Special modules

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Special modules developed for specific projects of our partners.

Autodesk Partner API

Module for integration with Autodesk ordering system.

Data models

Virtual data models

  • Order List Item
  • Maintenance Sub Switch Item
  • Previous Subscription
  • Initial Order Error
  • Autodesk Override Auth
  • Renewal Item
  • Order Detail Header
  • Initial Order Item
  • Add seats Item
  • Add products Item
  • Order Detail Item
  • Order Detail Partner
  • Multi User Trade Item

Business processes

Autodesk Partner API Group

  • Autodesk Partner: Initial Order
  • Autodesk Partner: Get my Price
  • Autodesk Partner: Multi-User Trade-in 
  • Autodesk Partner: Add products 
  • Autodesk Partner: Renewal 
  • Autodesk Partner: Add seats 
  • Autodesk Partner: Maintenance-to-Subscription Switch 
  • Autodesk Partner: Get Order details 
  • Autodesk Partner: Get Order list


Consumer CSN-CSN (serial number).
Callback URL-Callback URL.
Consumer key-Autodesk Client ID.
Consumer secret-Autodesk Client Secret.
Server URLhttps://enterprise-api-stg.autodesk.com/Server URL. By default, this is the address of the Autodesk test server.