Creating and modifying data models

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Working with the data model designer.

Create data model

To create a new data model, right-click on an empty space in the designer field and select Create empty model. Enter a title (required) and description (optional). Click Save. A new model has appeared in the designer's field. 

To delete a data model, right-click on it and press Delete.

Create data model field

To create a new field, point to the "+" at the bottom of the data model and click the Add field caption that appears. A modal window will open with the settings for the new model:

  • Field name — (required);
  • Field type — (required; see the list of data types);
  • Description — (optional);
  • Multiple values (Array) — whether the field will be an array;
  • Not null — the field will be required when creating an object;
  • Unique — the field value must be unique for each object;
  • Index — the field needs to be assigned an index (this will speed up the search in your database, but will increase its volume).

Click Save to save your changes. The field name and its type will be displayed in the data model.

To delete a field, right-click on it and press Delete.

Business process blocks 

Each data model, when created, adds its own blocks of business processes. AppMaster Studio will automatically place them in the following block groups: 

  • Model function - Model_name;
  • Models. 


Create a data model, name it My_model.

Go to the business process editor. In the general list, you will see the blocks of the model you created, the name of each of them will necessarily contain "My_model".