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Modules and Integrations

Custom SMTP

The Custom SMTP module provides a package of settings for sending emails from any external SMTP server. 

If you have a mailbox on one of the e-mail services (for example, Google, Hotmail, Mail, etc.), then you can find out the SMTP parameters in the help documentation or by requesting "SMTP settings for (service name)" through a search engine. If you have mail on a custom domain, then in the settings or technical support of the service provider.

By default, the settings for the "Custom SMTP" module contain the settings for Gmail.

More details:

Business processes

  • Custom SMTP: Send an email

Module settings

Server address.
SMTP server port587Port for connection.
Use TLSYesWhether to use a TLS connection.
SMTP Server LoginNoneLogin of the account through which the letters will be sent.
SMTP Server PasswordNoneThe Password of the account through which letters will be sent.

Gmail API

The module provides tools for integrating with the Gmail API.

Data models

System data models

  • Gmail Label
  • Gmail Message
  • Gmail Draft
  • Gmail Message Payload
  • Gmail Header-Gmail Body

  • Gmail: Get message
  • Gmail: Send message
  • Gmail: Delete message
  • Gmail: Get all message
  • Gmail: all draft
  • Gmail: Get draft
  • Gmail: Delete draft
  • Gmail: Create new draft
  • Gmail: Delete label from message
  • Gmail: Add label to message
  • Gmail: Get all labels
  • Gmail: Get label
  • Gmail: Delete label
  • Gmail: Create new label
  • Gmail: Reply to message


Credentials file -The path to the credentials.json file provided by the Google Cloud Platform.

Email (SMTP Client)

Email module supplies business processes for sending emails with any external SMTP server.

Module Settings

SMTP server hostnameNone
SMTP server port587
Use TLSYes
SMTP Server LoginNone
SMTP Server PasswordNone

Business Processes

  • Send email

Business processes