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Steps You Should Immediately do after Launching Your Mobile App

Steps You Should Immediately do after Launching Your Mobile App

Developing and publishing an app on mobile stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store is only half the battle of mobile application development and making it successful. Marketing plays a critical role in the success of any application. It has become more important than ever before that you focus on marketing your mobile application because the number of apps available on the internet is huge.

Statistics indicate that the number of Android apps on Google Pay is 3.3 million, while there are 2.2 million apps on the iOS Store. More than 143.6 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2021. Therefore, it is clear that there is a lot of competition in the mobile app industry, so you must use modern branding strategies to reach your target audience. If you want to get familiar with some of the most important steps, you should take them after the app launch.

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What To Do After A Mobile App Is Launched?

Once you have launched an application on app stores, you have to focus on its branding to reach the target audience and make loyal customers. Let's get familiar with the importance of post-app launch strategies before discussing the specific steps you should take immediately after launching your app in the app stores.

Importance of Post-App Launch Strategies

Planning is the key to success in all types of projects, including launching a new app on the app stores. Just like you would not open a traditional brick-and-mortar store without branding, it is also important to market your digital assets like apps.

App launch strategies are also important when you are taking a local application to the international market. Whatever the condition might be, proper app marketing is essential to stand out in the competition and attract new users.

If you want your app to reach the target audience, you should follow these steps to implement effective marketing strategies:

Step 1 - Set Up App's Landing Page

Creating a website for your new app is one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of marketing your business. It will help you build brand awareness and reach more users through various marketing channels.

The good thing about creating a landing page for your mobile application is that you can use it for marketing your app before and after launching it. You should include an about page and screenshots of the mobile application. Once the mobile app is fully developed and has an attractive interface, you can add a video of the app to show the user experience.

You can display some of the positive reviews from the customers on the landing page so that new potential users are impressed by your mobile app. It must have a mailing list sign-up option so that users interested in beta testing your app can register easily.

If you feature a blog on your website, it can help you drive organic traffic to the page and build a community. However, it is understandable that not everyone wants to manage a full-fledged website and a mobile application, so you can also choose to build a simple landing page.

Step 2 - Use Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has become an important part of all types of businesses and companies. There is a long list of social media platforms that enjoys massive popularity and high usage all over the world.

Therefore, it is important to have a strong social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to reach a wider audience through social media marketing strategies. It is also an affordable form of marketing because when you use social media correctly, there is a high chance that people will find you organically.

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Besides reaching new users, social media is also useful in informing current users about your app's latest features and updates. Effective marketing strategies help you in increasing the customer engagement rate.

If you want to make the most out of social media platforms, you should register your social media handles and account as soon as you have decided on a specific name for the brand and mobile application.

You can use social media to get feedback and reviews from the users and implement them in your next update. Moreover, data from social media is important in understanding your target audience and refining the app's functions. Make sure that your social media accounts are linked to the landing page and mobile stores from where the users can easily download the app.

Step 3 - App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a form of organic marketing. The purpose of implementing ASO strategies is to increase the visibility and appeal of your mobile apps in the app stores and increase your downloads.

Nowadays, ASO has become necessary for newly-developed apps to make their mark in mobile stores. Otherwise, there is a high chance that when a mobile app is published on the app store, it can get lost in the long list of mobile apps and games.

ASO is similar to search engine optimization, in which you have to use some target keywords and high-quality images to rank higher on the search results. Once you implement the best practices of ASO, you will be able to attract a large number of people organically and increase your conversion rate as well.

Step 4 - Use App Marketing and Analytics Software

Data is the currency of the digital era. It is important to consider various metrics through comprehensive data analysis to ensure your mobile application is appealing to the customers. Modern marketing and analytics tools can analyze an app and landing page according to different metrics to ensure you use the perfect branding and marketing strategies.

Once you have launched an app on the app stores, you should start using strong app marketing and analytics software to capture the level of progress of your company. Ultimately, analyzing different sets of metrics will facilitate you in improving your marketing campaigns and attracting more people to your application.

Marketing and analytics software is also important to design and run personalized marketing campaigns using suitable data insights. The success of personalized marketing is much more than general campaigns.

Step 5 - Consider the Feedback


Considering the feedback of the app users is one of the most important steps to take after the application launch. You can directly ask the early adopters what they think of the app and what improvements they would like to see in terms of the specific functionality and overall user interface. Relying on application ratings and marketing metrics can help you promote your application to more people.

Moreover, analyze how users are using your app. It is possible that users might start using the features differently from your expectations. Keep a close eye on the app feedback and reviews on the app stores to ensure the customers are happy with the app.

Collecting reviews and analyzing the feedback will help you consider the app's critical success metrics and ensure you are on the right track. You can use such data to attract new users and satisfy existing customers.

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Many users also judge the application on the basis of its ratings. Therefore, make sure that you are considering the feedback of the users to maintain high ratings on the app stores.

Paying attention to the customers' feedback also means removing any bugs that beta testers or early users report in an application. If the application runs into any serious glitch, the user will likely stop using the app. Hence, getting rid of all types of bugs and glitches as soon as possible is important to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


These steps point to the fact that app development and branding are a continual process. You have to keep track of the critical mobile application metrics to ensure it is reaching the target audience. In order to make sure that you are not frustrated by this entire process, you should be relying on no-code app builders like AppMaster to build web applications and mobile apps quickly and efficiently.

AppMaster speeds up the entire development process by allowing you to build an app with drag-and-drop features and an efficient AI-generated backend. It will ultimately help you in making your app successful as the development process will be completed quickly, and you will have more time, energy, and resources to focus on app branding and marketing.

FAQs About Post-App Launch Strategies

People are well-aware of the different ways through which they can develop an app. However, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to implementing app branding and marketing strategies after launching it on mobile stores.

Following are the common questions associated with post-app launch strategies:

How do I launch an app from the App Store?

Since the number of monthly app downloads is huge, you need to use all of the available resources and strategies to reach the target audience. Launching and branding an app on mobile stores can be quite overwhelming for new developers.

However, visual programming as AppMaster allows you to build user-friendly apps with a powerful AI-generated backend.

Following is the summary of the major steps involved in launching an app from the App Store:

  1. Register a Developer Account. 
  2. Connect your Development Account with your Merchant Account. 
  3. Develop a mobile app. 
  4. Upload the APK build to the App Release. 
  5. Make sure that you provide suitable content ratings. 
  6. Add pricing. 
  7. Confirm release to launch your app on the App Store. 

How do you announce a new app launch?

There are many different ways to announce that you are launching an app. You can do it through a well-crafted email or through your social media accounts. The launch strategies will help you gain the attention of potential customers. Make sure that you use attractive images and videos to make people interested in your app.

Is launching an app free?

There is no one specific amount of money that you have to spend to develop and launch an app. However, both Apple and Google Play Store have certain charges. You will need the App Developer Program to upload your app. It costs $99 per year. Once you register to the Apple Developer Program, you will be able to get access to App Store Connect and manage your apps. On the other hand, Google Play Console has a one-time cost of $25 at the time of registration. Once connected to both platforms, you can easily publish and launch your mobile app.

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