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What does AppMaster do?

AppMaster lets you build full-featured software with backend, frontend, and advanced native mobile applications. AppMaster creates the source code of your application, compiles and deploys it to any cloud provider or private server.

How long does it take to learn AppMaster?

It generally takes an engineer around twenty minutes to understand the concepts of AppMaster.io and another couple of hours for it to feel natural.

Who uses AppMaster? Engineers or non-technical people?

AppMaster can be used by non-technical people, but professional use requires engineering knowledge to create modern applications with a lot of features.

How does AppMaster compare to Glide, Bubble, Tilda, WIX, or some other tools?

If you're looking to build a small website, landing page or simple mobile app without business logic, AppMaster is probably not for you. AppMaster designed to create complete software solutions: backend with a bunch of business logic, highly customizable frontend, and native mobile applications with access to the device's hardware and special features.

What kind of software do people build with AppMaster?

Primarily, backend applications and software for internal needs, like internal tools for operations, customer support, sales, IT teams, etc. Also, AppMaster is suitable for building customer-facing solutions but may require additional tools to cover all needs.

I have complicated logic in my app. Will AppMaster work for me?

For sure! Use build-in business processes designer to create any complicated logic, attach business process to an endpoint, configure access, and features using endpoint's middleware. If you have external systems to connect to - just use the universal connector module to get access to all your external APIs.

What can't you do with AppMaster?

There are only a few edge cases, that can't be built by AppMaster. Usually, it's very complicated frontends with a lot of animation and custom visual logic. But you'd be surprised at the amount of stuff you can do in AppMaster. You can extend AppMaster in interesting ways by custom modules and integrations.

What if I want a component that AppMaster doesn't yet have?

If you have a use case that isn't handled by AppMaster's built-in components, you can build your own custom component to solve that use case. All custom code and components can be injected via modules.

Is AppMaster secure? Where's my data stored?

In general, AppMaster is much more secure than usual software because there is no human involved in a process of writing source code. AppMaster's AI has no bad days, never skipped classes and always use best practices. Our platform does not store your application data or source code, but we store your software requirements. All stored data is properly encrypted and secured from unauthorized access.

Which browsers and operating systems does AppMaster support?

Currently, a designer interface fully supported in Chrome & Firefox on Windows, Linux and MacOS, mostly supported in Safari on MacOS. Generated backend can be compiled for Linux, Windows and MacOS with any combination of processor configuration: x86, x86-64, or ARM. To configure the required OS and CPU platform check deploy environment settings.

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