Data Model User Session

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The User Session data model is automatically added by the Auth module when creating a new project. Sessions for user accounts are created on it. 

You cannot delete or rename the User Session model itself or the default fields added to it - they are required for other Appmaster Studio functions to work correctly. However, you can use them to build business logic and interface, as well as add new fields to the User Session.

Default field list

FieldData TypeDescription
IDintegerUnique identifier of the object.
CreatedAtdatetimeWhen was the object created.
UpdatedAtdatetimeWhen was the object last updated.
DeletedAtdatetimeWhen was the object deleted.
Expires_atdatetimeTime when the token becomes invalid
TokenstringUser authorization token
ActivebooleanTrue if the token is active
UsermodelUser model connection

Business process blocks: Model functions - User Session

  • Make User Session
  • Expand User Session
  • DB: Search User Session
  • DB: Create User Session
  • DB: Update User Session
  • DB: Delete User Session
  • DB: GetOne User Session
  • DB: Patch User Session
  • DB: Soft Delete User Session
  • DB: Bulk Delete User Session