Expand APIRequestName Response Status Model Out

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Returns all the fields of a given Response Status model object for a specific API request.

Flow Connections 

  • [Input] In - starts the block's execution.
  • [Output] Out - activates when the block has finished its execution.

Data Connections

  • [Input] Model (model) - Response Status model object to be expanded.
  • [Output] Code (integer) - HTTP response status code.
  • [Output] Latency (integer) - latency of the response, in milliseconds.
  • [Output] Is Timeout (boolean) - True if the request timed out, False otherwise.
  • [Output] Response (string) - response body of the server in text format. If the request failed and the response body was not in the format defined in External API Requests, the Body output data connection of the External API Request block will be null. In this case, you can use this data connection to view the actual response body.