Slice String

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Slices a string into a substring of a given length.

Example: Slice String(string: "lorem ipsum", start: 2, length: 3) = "rem".

Flow Connections

  • [Input] In - starts the block's execution.
  • [Output] Out - activates when the block has finished its execution.

Data Connections

  • [Input] String (string) - string to be sliced.
  • [Input] Start (integer) - beginning index of the substring, starting at 0. If set to -1, the required characters will be taken from the end of the string. For example, Slice String(string: "lorem", start: -1, length: 2) = "em".
  • [Input] Length (integer) - length of the substring. If set to -1, all characters until the end of string will be returned. For exmaple, Slice String(string: "lorem", start: 2, length: -1) = "rem".
  • [Output] Result (string) - result of the operation.