Validate String (Regex)

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Evaluates a string against a given regular expression, returns True if at least one match is found.

Read more about Regex here, and test your patterns visually here.

Example: Validate String(string: "ABC-1234", regex: "(?i)^[a-z]{3}-\d{4}$") = True.

Tip: to include flags, place them in the following format "(?FLAG)", e.g. "(?i)", at the beginning of the regular expression, e.g. "(?i)(?m)^[A-Z]$".

Flow Connections

  • [Input] In - starts the block's execution.
  • [Output] Out - activates when the block has finished its execution.

Data Connections

  • [Input] String (string) - string to be evaluated.
  • [Input] Regex (string) - regular expression to be evaluated against in RE2 format.
  • [Output] Result (boolean) - True if at least 1 match of the regular expression was found in the "String" data input, False otherwise.