Publishing a Mobile App

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Learn how to test your mobile app and publish it to Google Play & App Store.

When you save changes to your mobile app (1) and publish your project to a deployment plan (2), it will immediately become available for testing in the Developer App for Android & iOS.

If you would like to publish your app to Google Play or App Store, you will first have to create a developer account in the respective platform. Once that is done, you will be able to download the APK/AAB file for the Android version, or to release your app to TestFlight for beta testing on iOS.

Mobile apps are built on a native framework developed by which allows you to deliver updates instantly and multiple times per day for your mobile app. Any time you publish a new version of your project, the mobile app will be automatically updated for all your users, they won't need to download the new version from the store. Read detailed instructions for testing & publishing your app below: