Get File

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Returns the contents of a given file together with its metadata.

Flow Connections

  • [Input] In - starts the block's execution.
  • [Output] Out - activates when the block has finished its execution.

Data Connections

  • [Input] File (file) - file to be read.
  • [Output] Contents (text) - contents of the file. 
  • [Output] Name (string) - name of the file together with the extension.
  • [Output] Path (string) - system path to the uploaded file.
  • [Output] Hash (string) - SHA-256 hash of the file.
  • [Output] Size (text) - size of the file in bytes. 
  • [Output] Created At (date & time) - creation date & time. 
  • [Output] Updated At (date & time) - last update date & time.