Testing in AppMaster.io Developer App

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Test your app on the fly without having to create a developer account in the stores.

Make sure you have saved changes to your mobile app and published the project to a deployment plan before proceeding.

  1. Download the AppMaster.io Developer App for Android and iOS from the store.

2. Log into the Developer App with your AppMaster.io account (the same one you use to log into the AppMaster.io Studio).

3. Here you will find a list with all your projects and the ones shared with you. Click on the one where you mobile app is deployed.

4. Choose the app you want to open (if you have created multiple ones for the same project).

5. Test out your app (remember that the default user is: [email protected] [login] appmaster [password]). Use the buttons below to reload the screen (1), clear cache (2), or exit the app (3).