Maps & GIS

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Maps and Geo-Information systems integration modules.

Universal Map

Universal Map allows you to automatically change the map service depending on the platform: 

  • for web and Android applications - Google maps;
  • for IOS applications - Apple cards. 

In the module settings, you can set API keys to access the functionality of the cards.


  • Map


Google Maps Key for Mobile Apps -API key for mobile app
Google Maps Key for Web apps -API key for the web application

Cities and Countries

Cities and Countries module supply data models prefilled with all regions, countries and cities data. After first publish it can take up to 1 minute to import all available data to your database. Once finished only updates will be imported on every build.

Module Settings

Data scopeAllWhat regions and countries will be populated
Data sourceservices.appmaster.ioSource to import data from

Data models

  • Regions
  • Countries
  • Cities

Business processes

  • Search regions
  • Search countries
  • Search cities
  • Get one region
  • Get one country
  • Get one city

Google Maps

Google Maps module provides Google Maps integration for Web and Mobile applications.‌


  • GoogleMap

Module Settings

Web Apps KeyNoneKey to be used in the web application component
Mobile Apps KeyNoneKey to be used in mobile applications widget


MapBox module provides MapBox Maps integration for Web and Mobile applications.‌


  •  MapboxMap

Module Settings

API KeyNoneMapBox API Key