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Modules and Integrations


Telegram is a standalone module designed to implement integration with AppMaster Telegram Bot.

To connect messaging to the telegram group:

1.Create your bot with Telegrams Father Bot

2.Create a group and add your bot to it

3.Get chat_id of your group or channel

4.Set Bot Token in module settings

5.Include telegram_send_message with chat_id as a parameter in your BP/endpoint

6.Publish your project and test

Business processes

  • telegram_send_message

Module Settings

Bot tokenNoneBot token of your bot. You can create a new bot with Telegram Bot Father


Slack module provides basic Slack integration: sending messages functionality.

Business Processes

  •  slack_send_message

As userYesSend messages with the user account? If no, the bot will be used.
User IDNoneOAuth user token from your Slack-app
Bot IDNoneOAuth bot token from your Slack-app

Intercom Messenger

The Intercom Messenger module provides integration with Intercom Messenger: it allows you to add online chat to your application and communicate with other users right inside your application.

  •  Intercom Messenger: Get user hash

Application IDNoneCheck Intercom Messenger install guide
Server KeyNoneCheck Intercom Messenger install guide
Secure ModeoffGenerate secure hash for every user and validate identity.
Send user ID with emailoffIf this setting is On, the secure hash will be generated for user ID and not email.


Discord module provides basic Discord integration: your application can send messages to the text channels via webhook/bot.

  •  Send message

Bot TokenNoneBot token, you can get in the settings of your Discord channel.

Module Settings

Business Processes

Module Settings

Business Processes

Module Settings