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The "Crypto" module allows performing cryptographic operations: encryption and decryption of data, generation of private and public keys, generation and verification of an electronic digital signature. 

Additional settings are not required.

Crypto: Business processes

AES encryption and decryption: CBC and ECB modes

  • Crypto: Encrypt AES-CBC
  • Crypto: Decrypt AES-CBC
  • Crypto: Encrypt AES- ECB
  • Crypto: Decrypt AES- ECB

RSA encryption and decryption 

  • Crypto: Encrypt RSA
  • Crypto: Decrypt RSA

Electronic signature and signature verification

  • Crypto: RSA Sign (MD5)
  • Crypto: RSA Sign (SHA1)
  • Crypto: RSA Sign (SHA256)
  • Crypto: RSA Sign (SHA512)
  • Crypto: RSA Verify Signature (MD5)
  • Crypto: RSA Verify Signature (SHA1)
  • Crypto: RSA Verify Signature (SHA256)
  • Crypto: RSA Verify Signature (SHA512)

Generate RSA private and public keys

  • Crypto: Generate RSA key
Hardware Acceleration

In most cryptographic business processes we have cryptographic hardware acceleration built-in so you can get all benefits if you running your application on supported hardware (AES-NI)

Computing Resource Limits

Due to computing resource limitations for applications with free and low-end subscriptions, there is a chance that computing-hungry operations like Generate RSA Key with 4096+ key length will lead to a timeout or very long time waiting. The same limitations may occur with low-level hardware if you are self-hosting your server applications.


The Validators module checks common user data (bank cards, TIN, etc.) for compliance with the format.

Validators: Business processes

  • Validate OGRNIP RU
  • Validate OGRN RU 
  • Validate SNILS RU 
  • Validate INN RU 
  • Validate KPP RU 
  • Validate BIK RU 
  • Validate IIN KZ 
  • Validate Bank Card Number (Luhn) 
  • Validate KS RU 
  • Validate RS RU

Detailed information about each block of business processes - in the section Business logic - List of blocks - Validators.

IP Filter

The IP Filter module provides Middleware for filtering endpoint requests by IP addresses. 

The module is configured automatically.


  •  IP Filter