External API Requests Data Models

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Blocks for working with External API Requests data models.

Read more about External API Requests here.

Use these blocks to build up the various inputs to the External API Requests block, and to expand its outputs. Additionally, there are blocks for working with the virtual models defined in the External API Requests. All the data models have their respective "make" and "expand" blocks. Below you will find the most commonly used blocks and their respective data models.

Tip: External API Requests data model blocks follow this naming convention: "Make/Expand APIRequestName DataModel In/Out(_VirtualModel)", for example, "Expand AlphaVantage Body Model Out_Realtime Currency Exchange Rate".

Data ModelAPI Block
URL ParamsInputMake APIRequestName URL Params Model In
BodyInputMake APIRequestName Body Model In
HeadersInputMake APIRequestName Headers Model In
QueryInputMake APIRequestName Query Model In
HeadersOutputExpand APIRequestName Headers Model Out
Response Status
OutputExpand APIRequestName Response Status Model Out
BodyOutputExpand APIRequestName Body Model Out
Virtual ModelEitherMake Virtual Data Model
Expand Virtual Data Model