate the MVP idea. Here is everything you need to know

Driving traffic to the landing page

The more visitors your landing page gets the more validation on MVP increases. However, for this, you need traffic on the landing page, which can be challenging for a newer website. These steps you can follow to increase the traffic on your landing page.

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic. Find some sites relevant to your MVP and ask them to post a blog about your landing page. Some guest posting blogs do this for free, while many charges for this service.

  • Influencers

You can use influencers to direct traffic to your idea's landing page. Using the right influencer to promote the site is the key.

  • Social media

Social media marketing always works if used the right way! Depending on the niche of MVP and your target audience, you can use famous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Snapchat to build an audience around your MVP. Organica results in social media marketing can take some time. If you want validation early, you need to use paid ads.

Using traffic for validating landing page

You have gathered the audience for your landing page, and now it's time to use these visitors to validate the landing page. Here is how you can do it.

  • Analyze the traffic
    Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to filter out where the traffic is coming from. If you have used multiple methods like guest posting, social media marketing, PPC, or influencer marketing, check what's working best for your MVP landing page.
  • Filter the audience
    The first phase of any startup is deciding which audience it will target, and the same strategy goes for the MVP. If you getting the right audience means your idea got potential. In case of traffic from non-targeted audiences, the promotional needs to be revised.
  • Conversion
    You are getting traffic with the right audience, converting their next step. Depending on the nature of MVP, there could be many different ways for conversion, like using a newsletter or any form of subscription that guarantees validation of your MVP.

The more conversion you get from the landing page, the more it validates the idea of MVP.

How do I make an MVP roadmap?

The main benefit of MVP is that it validates the idea behind a startup, whether it will work or not. Before finalizing and initiating an MVP, it's crucial to have a roadmap.

Here is how you can create an MVP roadmap

Identifying the market

Market identification must be the crucial first step of Minimum Viable Product's roadmap. Like before any product idea, demand should be available in the target market.

Setting goals

Achieving a goal is directly equivalent to the product's success. Set long-term goals according to the nature of MVP, like what you are trying to get from the idea in the long term. For example, the success criteria of your MVP is to have X number of customers per day or Y number of sales in a month.

Customer journey

Plan what a successful journey should be like. It involves the visitor achieving the target set by the MVP/ For example, a successful customer journey for a product or service-based MVP should be like Targeted Customer Visits The Site > Clicks on Action Button > Complete the Procedure.

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One of the crucial factors in creating a successful roadmap of MVP is getting feedback. Ask the visitor for a review or feedback and see what could be improved upon during the MVP phase.

Is a landing page an MVP?

A landing page can be the ideal MVP for any startup as it allows the user to validate whether the idea is worth chasing or does it have enough potential to be successful. Many popular companies like Facebook or Airbnb did not start with full-fledged software. They tested MVP on their potential market, and the results were more successful.

How do I test an online business idea?

Online businesses are on the boom, especially after the Covid-19 impact. However, just like a physical business, there is always a risk involved in an online business. The good thing is that you can test your online business idea for potential. Here is how you can do it.

Have a clear picture

Before moving on to testing, you should be well aware of your business feasibility. It would help if you had clear answers to these questions:

  1. What market are you going to tackle?
  2. Is there enough market potential?
  3. What challenges are there?
  4. Where is the Gap?
  5. How much situation is in the market?
  6. How does your product fare better than others?

What are competitors doing?

If you are starting an online business in a market with competitors, you need to perform a competitive analysis. Conduct a market survey online and see what the competitors are doing and what you can do better. Note down the loopholes in the market and try to focus your business on these to stand out from the competition.

Use a minimum viable product (MVP)

Consider MVP as the prototype of your business idea. A successful MVP model can decide the potential of your online business. If your online business idea involves products, use a landing page to test the product. Minimum Viable Product is a great strategy that can be implemented in almost any online business. It can help your business identify areas for improvement.

Test product

If MVP shows potential in your business, test your business with the targeted customer. Using a smaller audience for the first test is ideal. If the feedback is mostly positive, perform a similar test with a larger audience.

Use feedbacks

Feedback is the blueprint for any successful business, whether online or physical. Use the feedback you received during the testing phase and see what can be tweaked or improved upon.

Create a promotional plan

After improving upon feedback, create a promotional strategy according to the nature of the product. Start with a lower investment to test which social media works best for your business.

Keep experimenting!

Keep experimenting with A/B testing or multiple promotional tactics until you find what works best with your business.


Using landing pages to validate your MVP is a great way to get the results of the idea early. If your idea involves a web or mobile application, but you are not a coding expert, there is no need to worry. Platforms like AppMaster allow users to create web and mobile applications or expand the back end of a site without using any code. This way, you can easily create an application-based MVP for validation on a landing page.

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